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Hey, everyone. I'm Elle. I'm twenty-one (Sept. 6, 1992), a girl, and I live in the USA. I'm pretty much your typical girly goth/emo-type. My profile is a Tinkerbell cupcake because I think it represents me quite well- cupcakes are sweet, and Tink is sassy and headstrong.

Feel free to message me anytime- I usually respond (though I admit to sometimes going for long stretches of time without checking) and I love hearing from you guys!

Things I like:

Well, I like comic books, superheroes, horror movies, drawing, photography, watching movies, music, reading, goth/punk culture, Korea, Victoria's Secret, manga, shopping, cool-looking electronics, cupcakes, Disney, and going to concerts. I live on the East coast at the moment but I think I'm a California girl at heart.

Favorite Color: Pink!

Favorite food: Strawberry anything

Favorite live action TV shows: Veronica Mars, Buffy, Angel, Grey's Anatomy, Smallville, Gossip Girl. Also I like k-dramas.

Favorite cartoon: For western animation, Teen Titans. For anime, Chobits.

Music: I really like alt-rock/punk/emo, goth-rock and k-pop. Some of my favs, in no particular order, are: Mayday Parade, All Time Low, Emilie Autumn, My Chemical Romance, A Rocket To The Moon, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Avril Lavigne, Asking Alexandria, Kerli, A Day To Remember, Paramore, The Civil Wars, Girl's Generation, MBLAQ and KARA.

Favorite movies: Gun to head, my favorite movie is Spider-Man 2. But some other favorites of mine are: The Shining, Sucker Punch, Alice in Wonderland, Let The Right One In (and the remake, Let Me In), A Tale of Two Sisters, Scream, Legally Blonde, Love, Actually, The Dark Knight trilogy, the Saw series, Gremlins I'm a bit of a horror junkie, if that wasn't obvious. XD

Favorite characters (in no particular order. Bolded are my absolute favorites.): Jinx, Kid Flash (actually can I like double-bold those two? 'Cause that's how important Jinx and Wally are to me), Robin, Starfire (Teen Titans), Greta Hayes, Tim Drake, Megan Morse (other DC comics), Lana Lang (Smallville), Layla Miller, Jamie Madrox, Emma Frost, Chase Stein (Marvel comics), Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family), Elle Woods (Legally Blonde), Blair Waldorf(Gossip Girl), Buffy Summers, Angel, Fred Burkle (Buffy-verse), Veronica Mars, Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars), Alice, The Cheshire Cat, Tinker Bell (Disney), Ruby/Red Riding Hood (Once Upon a Time)

Favorite Couples:

(In no particular order. Bolded are my absolute favorites.)

Teen Titans: (This gets a special section because its the only fandom I write for.)

RobinxStarfire, Kid FlashxJinx, Beast BoyxTerra, SpeedyxCheshire

I will never, ever, ever ever in a million years budge on Flinx. They are my absolute favorite couple, ever, period. I'm pretty strict about RobStar and Joy, but I get that Joy's sort of a niche thing. XD As for Gar and Terra, I just like them with each other best, but I'll read other pairings.


LoganxVeronica (Veronica Mars), SeanxEllie (Degrassi: The Next Generation), AngelxBuffy, WillowxTara, XanderxCordelia, DoylexCordelia, XanderxAnya, WesleyxFred (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel), ChuckxBlair (Gossip Girl), JamiexLayla (Marvel comics)

My stories:

All of my stories (with the exception of Red Rose, a very old one shot), are in the same continuity, so if you're new, it's probably best to go somewhat in order. My usual main characters are the couples of Flinx and Joy! aka Wally/Kid Flash and Jinx (Flinx), and Speedy/Roy and Cheshire/Jade (Joy ) xD. Once a year, on July 10, I write about Gar and Terra. Trainspotting is my best work.

All of that said, a very important disclaimer: My Flinx stories, despite their popularity, are... Well, I'm not too happy with them. I started them when I was thirteen, and I had an illness that pretty much ate up my life for a while in high school. So basically, they were written when I was very young and/or very sick. Given that, I think they were the best I could have done at the time, but I recognize they aren't great, so if you read them, please keep that in mind. XD And I totally understand if anyone wants to just skip to Trainspotting. XD

To my readers: I'm having a bit of a personal crisis right now, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about my stories at the moment. Promise to try to keep you guys posted. You guys mean the world to me, and thank you so much for always sticking by me!

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