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My thoughts/opinions (typed out because I know it will piss fanbrats off; also because these truly are my personal thoughts/opinions xD)

Twilight was ridiculous, & not in the good way. I couldn't get past chapter 4. Seriously, if Bella wasn't whining about the rain, she was complaining how Edward didn't like her. blah blah stfu you Mary-Sue. That's right, BELLA IS A MARY-SUE!!

Robert Pattinson & Nick Jonas are ugly; I don't see how anyone can obssess over them like they do..

Joe Jonas is starting to look like a creeper lately.

On a positive note: Kevin Jonas has recently got engaged! He's with someone who isn't famous, & look at that... he's in the most stable relationship. Maybe Nick & Joe should take it from Kevin, & NOT date a celebrity. lmao. I'm happy for Kevin :)

(Like my icon? :3 I made it myself, mostly for reasons stated below. haha.)

If you realize that Jonas Brothers fanfiction is against the rules, and will report stories featuring them, copy & paste this into your profile.

Yes, that's right, Jonas Brothers fanfiction is against the rules. If you write a story about them & post it on this site, I will find it and report it.

Actually, if I see a story that contains ANY real life person/people, or a story that breaks the rules of this site, I WILL REPORT IT.

The only reason I'm singling out JB stories & authors is because..
well to quote Flame Rising:
"Because they're spreading through this site like crabs on a cheap hooker..."

(also because everytime a JB story is written, god kills a kitten D: )

& to prove that I'm not just some cold hearted bitch.. I'll even help you aspiring JB authors out:

If you want to write a Jonas Brothers story for other people to read, then go to google & type in "Jonas Brothers fanfiction" & it should give you tons of sites, that aren't fanfiction(dot)net, that are dedicated to JB fanfiction.

Or if you're too lazy to do that, then here's 2 of the sites:

JB stories are not wanted on fanfiction(dot)net, so why fight a losing battle by posting them here, when you can just so easily do what I stated above about going to google, or going to those JB fansite?

& for those of you who want to actually get to know me:

Why hello there, I am Noromaru!

I am a 17 year old who lives in the US of A. The state I live in isn't very exciting, but whatever...

Like almost all teens in the world, I am an avid Myspacer, so if I'm not on this fanfiction site, I'm most likely on Myspace. ;D

I am an anime fan, have been since I was 9 (before I even knew wtf I was watching xD). Ask me about any anime & I'll have most likely watched it, or heard about it.

& Though I tend to think Disney is nothing but a blood sucking monster that has a tight grasp on their stars, and controls everything they do, I am indeed a Disney Channel fan too..although sometimes I don't like to admit it. xD

I'm also a fan of music, just like everyone else in the world. haha
Some of the bands/artists I like are:
Forever the Sickest Kids, Blink 182, Blood on the Dancefloor, Metro Station, Taylor Swift, Angels & Airwaves, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Green Day, Papa Roach, New Found Glory,

Yeah..usually people who know I'm a Breaking Benjamin can't believe I'm a Miley fan.. or vice versa. Well, I guess I'm just one of those people who listen to anything that is catchy. & if I think an awesome song like "Follow" by Breaking Benjamin is catchy, or if I think "7 Things" by Miley Cyrus is catchy..then so be it. xD

& I also listen to Japanese music:
Asian Kung-fu Generation, Maximum the Hormone, Ayumi Hamasaki, Do as Infinity, LArc~en~Ciel, Kotani Kinya, & Yutada Hikaru. There are more of course, but most of it's just opening & ending theme songs from anime.

I love DDR. it's a chill game

Pokemon's pretty cool too.
I prefer the series & games that only included pokemon from 1-151, & 1-386, though.

I love all things .hack (.hack//sign, .hack//roots, .hack//GU, .hack//whatever)

I don't know wtf I want to do when I'm older.

My dream job is to be a video game tester lmao, but since that most likely won't happen, I'm slightly confused on what I want to do...

(but as of now, my current unofficial job is to report stories that go against the rules of the site. XD)

yeah..I think that's pretty much all I can bore you with. xD

Have a nice life. :)

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