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hi guys!

i'm 18.. haha.. so the last time i was able to open my account.. was guess what? 2 years ago.. and i see a lot has changed here in FF... hmm.. i love the new interface.. hehe btw, i'm so sorry... i wasn't able to finish my last story... been so so so busy with college... well you know, i'm taking up It and have a lot of programs to do.. crap.. how i miss writing fics!! how i wish i could find the time to squeeze writing into my schedule... huhu... i mean i've been writing a lot but it's on my blog.. not some fics but just some blog posts...if someone's reading this or something and still wants me to finish the last fic i have, well just hit me a message or something.. i'll try my best to continue the fic if there are still people reading it.. lol.. hmm.. i don't even know if you people still remember me... haha...

i'm not really confident in writng wrestling fics right now coz, for one reason, i haven't watched wrestling lately and i don't know what's going on in the WWE anymore... lols... hmmm..

so here i am, updateing my profile after two years, a lot has changed...

fave series are HEROES and GOSSIP GIRL...

i still read harry potter and can you believe it GOOSEBUMPS?? hehe

fave foods are lasagna, chicken teriyaki and shawarma

i hate people who are so full of themselves! people who brag so much!

anyways my fave wrestlers are:

1.triple h (i just like H. i dunno why... maybe because he was on DX or somethin. he's a perfect heel. he and stef are just perfect together!)

2. john cena (also a great wrestler and i like his attitude!he deserves that WWE title! and he's entrance music is so sexy! the time is now! he's just so damn good. chaingang rules!)

3. randy orton

4. batista (he's a nice wrestler.)

5. shawn michaels (a legend, sexy boy and so awesome!)

6. bret hart (out of the wwe, but still he's a great wrestler when he was in wwf.)

7. stone cold steve austin (f fear, totally awesome)

8.ccc (look at his hair man! he is definitely cool! and what a hot accent!)

9.eddie guerrero (may God bless his soul. he'll surely be missed.)

10. ric flair (i find him funny! woo!)

my least fave wrestlers are:

1. orlando jordan (i hate him! i hate his hair! i hate his guts!)

2. muhammad hassan (eeew! what a whiner! whatever happened to that loudmouth?)

3. khosrow daivari (loudmouth!)

4. edge (i dunno! he looks like a fly to me. lol! he's got something against randy and HBK!)

5. gene snitsky (psychotic freak!)

6. maven (just don't like him, he just teamed up with randy, benoit and jericho to have some attntion!)

7. simon dean (i hate him most, he's not even a good wrestler. hope he gets an RKO from Randy or Sweet Chin Music from HBK)

8. jbl (he shouldn't have been a wwe champion! he's a jerk. wrestling god? who's he fooling?)

9. kurt angle (okay, now i changed my mind, i hate him!)

10. Maria (she acts so dumb!)

11. melina and all the wanna-be divas! (just don't like them! they're all so slutty)

12. mercury and nitro (who do they think they are? paris? nick and jessica? ashton!)

13. Mickie James (psycho!)

14. Umaga (umm. look at his get-up!)

my fave divas are:

1. stacy keibler (she's got the legs! she surely can rock the ring! hope the wwe will give her more storylines!)

2. lita (she rocks and she's extreme! she's my second favorite heel diva! please go back to wrestling!)

3. ivory (funny)

4. torrie wilson (she's sweet! i hope to see her more on raw)

5. trish stratus (my fave heel/face diva of all time! she's just so cool!)

6. ashley (tough chic)

parings i like:

john stacy

randy stacy

john ashley

matt lita,

torrie john.

john trish

ryan marissa (OC)

seth summers (OC)

ross rachel (friends)

and many others (as long as they look good together and have chemistry! lolz)

fave books:

harry potter books

princess diaries books

sabrina the teenage witch books

bourne identity

anything by nicholas sparks

my fave Harry Potter characters are:

1. draco malfoy

2. hermione granger

3. harry potter

4. sirius black

5. ron weasley

my fave tv personalities are: (no order)

1. randy o.

2. john c.

3. brad pitt

4. orlando bloom

5. tom felton

6. josh hartnet

7. wong bin (he's a korean actor and he's so cute!)

8. colin farrell

9. chad michael murray

10 jennifer anniston

11. angelina jolie

12. jennifer garner

13. anne hathaway

14. emma watson

15. jim carrey

16. ben affleck

17. will smith

18. shawn wayans

19. marlon wayans

20. ryan gosling

21. rachel mcadams

my fave movies are:

1. white chicks (the wayans are just so funny in this movie! makin my way downtown... lol!)

2. catwoman (awesome movie! i love halle's cattish walk!)

3. new york minute (ashley and mary kate are so pretty in this movie!)

4. a cinderella story (so sweet!)

5. iRobot (way cool! will smith's shoes are so fabulous!)

6. darkness falls (scary but okay!)

7. freaky friday (nice movie of lindsya lohan!)

8. bruce almighty (my will be done! lol! jim carrey rocks!)

9. troy (brad's so sexy! orlando is so handsome! orlando bloom i mean, not jordan! eeew!)

10. princess diaries (anne's so perfect)

11. princess diaries (royal engagement) (the guy's so cute! he reminds me of the singer Kavana!)

12. scary movie (1&3) (pretty funny!)

13. daredevil (ben's so handsome in his hair! collin's so sexy!)

14. shark tale (funny! i love will smith's character!)

15. confessions of a teenage drama queen (lola rocks!)

16. stuck on you (matt's so funny!)

17. mr. and mrs. smith (brad!)

18. mean girls (cold, hard, shiy plastic!)

19. sky high (it's cool! esp with warren peace in it)

20. the notebook (awesome lovestory! so touching)

21. zathura (awesome)

22. coyote ugly

23. lake house

24. bloody mary

25. bring it on (all or nothing)

well that goes for my profile... hope you'll enjoy reading my fics!

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John loves Stacy and Stacy loves John. But the heavens doesn't seem to think they're meant for each other. Because John goes far, far away before he could confess to her. Now Stacy has Randy, and John has his angel, Ashley?
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one shot. StacyJohn. Don't think that there is more romantic than letting the rain confess his love to you? What about him confessing his love under the pouring rain? please read and review.
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