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Carol Nawali

Name: Heather! -

Age: 14 going on 15 REALLY soon!

Birthday: December 11th!

Location: Hawaii baby! The 808 state!

Nicknames: Um...Yuna by Eric...Sakura by my sisters Selina and Kira, and my older brother Cecil. Oh! and Lena chan by Sano (actually that was only once but I thought it was so cute -) And then the self appointed Carol!

Favorite anime: GUNDAM WING! and Naruto...Naruto is cool to...just not as cool as my Heero Yuy from gundam XD

Favorite couplings:Tidus/Yuna, Sakura/Sasuke, Relena/Heero And yeah...think thats it o.O If I can remember the rest I'll let you know...

Little history: Well lets see here...moved to hawaii in 4th grade met Eric kun...>_> He stuck with me till 8th grade where I met my Twin, Kira chan and my younger sister, Selina chan. They went to Kailua where as I went to Kalaheo...again Eric kun stuck with me. Met Sano san...Zack san...and actually started becoming friends with Christien Chan...sighs If im truely Sakura then she must be Ino -_-

NOTE: Ecstasy, Heroes ALWAYS die, Truth is a whisper, and Together forever are all on MAJOR hold! Im NOT through writting them, as I've gotten a few worried emails about that. Dont worry I WILL cont. them, but I just want to re-write them, as I had absolutly NO insperation when I was writing them and each chapter was like only 4 pages long and they all sucked. So for those of you who liked ego boost - Wait till we get the new ones in. I will start this once Twins of life and death is over. Bulletproof however...I dont like...blah! Ick! I dont think I will be cont. that one as I never ahd any thoughts for where to go with that one, not even from the start and my characters seemed FAR to much like mary sues even though they werent even infactuated with Heero or the other guys. So yeah...

HELP ME BE STRONG: sorry people but this was a one shot. I got many requests to cont. this story, but I wont simply because I wrote it for ageners and I dont want to be unrealistic and says she survives if her survivel rate is like 1 but I didnt want to worry my poor english teacher by saying she died. So its up to you to see how it cont. sorry agian -

I WILL work on my profile more later! Promise!

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