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Hi! I'm Ben and I'm a 17 year old from England.

Here’s some stuff I like for those who are interested.

My favorite movies are:-

The Lion King (all three)

Balto (all three)



Over the hedge

Lord of the rings (all three)

My favorite TV Shows are:-

Kimba the white lion


The Simpsons

Red Dwarf

My favorite Games are:-

The Legend of Zelda (all are good but twilight Princess is the best)

Any lion king game

Final Fantasy (7 is best and 10 is also good)

My favourite character in the Lion King is...well, I like most of them! Especially the Hyenas and Lions (ok so that is most of them!) my favourite 3 would be Shenzi, Simba and Nala but I don’t think I can say my favourite out of those three.

You may be wondering why my name is so weird. See, I have this weird friend. She's got an account here as well, her name's Erulasse. And she's totally mad. I was playing clips from the Lion King 2 on my palmtop at school, and in the song 'One of Us', when Kovu's running away, she suddenly shrieked "Oh, it's the running dude guy!". And as she's sitting next to me at the moment, actually writing this whilst I dictate, (because Ben can't be bothered!) I wound up with that name. Actually, one of the characters in my story 'Finding A Home' is based on her: she really does ask me for food EVERY day.

Um...what else do I say? I've been reading on here for ages, and there have been so many good stories on here I had to write something. Yup, that's pretty much my life. Sucks, huh? Joking.

Finding a home was my first and longest fic and took over a year to write (half was written in boring lessons on my PDA!)

The Morning report was the next, it was a oneshot written with my freind, we actually mad an audio version of it with us as all the voices but that I have lost.

My next was Dawning of a new era, which was based on a dream I had ( I was the hyena!) I entered this story as part of my english GCSE and its the only reason I managed to get a C ( it was apparently of A grade quality but all the rest of my work was at D grade)

I still am working on ‘Of Lions and Hyenas’ but very slowly due to a large workload from college and now because I have a job from 7:30 to 4:30 so I dont have much time to update it. (this is correct on the 24/11/07)

Okay, I can't think of anything else, so just read the stories, okay? Thanks.

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Of Lions and Hyenas reviews
The Outlanders have gained allies and the Pridelanders are outnumbered. Their only hope is help from an unlikely source will Simba swallow his pride and ask for the much needed help? And will the hyenas be willing to give that help?
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Shargra is an ordinary lion, until the day comes when he and his friend Shanika must leave their home forever. As he searches for a new home, he faces many dangers...until one day he must place his life in the paws of a hyena...and try to keep his sanity.
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This is the story of something that happened during Scar's reign. It is a story about lion attitudes towards the hyenas. One off.
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The Morning Report reviews
Who is Simba's real mother? Who is Nala's father? And why does Scar really hate his brother? This is a joke. We apologise for it Cowritten with Erulasse. I need my coffee
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