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Swimming, snorkeling, ect
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Writing, fantasy!
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Parents- each remarried and went from only child to having 4 siblings _

Age- middle to upper twenties, (in other words "I ain't tellin' you, so 'niener niener'.")

Personal status: Happily taken.

Education- Finishing up my degree at University of Hawaii at Hilo with a major in art, minor in English, and certification in Performing Artz :)

If you want to contact me, I have an art website. But I am still figuring out how it all works. But drop a line,

OR if you are a deviant art kind of person... I post all sorts of cool pictures on here and there are some phenomenal Inuyasha artists who do some great stuff! So have a peek... *update* being that it has been some ten years since opening this account, youre welcome to see my artistic learning curve on DA.

if any of you want to take on any of these stories and make them your own, please don't plaugerize, but e-mail me and i would be happy to get you started... same with IM or MSN messenger... role plays are great for that sort of thing


Also, i LOVE getting in contact with those who read my stuff... my email is posted and if you want to IM me i am totally open to that! Just let me know that u are a reader from or somethin...

Thats all for now... ttyl and enjoy my stories...

This is new:

I want to thank you all for your support, you have been very kind and encouraging to me and my writing. But! I have quitwriting fanfics for Inuyasha. Some of you saw my reason, will not let it be posted here any longer due to it's nature. SO I have posted it elsewhere. If you are interested I can give you a link.

I promiseI have notquit writingaltogether. On the contrary. My writing has sky rocketed in my own works,I have an entire binder fullof fun stories much like these, but with different characters.

SinceI havequit, any of you are welcome to take over and finish the stories I have left open... sorry todrive you mad with curiousity, butI will not be finishing these.

5-21-08 Fear not readers of loyal, my writing is being put to good use, I am continuing to work on my novels, and my hope is to be my own illustrator, and considering I just spent the last year working at Walt Disney World and the last 5 months working as a Disney Artist in Hollywood Studios God is definitely putting me on the right track. Arwen out. _~


10-10-15 so as you've probably experiences with many writers life is a busy, tumultuous trail which leaves some goals completed and others delayed. Having Disney under the belt and on the resume opened many doors which brought me back to my original dream of attending college in Hawaii. Upon graduation I have a job position reserved as a zipline guide which will have high and low seasons. During the low seasons I will be doing art and writing commissions, and I'm currently the comic artist for the university paper. That said I will probably eventually sell art at Hawaiicon, but for now I'm just finishing my degree. As for the Inuyasha fanfics, I've grown a great deal when it comes to "spiritual warfare" and I'm willing to reanalyze my participation, though ten years of growing up will certainly change some of the focus and style. I'm not promising anything anytime soon, but I figured you'd like to know if I still exist.

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