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I know this is a little, well, disorganized. Sorry! The number one thing you should know about me is that I love to read.

My favorite shows are:
Quantum Leap
Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis
Phil of the Future
Doctor Who (woo!)

I also like:
Kim Possible
Gilmore Girls
Men in Trees
The Class
My Favorite Martian
Dirty Jobs
Private Practice
Pushing Daisies
Life With Derek
Grounded for Life

(yes, I do have a life - I don't watch all of these consistently. besides, some of them are off the air anyway ;-) I've liked/loved all of these shows at one time or another.

Pairs I 'ship (or did at one time. regardless, i sill read fanfic, watch fanvids, etc, on these couples).
Luke & Lorelei
Rose & The Doctor
Sam & Jack
Daniel & Vala
Phil & Keely
John & Teyla
Logan & Marie (aka, Wolverine & Rogue)
Betty & Daniel
Derek & Casey
Sawyer & Kate
Shawn & Juliet
Cameron & House

Pairs I do not ship (please don't take offense, I just personally don't ship these).
John & Elizabeth
Lorelei & Christopher
Sam & Daniel
Sam & Cam
The Doctor & Martha

Though I don't ship these hardcore, I have a strange fascination with these couples

Some movies I like are:
You've Got Mail
X-Men (the 1st one)
Kate & Leopold
A Walk to Remember
Phantom of the Opera (ALW version)
Going for the Gold

Really good books:
The Scarlet Pimperenel
Jane Eyre
Frozen Rodeo
Seven Tears into the Sea

I found this great link that has all the "Scarlet Pimpernel" books online if you want to read them.

Fav Doctor Who Quotes:
(scroll down a bit if you're not interested)

(9th Doctor era)
Micky: I bet you don't even remember my name.
The Doctor: It's Ricky.
Mickey: It's Mickey.
The Doctor: No, it's Ricky.
Mickey: I think I know my own name.
The Doctor: You think you know your own name? How stupid are you?

Mickey: What are you doing?
The Doctor: Ricky, if I were to tell you what I'm doing to the controls of my frankly magnificent timeship, would you even begin to understand?"
Mickey: Well I guess not...
The Doctor: Then shut it.
- Aliens of London

The Doctor: I really wouldn't hold it like that.
Goddard: Shut it.
The Doctor: Really, though, that's wrong.
Adam: Is it dangerous?
The Doctor: No. Just looks silly.
- Dalek

The Doctor: This is gonna sound daft, but can you tell me where I am?
Cathica: Floor 139. Can they write it any bigger?
The Doctor: Floor 139 of what?
Cathica: Must have been a hell of a party.
Suki: You're on Satellite Five
The Doctor: What's Satellite Five?
Cathica: Oh, come on. How could you get on board without knowing where you are?
The Doctor: Look at me, I'm stupid.
- The Long Game

To baby Rose
The Doctor: Now, Rose... You're not gonna bring about the end of the world, are you?
-Father's Day

Rose: All right, so he's vanished into thin air. Why's it always the great-looking ones who do that?
The Doctor: I'm trying my best not to be offended.
Rose: I'm sorry. I
The Doctor: Right. Thanks. That made me feel loads better.
-The Doctor Dances

The Doctor: No! 'Cause this is what I'm going to do: I'm going to rescue her! I'm going to save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek fleet! And then I'm going to save the Earth! And then, just to finish off, I'm going to wipe every last stinking Dalek out of the sky! Dalek 1: But you have no weapons! No defenses! No plan!
The Doctor: Yeah! And doesn't that scare you to death? Rose?
Rose: Yes, Doctor?
The Doctor: I'm coming to get you.
-Bad Wolf

(10th Doctor era)
The Doctor: Heh heh, talk too much that's my problem.
- The Age of Steel

Rose: Excuse me, Mr. Connolly, hold on a minute. Union Jack?
Eddie Connolly: Yes, that's right, isn't it?
Rose: That's the Union Flag. It's the Union Jack only when it's flown at sea.
Eddie Connolly: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. I... I do apoligise.
Rose: Well, don't get it wrong again. There's a good man. Now, GET TO IT!
-The Idiot's Lantern

Ida: There's no turning back.
The Doctor: Oh come on! Did you have to? "No turning back," that's almost as bad as "Nothing could possibly go wrong," or "This is gonna be the best Christmas Walford's ever had!"
Ida: Have you finished?
-The Impossible Planet

The Doctor: Tell Rose... Tell her I... oh, she knows.

The Doctor: If I believe in one thing... just one thing...I believe in her!
-The Satan Pit

Rose: The girl!
The Doctor: Of course! What girl?

-Fear Her

(Rose sees the Doctor)
Dalek Sec: The female's heartbeat has increased!
Mickey: Yeah, tell me about it.

Heh - I may have gone a little overboard with all these quotes.

I hope to write many stories but there are only so many hours in a day (ah, if only we had 26 or 28 hour days). Lastly, I do not appreciate language in reviews of my stories - please respect this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy my stories.



Info you might (or might not) want to read:

Where did your penname come from?
I'm not really sure WHY I picked "Horsefly." Before I joined and was just anonymously reviewing stories I wanted a consistent name so I chose Horsefly (I was a horse NUT at the time). So, when I joined I wanted people to recognize me as the "Horsefly" who reviewed their stories. I'm really kind of sick of the name but it's not very common and I don't want to lose "recognition."

Will you EVER update your story "Who Knew"!
Umm, Who knows? Heh -heh, get it? No seriously, I joined for the specific reason of posting that story. Unfortunately, I hadn't thought about where the story would go, just the one chapter. Some time in the (very distant) future I might try to add some but for right now it's staying "as is." Who knows (drat, there I go again - it's getting kinda old, isn't it?) I might try to write a new story but I sincerely apologize for those who wanted me to update that story right away.

This "page" was updated 4/19/05.

6/20/06 - I've written several new stories but I'm having trouble uploading them. I keep getting an error message "An error has occurred while processing your request." So, be patient and hopefully they'll be up soon!

6/23/06 - Yes! I can finally upload my stories! Success!

12/15/06 - Well, I wrote Christmas-y Doctor Who story for the holidays but Fanfiction won't let me submit the story. I keep getting the "This Page Cannot be Displayed" message - after filling out all the information of course.Grr! I hate writing a story and not being able to submit it!! The frustration!

12/18/06 - Well, after finding out eggnog isn't really a holiday 'thing' in the UK I started a forum. Here's the summary: "Do you have a question concerning ‘Britspeak’? Or just a question on how things are done over there? What exactly is a jumper? Come ask a question or help answer one!" Hopefully it will be of some help to writers! Oh, by the way, it's under "Doctor Who" but anyone's welcome :-)

2/10/07 - Argh! I'm trying to find a Phil of the Future story - somebody help me! FOUND IT!!

7/14/07 - Just thought I'd let everybody know I'm still here. I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long - real life is just a bit demanding right now. To all those waiting on a new chapter of 'Oh Dusy Rose' - sorry for the delay. (it'll come in time :-) I'll have more time in the spring - hopefully I'll be able to write more!


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