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Well, hello there. I'm fligurl, fli for short. It's been a while since I've updated this so I'm doing it now. I am a female (obviously :-) ), 19, and a college student. Fanfiction has hurt my grades tremendously. Oh well. My main fandom is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though more recently I have gotten into Degrassi and SoN alot. I mainly read and write femslash or slash because they interest me. I'm straight but I like to see how girls interact with eachother in terms of relationships. That being said, my favorite couples are Willow/Tara, Palex, Spashley, and Wiffy. But I'd basically read any slash or femslash couple. I mainly write oneshots or poetry because its just easier. I'm lazy and don't want to have to update chapters all the time. So yeah, that's pretty much me in a nutshell in terms of fanfic. If you want to know more about me, just shot me an email and I will get back with you when I can. The stories I have up are my babies so be kind. Though, I am a pyro so I can handle flames. Thanks for stopping by!! Much love.


A brief ( or maybe not so brief )synopsis of Willow and Tara

There are reasons why I am writing this and including it in my profile. Mainly though, it is because I ran across a few story about Tara never leaving Willow after Tabula Rasa or Tara never dying at all. As much as I loved Tara and still mourn her death, I believe it was needed and important. I know people are going to want to argue and fight me on this. That's okay. I respect all opinions. With writing this, I want to be as objective as possible but I doubt it will happen. Anyway, here it is.

So where do I begin? We could start with Hush and the introduction of the character Tara. Instead however, I would like to start with Willow. More specifically, her lesbianism. It is still argued that Willow is not a lesbian and just fell in love with Tara. That being said, people don't understand why Willow was with Kennedy. Because we had no signs or indications that she was gay prior to season 4, people just can't seem to accept it. I, on the other hand, think there were indicators. Let's start with Xander. She has this huge crush on him since forever. There were going to get married and have kids and do the whole shabang. I'm not saying she didn't love him, I just don't think it was as much as she thought or wanted. I mean, every girl has that dream of the boy next door. That's how its suppose to work. And through that thinking, she wanted Xander. Of course I could be minimizing the situation but that's just how I see it. Even with the tryst during season 3, I think it was all about the excitment and the naughtiness of it all. That brings us to Oz. Oz was great. He was cool, calm, funny. And he was her first. He was the first person who ever wanted Willow for Willow. He found her adorable. I mean, its Oz. Who wouldn't love him. And because he was that one person, she wanted him. Because he loved her like she's never been love. I appreciate Oz and I think they were great together, but I believe Willow feel in love with the idea of being in love, you know? Now aside from the men in her life, I would like to point out the main instance that pretty much said "hey, she's a lesbian!" I am of course referring to the episode Dopplegangland where we see VampWillow for the second time. There are instances were VW is way too touchy feely to girls and guys. This can be chalked up to the fact that she was a vampire and supposedly for them, its all about the feed. But that was proven in Buffy that that isn't so. You had Spike, who feel in love with Buffy just like anyone else would have. And you have Angelus, who was vindictive and horrible, but had motive and responsibilty. Vampires can sometimes be the depiction of humans as humans can except they don't have the worry and guilt that humans have. Though they are demons, they are somewhat the true form of their human selves. My point is that when in describing her doppleganger, Willow says, " and I think I'm kind of gay," it is the truest statment about her sexuality. Without even realizing it, she opened up a can of worms with in herself. After her and Tara became an item and sadly ended, it would be hard to believe that Willow would just go back to men. There are so many quotes that say she was attracted to Tara physically as well as mentally. Willow was and still is a lesbian. That's just who she is. Take her or leave her, that's our Will.

Tara MaClay ( played my the lovely Amber Benson) was introduced in the episode Hush. We knew she was going to be important at some point because of the camera time she got. Tara started off as this shy, stuttering, soft spoken girl. She was akward and just plain adorable. It 's obvious from the beginning that Tara is kind of powerful when it comes to magic. What wasn't so obvious though was her crush her Willow. I'm pretty sure the audience was just like, oh...Willow has a friend. But it was the looks that you caught and the shy smiles that told the truth. Tara just wasn't a friend. Now, because it is TV, it's hard to say exactly when Willow and Tara's relationship began. We never got the cute courtship that most couples got. Magic however, depicted their love. Let's not even talk about the giant orgasm spell in Who Are You. We only find out the real meaning of their relationship when Oz comes back. And Willow finally admits to us and to herself that she loves Tara. Cute isn't it. Their relationship progresses from season 4, into 5, and 6. They have alot more screen time in these seasons and we even got a few smoochies.And Tara became such a strong person and a huge contribution to the scoobies. Man I love them together. It was honest and real and just great. But like most, it has to end.

Willow was steadily becoming addicted to magic. She was careless. And when she used that forgeting spell on Tara, she really stepped over the line. And she lied and nearly got everyone killed. So Tara had to leave. Willow took her memories from her, invaded her mind just help to herself. Can you imagine that? The one person in the world who loved you and took care you and made you more than you are, taking pieces of you a way. Mentally raping you. That is what Willow did. And that is why Tara needed to leave. Tara even gave her a chance to make it right but she didn't. Willow took what Tara told her like it was nothing. Willow just couldn't understand the complexity of what she did. Even though Tara loved Willow with everything that she was, she knew it was the right thing to do for Willow and for herself. Those months apart were difficult for both our girls. It was obvious they were still in love. And there were moments that I will Tara was there with Willow during her withdrawal periods. Holding her, taking care of her. But she needed to be away. They both needed to know they can stand on their own two feet alone. Tara was still important to the scoobies. She there when they needed her. When they got back together, I was so happy. It was amazing. These were two well developed, adult women, moving into a new and just as great relationship. But we know how that story ends. With tragedy and new life.

Like, I said, I still mourn the lose of Tara. She was an amazing character. And it took me years to get to this point of understanding. Because her death was not insignificant. It was needed and important to the world. Tara was murdered. Shot in the heart by an insane bastard. It wasn't fair. They just got back together. All was well in the world. But then she was taken from us. And Willow went deeper into magic then she had ever been. Even wanted to destroy the world. But she didn't. Humanity was saved my Xander and a yellow crayon. You can probably tell at this point I am tired of typing. I will probably edit this later. Anyway, after that, Willow became magic. It was in her and there was no changing that. She was powerful and strong. And it was that power that made Willow able to make all the potentials slayers real slayers. Because of that power, she changed the world. Saved the world. If Tara hadn't died, Willow would have never gotten that power and Buffyverse would be lost. Tara's death had meaning, had significance. And she will never be forgetten.

Wow, that was longer than I expected it to be. I guess I have a tendency to just go on and on. Anyway, if you actually sat and read all this, thankyou. And let me know that you did. I would have hated if I just wrote this for nothing. Thanks again.


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