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well they call me Rena I'm 5'3 (I know I'm short dont have to remind me)I live in Texas.I have 2 best friends My best friend in the world (lissette)who lives in New York( I was born there duh) and my other best friend in the world (Unimaya or as I call her maya) who lives here in Texas. I dont realy know alot about me since I can't realy remember anything from before I was 7 but here's what I do know. I'm 17 I'm adopted I realy don't think my adopted family likes me cause my grandmothers always hitting me that and she recently send me to live with (oh did I mention she's trying to give me away litteraly) an aunt and 2 cousins Kelly(4) and matthew (9 months) I've been trying to find my realy family but haven't been able too and have no clue who they are ( and if the people who adopted me dont love me why would the people who gave me up in the first place love me) I had a sort of depressing life (lots of deaths especially since one of my only friends died when I was 7 she was only 8) but I try to be optimistic. oh and I've been to a physicolagical hospital (the nut house as they called it in there) my family put me in last year (that shows how much they care) cause I refused to go to school cause they treated me bad ( dont wanna talk about it) and I was the only one there for that reason everyone else was suicidal homicidal or mentaly unstable. Oh ya and I have this little thing called adhd (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) meaning I'm hyper and cant concentrate or pay attention, I've been on medications since I was in the first grade (I was the only 5 yr old in the class and I was on meds) so I'm not alowed to eat candy/sweets and if i do my mom makes me drink a whole bottle of water and I still end up running around the house like crazy. oh and I know it might sound wierd but it's true I can see ghost sometimes my house is haunted I think someone died here or somethin. well that's about it so ya.


Real Name: Serenity Serena Ann Emilia Shields (and yes it actually is that long)

Nick Name: Rena

Birthday: June 30

Blood type: O+

Hair Color: goes from brown to blonde sometimes

Eye Color: well some times it's brown others it either green or blue (I know it's wierd)

Favorite things

color: Pink

food: Icecream

animal: Rabbit

subject: Lunch

t.v. show: right now it's Chiquititas and Sailor Moon

book: Sailor Moon

Least Favorite things

food: Yuck Carrots

subject: Math English

Future Friends reviews
It's about how two girls in the future become friends and,what they go through to get back home. sorry not good at summaries and this is my first story.
Sailor Moon - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 7 - Words: 2,112 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 4/2/2007 - Published: 2/23/2005