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Author has written 5 stories for Legend of Dragoon, Roswell, Baldur's Gate, and Dead Space.


Whispers continues. It will slow down for the next few weeks but there's a year's worth of ideas boiling around in my head. Otherwise I've mostly quit the site, though I do check frequently. Life has intruded in the college fashion and there will be little time to write until I finish that.

K. Stramin

"Don't you realize how small we are?"

"I know only what I can see, and do."

I thought this was an interesting picture for a profile. Taken from

Not mine, but interesting.

Time to update the old profile again, I see. Ah, well.

Upcoming Works:

Whispers: I'm frankly amazed at the amount of traffic this thing has garnered. I actually started it to stop thinking about Dead Space, but whatever works. As my 360 is now functioning again I will be updating it at some point in the near future. College and life continue to intrude, but this is one story I'm not willing to put down, unlike (obviously) those below.

Legend of the Dragoon: Frozen. Probably for a long time. I like BG more. LOtD irritates me with its childishness sometimes. Or perhaps its lack of subtlety, because of my own prejudices. No matter.

Baldur's Gate: Briefly returned from the grave and then shoved back into it. At some point I may get around to finishing it, but it's not as high on the scale as whispers.

Forever Duty: Short blurb I wrote concerning Rose in Legend of the Dragoon.

Memorium: Well...it was a sort of spur of the moment thing. I watched the entire DVD Roswell in the span of about fourteen days and, as Dickenson said, "Felt as if the top of my skull was lifted off." In my opinion, it's one of the better series which has turned up in the past twenty years. Of course that was a year ago and my opinion has dropped by a fair bit. Nevertheless, it stands.

My main page is http://www.fictionpress.com/u/462007/ so go there if you want info on my nonfanfiction stories.

If you like Final Fantasy I'd recommend anything by Peptuck.

The Omega by Daz Shier (I think I spelled his name right). Absolutely awesome novelization of what happens after FFVIII. Not connected with Gunblade, was written before it. It's finished too.

That said, I have a massive, four part saga in the works on fictionpress. The first part is completed and updated, as is the second. The third part is still in the works but I should begin updating it soon. One section of the third part will appear on this site, as I can't attempt to justify blatant plagiarism under my own name, and won't try. Thus, an odd little incomplete story will pop up here in a while. If it interests you, you might want to try the rest. I don't know.

As I have only four things on this site, if anyone wants to go and read my other stuff, go to fictionpress.com and look up Kolostramin Indincranin. That's where most of my stuff is, I'm a non-fanfiction writer. Go read it if you have nothing to do, I think it's pretty good.

K. Stramin, 13 January 2009(!)

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Uncertain even of his sanity, Isaac Clarke returns to the Ishimura to find it a changed place. And he is no longer alone. What lies in those halls began in terror and death and now continues, into dead space again, where lies the strangest thing: hope.
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August 12th, 2002. Ashes feel no emotion. Embers wish they could blaze.
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