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Hello, readers. You can call me several things. Latyon is fine, Wil is fine, Ronnie is fine. Some stuff about me...

I'm a Pisces. My interests include writing (obviously), cycling (when there is someone with me), running (same as cycling), airsoft, storms, and watching Supernatural. My religion is undefined, though the fact that the universe is so fine-tuned for our existence leads me to believe that there's something we're not seeing, whether it's God, some 4D being, or some kid's computer game that could be shut off at any time. I listen to classic rock music and have recently gotten into melodic rock as well. My favorite band is Axel Rudi Pell.

My favorite foods are Italian and Mexican. My favorite soft drink is Sprite. I aspire to direct someday, or perhaps screenwrite. Vanilla is my favorite flavor of ice cream, no chocolate sauce, no caramel. Call me plain, but I love the stuff. My favorite fast food restaurant is a toss up between Burger King and Wendy's. If I had to judge it by impression, I would have to choose Wendy's; the idea of waking up next to the Burger King as he presents me a Croissan'wich is scary (though Croissan'wiches are by far the best breakfast sandwich EVER). I also like In-N-Out Burger. If White Castle existed in my city, I would definitely put them on this list.

If I could be doing anything right now, I would be storm chasing in Oklahoma or Kansas. I have yet to experience the raw power of a tornado, and I would like to do so in a location that would not affect mine or others' homes.

I originally started writing as a project for a class in fourth grade. A friend of mine by the name of Natasha had given a presentation in third grade about a place called Bearland. I was interested in what I could do with it, and created my own story of Bearland that involved a concrete slab and various video game crossovers. As horribly written and short the stories were, these 13 things were what introduced me to the world of writing. My next project evolved over time into an online RPG forum that is now dead. It started off in my 5th Grade Extended Day Program. I had gotten into the game Shining Force for the Sega Genesis (I think) and wanted to write something in that vein. I asked the 6 good friends I had there to contribute a character to the story. Though many of them were obvious video game ripoffs, they were what formed Dark Force, a group of people who were supposed to be the villains of the story. Their enemies, Light Force, never did have any real names, aside from their Leader, Mark Menaro. The series lasted for 4 complete stories, and the fifth was left unfinished.

Later on, I decided to revive the series online with a few friends, and over time the plot and characters have developed greatly. Latyon is the young leader of Dark Force, the son of the entity Darkness which is embodied in the immortal human called Kaitan. That is where my name comes from.

I then was introduced to the world of the living dead. I am the author of an unfinished Urban Dead fanfic currently called Is There Anyone Out There and it's prequel, which is unnamed. And now, I am writing A Descent Into Darkness, an Oblivion fanfic, and The Only Way Out, a mature novelization of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen (somewhat follows the story of the games, but has a few changes). For a short time I was involved in a Phantasy Star Online fanfic titled Phantasy Star: Deadly Mist, but I lost interest in it and discontinued it. I recently decided to jump on my impulse and start up a Star Fox fanfic, which is on this site and titled Star Fox: Insurrection. It summarizes the events leading up from the end of Star Fox Command (which ending did I decide on? Read and find out) to the actual story segment, which begins 17 years after Command's end.

After a long hiatus, I have returned with my latest work, a Fire Emblem fic called Phoenix Falling. It is a steampunk twist on typical Fire Emblem conventions, with a cast formed mostly from OC's, but fan favorites from FE will be making an appearance. Planned FE characters for the story include Lyn and Lloyd Reed. Don't ask for FE9/10/DS characters, I don't know them nearly well enough.

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