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Author has written 15 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokémon, Death Note, and D.Gray-Man.

Firstly a few things about myself:

- My previous aliases include Legindary Hero, Kat Powers, Flame User Lauren and s e r e b i i - s a n. After keeping my word to sticking to it longer, I changed my pen name again to Esprit de L'eau. It means 'water spirit'.

- Has too many fanfic ideas and usually procrastinate on the progress of fics.

- Currently obsessed with Vocaloid


- I start fics and don't ever finish them or update really really really slowly. Doesn't anyone notice that?

- ... I should probably stop being childish and open up my mind... NOT! Invent your own ideas, jeez

Profile Updates:

15/02: added in preview for chapter 16 Opposing Sides


Fav songs: depends. Usually Vocaloid

Fav voice actors: too long to list LOL

Fav Jap singers: ... Garnet Crow... I guess?

Fav. anime: This. List. Is. Never. ENDING

Fav. cartoons: ... Listable, but I'm lazy XD

Fav. characters(anime): Very long list too. So long that it's just plain crazy

Fav. chars(cartoons): ... Do I have to?


Shaman King:
Horo HoroxTamao

AdvanceShipping (AshxMay)
IkariShipping (PaulxDawn)
GymShipping (BrockxMisty)
OrangeShipping (TraceyxMisty)
OriginalShipping (GreenxRed)
OldRivalShipping (GreenxBlue)
PreciousMetalShipping (GoldxSilver)
ObliviaShipping (NatsuyaxMinami)
IsshuShipping (NxTouya)


One Piece:

Gundam SEED:

FullMetal Alchemist:
Royai (RoyxRiza)

Winx Club:
... Everything I like is practically canon

D Gray Man:

Yu-Gi-Oh! DM:

Axis Powers Hetalia

Best crack Anime ever: Seto no Hanayome

My specialty is oneshot and twoshot. Tragedy and angst. Hardly in the Romance, that's it

Current obsession (likely to change): Hetalia Axis Powers

Completed Fics:

Angel (Fullmetal Alchemist, Royai)
Finally completed it after about a year, omg... Thanks Moreah.

Drugged (Pokemon IkariShipping fic)
It's just a oneshot =P Anyway, I posted a challenge on SPPF on Shinji consuming aphrodisiac. I decided to try it out, without the lemon Aeneid and Mel-Girl are doing. I think I'm the only one to date who could make Aeneid laugh and cry at the same time on MSN while keeping her updated on the story. Thanks to Aeneid whose hyper cookies helped me greatly so that I could post so fast. As usual, my crack is back

After Death (Death Note, no pairings)
Also a oneshot. I had this idea for very long. I always wondered how will Light and L respond after they died and met in the nothingness Ryuk said. The nothingness that befalls those who use the Death Note. Anyway, L's good at stealing stuff XDDD I mean, he did steal Misa's handphone in the movie.

Prophecy Girl (Pokemon IkariShipping)
Just an idea I had after a dream. I know I killed both of them ok? I just... happened to be good in tragedy. Anyway, AU with supernatural and illogical references. I finished the epilogue too.

Of Bandages and Misunderstandings (Pokemon, IkariShipping)
I had this idea after remembering the YohxAnna fic I read a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago and thought it would be funny if we had an IkariShipping one :D Titles and a few ideas inside by Aeneid whom I have to thank for keeping me away from boredom on MSN.

Separation and Reunion (D Gray Man, LaviYuu)
Always wanted to try a LaviYuu oneshot. Then my sis went on and on and on and on about Hitler rounding up homos. Gave me an idea. I didn't want to complete it originally. RiRi and mello were saying 'WRITE FINISH QUICKLY PLEASE!!' and the rest is history.

Bath (D Gray Man, TykiKanda)
Originally written by ayu. ayu let me post on FF.Net for her.

Go Google it, Moron (D.Gray Man, LaviYu)
Vocaloid based (Gugure Kasu - Kamui Gackpo and Megurine Luka). The effect of listening to a happy ending song for too long XD I spent close to 2 months writing it instead of 2 days.

Winter Rabbit (D.Gray Man, LaviYu)
Vocaloid based (Winter Alice - Hatsune Miku). Written for LaviYu Day (July 8) Ended up submitting it one week later.

Distant Wishes (D.Gray Man, LaviYu)
Vocaloid based (Regret Message - Kagamine Rin). Written when I was on Akuno series high. Quite satisfied with the results :3

In-Progress Fics:

Roles Reversal: An IkariShipping fic with hints of other pairings. Shinji gets forced into the role of Cresselia while Hikari plays Darkrai half heartedly.
Current progress: I'm thinking how to save this OTL

Haunted: Kingdom Hearts. Ventus and Zexion are dead, but not really. Seeking revenge, they get Axel and Demyx to round up the mass murderer one year ago.
Current Progress: chapter 5 30% done. Waiting to clear doubts before posting to FF.Net

Opposing Sides: An AU ObliviaShipping fic. Somewhat based on Story of Evil series.
Current Progress: chapter 16 being reviewed and rewritten

Beyond Limitations: An AU IkariShipping fic.Vocaloid based (Floating Love Shining Moon (Ryuuren Kagetsu) - Kagamine Len and Megurine Luka). Originally designed after Magnet but the storyline don't quite fit Magnet and I found Ryuuren Kagetsu by chance and went 'Hey, this actually fits it'. It was written after I sketched out plotline during writer's block and listened to the song continuously. I'm kinda sick of those fics who show Shinji in his high status and glorious icyness leaving Hikari as the cheerful commoner. It's so... argh... So I role reversed them. Hikari's the Princess and Shinji the commoner. Although the song is more like a 'rich girl poor boy' scenario...
Current Progress: chapter 3 10% done. Flashback 70% through

La Soleil et Le Lune: An IkariShipping fic set in an AU modern world. Crazy idea I had at that time. Cold boy, attractive energetic girl. They don't start off as friends and become one when they grow up. Except Shinji has issues with emotions.
Current Progress: Chapter 2 40% and I'm not sure if I have the motivation to continue this

To Be Written (Plotbunnies):

Promises in Storms: It's strange that one failed assignment could lead her to a life free of worries. AdvanceShipping.
Current Progress: 20% completed

The Girl from the Farmhouse: He was a Sunriser, a species of vampire who can freely roam in the daytime and choose to feed at anytime. She was a normal girl who happens to be passing by and witness his abilities.
Current Progress: am debating whether to turn it into an OC, ChessShipping, IkariShipping or ObliviaShipping fic

Fascinating Infatuation: an invitation to a new entertainment club his ex-mentor opened after quitting journalism led Zexion into a realm he never knew existed
Current Progress: 1%

Previews (because I like reading stuff like that on other people's profiles XD do note that they might differ from the actual thing because sometimes I spot a mistake or want to elaborate further, therefore changing the phrases):

Roles Reversal, chapter 4...?:

The walk to school was extremely uneventful. Hikari talks and talks and talks. Shinji wonders where she gets all the energy from. He recalled the energy drink packets he had seen earlier in the trash bin and assumed it came from there.

“Shinji, are you even listening?” Hikari asked him out of pure annoyance when he did not seem to be responding.

Shinji scowled. “Do I look like I have a reason to listen to you, annoying girl?” he asked.

It had the desired effect. Hikari stopped chattering and glowered at Shinji. Swinging one fist back, it connected solidly with Shinji’s head who never noticed it coming and leaving the violet haired boy clutching his head in pain. “Sorry, I didn’t quite hear that,” she said sweetly. “Can you repeat it again?”


Beyond Limitations, chapter 3:

"Let's go," he said. "We're getting out of here, out of Shinou."

The princess looked at him as if he were mad. "What? Abandon my country?"

He nodded. "Your mother isn't going to approve of anything anyway. It's not like we're leaving forever. We'll come back. Definitely."

Hikari shook her head. "No. I... can't... Well, as much as I like to, I'm not just any girl. I'm the princess." She gave a bitter laugh. "Sucks doesn't it? I don't get to choose whatever I like, I don't get to go out of the castle. Why else did you think I insisted on getting Shigeru to refer to me by 'Akatsuki'?"

Shinji's gaze hardened, back to when she first met him all those days ago. "Your loss. Reiji and I are going back to Oblivia. And we won't be coming back."


Opposing Sides 16

Sui frowned. "You are so not serious about this," he told Minami as he assessed her appearance. "The Commander would have most likely submitted a report and will have details of your appearance by now and you're... still..." He trailed off as Minami rolled her eyes.

"Are we going to go through this every single time I step out of this place?" she asked him. "You're turning into my grandmother. And I go out as and when I please, and how I want to dress."

Her Guardian held back the urge to slap sense into his Channeler's head. "I'm not talking about your sense of fashion, or whatever that is left of it. I'm talking about your looks. Your hair style, the colour of your eyes, your stature. All these traits will help the Royal Guard zero in on you."

A look of understanding dawned upon Minami. "Oh. Then I suppose an illusion spell is in order," she stated. "But who should I resemble?" She looked at Sui and smirked slightly. Sui glared at her, the message clear in his gaze, Whatever that you're thinking, the answer is no.Minami just laughed. "


Promises in Storms

Domino nodded to me from where she was standing. I picked up a glass of wine. It was my cue. I moved towards the two-tiered staircase that led up to the balcony from the second floor. I bumped into someone on the way there. I looked up to see a young man with green hair looking down at me apologetically.

"I'm so sorry, Miss," he said. "I should watch where I'm heading."

I shook my head. "It's alright Lord LaRousse. I apologize for not paying attention to my surroundings," I replied. Lord Drew LaRousse, one of the well-known aristocrats in the kingdom. It would do me some good to talk to him a little. Domino should thank me later.

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If you think that being unique is better than being cool then put this on your profile.

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On a Sears hairdryer:
Do not use while sleeping. (that's the only time I have to work on my hair).

On a bag of Fritos!
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Memorable (usually LOL) Quotes

"You can't protect him here, Zexion!!" - Xenohart (Forgotten)

"I have been a 16-year-old Nobody for ELEVEN YEARS! I’m trapped in puberty, and I’m JAIL BAIT. You’ve grown up. I’ll never have the chance." - Zexion (If Organization 13 used AIM X by 2Foxxie4U @ DeviantArt")

"Well, what do you EXPECT me to do?! DX Start asking out guys instead?! Saix, will you go out with me?" - Axel (")

I'm not allowed to print out fanfiction and bind them together and disguise them as my lexicon - Zexion (from Zexion's List of Things He Must not Do, made by me and Kaen)

"Only you, Demyx," he drawls, "Would threaten fellatio as punishment." - Sand Between Your Toes (Dualism, FF.Net)

"damn you Pinky, you just screwed over my plan to conquer the world" - earthforge, DGD

"Jeez, Tyki would it kill ya to put on a shirt to cut down the level of the Sex God beam?" - unknown (atm), DGD

"Why, my darling girl, I'm teh very presence of YAOI itself" - kurohebi

"Stop trying to sound intelligent, Demyx, it just makes you look idiotic" - Zexion, Property Damage

"My house is off-limits to vegetables" - Kanda Yu, I Spy

"If he kicked IX on the way there, it was entirely intentional" - Zexion, Twisted

"Oh, don't worry I get VERY jealous easily." "... As long as you don't kill the guitarist before Streetfest." "... Do something to make me jealous and I'll run away WITH the guitarist after KILLING YOU!" - Zeku and I, sms chat

"Who will I ditch you for?! KANDA?!" - Me, RP-ing Lavi, to Zeku RP-ing Allen

"There were only a few things with so much power: Larxene, and a particularly huge Heartless. And Larxene, as far as they knew, was safe and sound at the castle." - Mission for 2, Kingdom Hearts

"I can't understand complicated stuff. I hate numbers D: and i score distinctions in my maths" - SD RP-ing Sora, my MSN chat

(11:19 PM) Sora: Like that- that- Xem...nas guy? Riku calls him mansex. What's mansex?
(11:20 PM) Marluxia: that's one thing you don't need to know, Sora.
(11:20 PM) Demyx: It's when you get stabbed from behind 8D
(11:20 PM) Marluxia: oh dear.
(11:20 PM) Sora: but Kairi laughs everytime he says it! stabbed? so... I mansex-ed Marly and Dem?
(11:20 PM) Marluxia: Oh god. facepalm
(11:21 PM) Demyx: -headsitars-
(11:21 PM) Marluxia: where's my herbal flowers... I need a relief...
(11:21 PM) Sora: did i say that right? \OwO/
(11:21 PM) Demyx: I won't be too sure
(11:21 PM) Marluxia: No, definitely not
(11:21 PM) Sora: b-but, isn't mansex to stab someone from behind?
(11:21 PM) Demyx: not exactly stab like, stab with a keyblade
(11:21 PM) Sora: /is confused
(11:21 PM) Marluxia: ..Demyx...
(11:22 PM) Demyx: it's in Zex's book ._.

(11:26 PM) Marluxia: Come my flowers. Let's go have a walk.
(11:26 PM) Demyx: your flowers WALK?
(11:26 PM) Sora: flowers can walk? COOL
(11:26 PM) Marluxia: Yes they do, Demyx. Or at least, mine.
(11:26 PM) Sora: /pulls out a daisy
/watches it flop
(11:27 PM) Marluxia: just killed that innocent daisy! how could you!
(11:27 PM) Sora: It's just a daisy! there's like, a hundred daisies!
(11:27 PM) Marluxia: And it's an alpine daisy too, very hard to find around these parts
(11:27 PM) Demyx: ... where ARE we living again, XI? ._.
(11:27 PM) Marluxia: every flower is important!
(11:27 PM) Sora: yeah yeah flower-wuss
/stuffs daisy stalk into grass
there, happy now?
(11:28 PM) Demyx: -laughs-
(11:28 PM) Marluxia: that doesn't help you twit
(11:28 PM) Demyx: -headsitar-
(11:28 PM) Sora: why not? It looks pretty
(11:28 PM) Marluxia: ...
(11:28 PM) Marluxia: -emos over the daisy-
(11:29 PM) Demyx: pats
(11:29 PM) Marluxia: Don't worry little one.
(11:29 PM) Marluxia: You will be with your friends soon. All those other millions of flowers that got uprooted because of inconsiderate children.
(11:29 PM) Sora: I"M NOT A KID
(11:29 PM) Marluxia: you think

(11:32 PM) Sora: well, Riku likes those mushrooms in corners. He likes to breed them
(11:33 PM) Marluxia: because he's emo.
(11:33 PM) Sora: Kairi had to go back to get her mascara
(11:33 PM) Marluxia: Zexion does that too.
(11:33 PM) Sora: and didn't come back
(11:33 PM) Demyx: isnt emo Zex's title? ._.

(11:33 PM) Marluxia: it's something girls use to make themselves pretty, Sora.
(11:33 PM) Sora: oh...
(11:34 PM) Sora: /squints
Marly looks like he has those stuff on his eyes too, like Kairi!
(11:34 PM) Marluxia: I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT IT'S 100 NATURAL!

(11:38 PM) Marluxia: You could refer to Roxas as your "other self". Like that crazy haired fellow from that show about a children's card game.
(11:38 PM) Sora: but Roxas says he's stuck in me...
(11:38 PM) Demyx: ... That sounded VERY wrong
(11:38 PM) Marluxia: ...
(11:38 PM) Sora: huh?
(11:38 PM) Marluxia: indeed sigh Sora, you should try referring to Roxas in other ways.
(11:40 PM) Sora: i think Selphie was... uh... he had fun with Selphie
(11:40 PM) Sora: yeah that's it! I wonder what they did. Tidus said he stayed overnight when Selph's parents went out
(11:40 PM) Marluxia: it's called the Bouncy Bed Game, Sora
(11:40 PM) Sora: Bouncy Bed?
(11:40 PM) Marluxia: where you climb on a bed and jump up and down.
(11:41 PM) Sora: /jumps on bed. THAT WAS FUN!
(11:41 PM) Marluxia: yes, stay that way, Sora.
(11:41 PM) Sora: so THAT was what Tidus and Sephie did
(11:41 PM) Demyx: yeeep
(11:41 PM) Sora: wow!! wonder when they'll invite me
(11:41 PM) Sora: it'll be fun! I'll ask Riku and Kairi along too!
(11:46 PM) Sora: no one invites me to awesome stuff like these
(11:46 PM) Marluxia: you need a bigger social circle, Sora.
(11:49 PM) Sora: maybe Riku's mushrooms will work? I saw Wakka eat the pink one once and he turned all girly
(11:49 PM) Sora: he wouldn't even go near a frog!
(11:51 PM) Demyx: Zex draws on the ground =/ he doesnt plant mushrooms coz he said planting anything and everything is Marly's job
(11:51 PM) Sora: ANOTHER ONE OF YOU?
(11:51 PM) Marluxia: of course it's my job. It's my life calling to grow plants.
(11:52 PM) Sora: no wonder you always appear with roses, complete or petals-only
(11:52 PM) Marluxia: roses happen to be my favourite
(11:52 PM) Demyx: do not question the origins of them when the appear U_U
(11:52 PM) Marluxia: well it was sakura at one point, but i decided to try something new.
(11:52 PM) Sora: the sakura probably blended with you hair colour and didn't stand out. HAH
(11:53 PM) Demyx: but Marly uses roses o.o
(11:53 PM) Sora: Marly has flowers in his hair
(11:53 PM) Marluxia: on the contrary they were quite lovely. but i started to like roses more
(11:53 PM) Sora: Kairi told me that roses represented love. Do you like someone marly? other than yourself?
(11:54 PM) Demyx: -snorts-
(11:54 PM) Demyx: spell 'perfection' again Marly 8D
(11:54 PM) Marluxia: M-A-R-L-U-X-I-A.
(11:54 PM) Sora: I mansex-ed you, so i have the right to get an answer!
(11:54 PM) Demyx: readies paper and pen
(11:54 PM) Demyx: ...
(11:54 PM) Marluxia: because i am =) no Sora, stabbing someone does not give you the right to demand answers.
(11:55 PM) Demyx: M-A-R... L-U... X-I-A.. = perfection... Zexion, there's something up with this equation
(11:55 PM) Sora: Well i kicked your ass
(11:55 PM) Marluxia: don't question my logic, IX
(11:56 PM) Demyx: jots down below equation

Laws of Marluxia's Physics

(11:56 PM) Sora: ew
(11:56 PM) Demyx: ew
(12:01 AM) Demyx: Weeeeeelll... I, unlike that spiky red haired porcupine
(12:01 AM) Demyx: does NOT throw sharp objects
(12:03 AM) Demyx: Roxas only liked Axel after that porcupine bribed him with strawberries ._.
(12:03 AM) Sora: oh
(12:06 AM) Demyx: tsk, Riku controls you too much
(12:06 AM) Sora: he gives me treats
(12:06 AM) Demyx: like?
(12:06 AM) Sora: i called him just now, and told him. He agreed to show me how to play the Bouncy Bed game! \o/
(12:07 AM) Marluxia: ...Riku probably has a different idea of the Bouncy Bed game
(12:07 AM) Marluxia: he's a horny bastard
(12:07 AM) Sora: he sounded pretty excited. Ack he's calling

Results of Kingdom Hearts high

"A devious tsundere seme, a possessive yandere uke. A very screwed up and ultimately possessive pair" - Zeku

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

PKM Rangers: Rise of the Dark Gems by Shot Knight reviews
When a terrorist organization called the Dark Gems will stop at nothing to kidnap May Birch and her daughter Sarah, the only person that can save them is May's ex-husband, Agent 1076. But how can a man who lost everything become a hero strong enough to save them? His transformation into the Golden Ranger marks the beginning of an epic journey to reunite his family. AdvanceShipping.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 49 - Words: 480,703 - Reviews: 241 - Favs: 228 - Follows: 168 - Updated: 6/3/2016 - Published: 12/31/2006 - Ash K./Satoshi, May/Haruka - Complete
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Cardfight!! Vanguard/CARDFIGHT!! ヴァンガード - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,003 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 48 - Follows: 18 - Published: 2/6/2014 - T. Kai, Aichi S. - Complete
White Noise by Meepski reviews
All you heard were the voices. They drowned out your surroundings and your thoughts. They whispered your mistakes to you, and laughed as they pointed out your faults. And they would never leave you. (A Kai Toshiki character study of sorts. Spoilers up to Ride 154.)
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WE COULD BE FOREVER by Mccull reviews
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Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 66 - Words: 150,747 - Reviews: 152 - Favs: 83 - Follows: 64 - Updated: 6/4/2013 - Published: 11/4/2012 - Nate/Kyouhei, Hugh/Hyuu
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