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So I am the most unlikely of all fanfiction enthusiasts, a major science nerd with a BA in Neuroscience, a Master's degree in Biomedical sciences and hopes of being a doctor someday. Fanfiction is a little out of the box for me, but something that has become a major de-stressor in my life and one of the best pursuits I have ever followed! Currently, I am a third year medical student and I find that my professional interests leak into my writing more and more, but hopefully in a good way. I originally started writing fanfiction because I could not manage a decent love/erotic scene in any of my original work and I hoped for a bit of free and gentle criticism, which was generously given. My readers have been so unbelievably inspiring and supportive and with their help I've been able to slowly mature into a fairly decent writer. I think I can finally say that in the four years I've been enjoying the world of fanfiction that I've finally managed to convert the handicap into a strength and that my erotic work is actually some of my best and certainly not something that I try to avoid anymore. As far as my erotic work goes, I love a good challenge and appreciate the delicacy needed to create a believable threesome or a romance between classes. My favorite kind of writing is character focused and usually involves some deeper conflict, but I still struggle badly with first person point of view. I happily accept requests and love writing stories as gifts, just as long as the reader is patient enough to wait.

As far as Scarlet the person: I am female, married and childless. I'm also a feisty little brunette with a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to my physical appearance and a hint of arrogance when it comes to my intellectual prowess. I like rude humor, green tea, celtic music and anime. I minored in Art History and art has always had a profound impact on my writing, both in how I conceive a scene and also how I choose to communicate certain philosophical themes. In my mind, anime is the last true expression of an artistic medium and one that I cherish, but I'm also drawn to anime for the dynamic plot and sweeping imagination. American television and cinema just don't compare to the intricacy of plot-line or the sheer boldness of imagery that anime continuously achieves and I think that this is what lends itself so well to the sparkling world of fanfiction. As far as being an artist myself, I am a decent painter, but nothing good enough to create photo-realism or portraiture and I mostly focus on Sumi ink paintings of birds, fish and cats. I have also studied Chinese calligraphy and my professor once told me that my characters, "Look strong, like soldier, like general..." which I think may have even been a compliment. My main love is medicine, of course, but I also enjoy cooking and good food always manages to sneak into my writing as well. I'm a pretty easy person to please and a hot dinner with some good bedroom time afterwards is usually all I need to keep cheerful, but I like hard work and I'm simply not the kind of person who can be happy and bored at the same time. My dislikes are few, but definitely include cruelty, misogyny, ignorance and bigotry in all it's forms.

I adore good criticism and thrive on reader satisfaction, but I refuse to abide any comments made on my writing that profess hatred for any kind of people whether the categorization is being made on race, gender, sexual preference or religion. If you have something bigoted to say, don't bother, I erase those comments as soon as they are made. The same goes for death threats and yes, I have received them, but reading a creepy letter from a potential murderer only pisses me off and encourages me to write more smut. If you want to kill me then you have to get through my husband and I pity the fool, truly, who feels the need to tangle with that. I want my writing to bring something good to people, something sexy or funny or moving that takes them away from whatever drabbery life can throw at us. When someone reads my writing, I want them to walk away feeling inspired, intrigued, encouraged or elated and that is really my only hope for my fanfiction. My readers give me hope when my days are painful and elation when things are going well and I could not be more impressed with the community, it is a privilege to write here and I hope to be writing for a long, long time!

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