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Hair:Black and red (Died it)

Family: O.o Duh.

B/f:Newly single and lovin it

Bestfriend forever: Nellie Carrol A.K.A Darkdragon..Blah Blah whatever her FF.Net account is.

Main enemy:...o.o...?

Goal: Write a bunch of stories that tell about pleasue

I think that explains it all.I hope you like my stories~ MUCH LOVE!

Profile: Well I am a young girl who is on a quest to share the joy of yaoi!Me and my blue elk(Nellie,J/k YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!)Sail all across the world and the galxy to spread it!


(Omfg I as SOO lazy...I'll write again.I promise I'm just very busy with school)

My fave shows and comics and video games:Trigun, Naruto,Outlaw star,yugioh,Boondocks,family guy,Gundamwing,Gravitation,Tales of symphonia,Inuyasha, .Hack sighn (well..until I found out he was a girl...)Zelda..(all) Shaman king (ewww anna) and if I think of anything more...You'll be the first to know!

Hobbies:I love drawing doujinshi and anime comics (I make up my own for fun),Watching T.V. hanging out with friends,stalking cute guys at the mall,acting,playing my flute,talking on the phone.Listening to music,And..thats all till I could think of more!

Music:Greenday,The killers,The beatles,All-4-one,Kc and Jojo,Kenny logins,My chemical romance,Frankie J,The black eye peas,and a WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHERS!

Anyway,I hope you like my fanfics, and if you have issues with them,just give it to me peacefuly...and no,"OMG THEY R Fags,R U CRAZY! WHUT MAKES U THINK I WOULD LIKE THIS SHIZIT MAN!" Oh please -=Rolls eyes=- They will be ignored.But if you give it to me nicely and I will get back to you! Bye

o.O Wow..I wrote one story..shower me with cookies.

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