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Sorry, my computer recently died. So now, as of 10/08/07, I have none of my old files. It will take me a while to get my other stories up online. (I know, don't yell at me for not backing up. I have problems...)

Oookay, wow, I can't believe that I've had the same profile up for 2 years. Major renovation time.

Hey people who may but most likely have not been reading any of the pulp stories I spewed out in my earlier days, I'M BACK!!!!! Yes, it's true, I am beginning to write again, after a year's haitus. Actually, what really happened is that I was stuffed in my closet for-(Quiet you!)...Ahem. But now the oppressive and evil twin is dead, so I may go back to such literary pursuits such as writing...

Just so you know, most of my stories are whimsical at best, annoyingly strange at worst. That is the result of my staying up far too late writing when I most likely should be sleeping. Like the post below.

Hard to believe that in my profile in 2005, I had still not known the wonder that is Dragonlance. Since this is supposed to be personal, and since I have 20 minutes as I wait for my bid for yet more Dragonlance books to wrap up, I will inflict my story upon you. SUFFER!!!!

This is the story of how I discovered Dragonlance...There are moments of joy, jubilation, and crushing despair. Read now, and discover-THE STORY OF DRAGONLANCE

We (My friend, Nick and I) had often partaken (partook?) in the competitions at as part of our Scholastic Bowl training. (Not that it did much at all. But it was fun.) In every category of literature, we saw some question or other about Dragonlance. What was it? What was the first book in the series, and how could we find it? We were curious, but did not actively pursue this series which would change our lives.

Several months later, we were performing with our singing and dancing troupe in a nursing home. Much to our surprise, we found the first book in one of the libraries. Still, I didn't think too much on it, although my friend began reading some of the books.

I think it took till Nick was at the Legends trilogy that I first picked up Autumn Twilight. And then I was hooked. Soon I had surpassed Nick, and held the power of Spoilers in my diabolical hands. (Which I exploited to the fullest extent, pardon the bad grammar.) I was on a role. I had gone through the Summer of Chaos, I zipped through the Fifth Age. The War of Souls took a little more time, but I finished that reasonably quickly. I finished the two Jean Rabe Dhamon trilogies in a week. I had gone through the Age of Mortals...

And then came the crushing despair I had talked about but was most likely not taken seriously by anyone. My library got rid of its Dragonlance collection. Zip. Gone. It was March 26th, 2007, I was only 25 books into Dragonlance, and my dream was shattered. It appeared that I would have to bother the nice lady at the Customer Services desk for the next 125 books.

And then, two months later... I saw in the library, 8 random Dragonlance books, for 50 cents each. Eagerly, I bought them all. I was determined that this was a Sign from the Gods Above that I would surely be able to collect all of the Dragonlance books. (Gods, I sound like a cleric. Or Goldmoon. Eesh...)

For the next weeks, I waited eagerly for new books to be forthcoming...but they never came. Again, a blow to my faith in humanity, the world, and the Almighty Librarian Spirits. It appeared that I would have to find other means to fulfuill the new dream to not only read every Dragonlance book, but also to own them. (Have I mentioned yet that I have posession issues?) There was not even a single used bookstore within ten miles of my home.

In desperation, I began searching Used books on Amazon. I was elated to be able to buy 20 books for 50 dollars...Until the shipping charges brought it up to 150 dollars instead. But this would not deter me. As yet, I possess only 9 books in my house currently, but 20 more will be arriving soon. And I will scour garage sales in the hopes that SOMEONE in my community might perchance be of the literary sort to own and discard the Great Fantasy Series that is known as Dragonlance.

( ~ )Dragonlance- gotta collect 'em all!

Now, by October, 2007, I have...50 books in all (of course, 7 of them are duplicates. Maybe I'll dump them on Nick (mentioned above))

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