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The darkness was all encompassing, thick, soupy, like an ocean of tar. A sudden northern wind blows up fierce, making any non-believers of a fast approaching winter bite their tongues in embaressment. The smell of a damp and sultry Earth assaults the senses.

Bouncing, bouncing lights of blue, spinning, spinning, sight be skewed.

A child like soprano rises high above the whipping atmosphere, shattering the silence of the shadow. Glittering balls of pale yellow jump about, looking not unlike the dancing fairy lights of the Stories. Wolves howl in the distance and if one has sharp ears, their tired, thirsty pants can be heard close surrounding.

Follow not, you'll meet your death, I laugh, I laugh your blood runs red.

Pale and graceful, a hand emerges from the dark, an index finger swinging back and forth as if to some unheard tune. Slowly, oh so slowly, the rest of an arm apears, clothed in patterned silk, slim and gorgeously feminine.

Cry, we cry, they hear our call,

A full body matierializes, ebony spiked hair and pale blue eyes starring sightlessly ahead, blinded by some trap of curious fate. She smiles, a small, sad smile as the energy lights fizzle and skip from her aura. The immediate danger she scents and feels prickle her flesh does not seem to faze her, since she continues forward with strong, firm steps.

Cities burn, and planets fall...

She wraps her arms about herself and slowly meanders into the cold oblivion, searching for a home that no longer exists.

A brown twitching tail drags across the ground behind her.

~~Sad ne?

I feel bad saying it guys but for a little while i'm halting work on She Loved The Ballroom Blitz, until i know where i want to go with it. But harken! Yey, for i have begun a new story with a tad different premise. Of course, it's a GohanVidel story. I'm just to much of a fan for anything different.

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A small two parter for the Holiday. I just LOVE Halloween, and of course, if you know my preference of content, you know it's a Gohan Videl thing. I think there'll be a little lemony content somewhere in there too. Hee hee.
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