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Hello all, I'm Fifteen, and I'm Canadian and I swore I'd never read Fanfics, EVER, and now I'm completely obsessed. ThenI said I'd never write them. Just goes to show that we all go back on our word sometime. For me it seems to happen a lot.

I only read Harry Potter fics (wonder when I'll go back on my word on that one)

I have a keen interest in good AU stories, it's mostly allI read.

I love the stories where Harry is a Vampire, or an Elf, or somwthing like that. or the stories where he's taken away from his relatives (that or he never goes).

I've read a few stories where he has a sibling who's the Boy/Girl-who-lived and he's neglected by his guardians. if it's got a good plot thenI don't mind them.

And I'm always in the mood for a good Slytherin Harry Fic, or a Harry goes Dark story.

I'm not against Slash fics, if it's a good one, even if only 'certain' scenes are good,I don't mind.

IF ANYONE HAS A STORY TO SUGGEST I WELCOME THEM (it's hard finding good stories these days)

I have many, and I mean MANY different ideas for stories, so I'll typically post one or two chapters to see what your responses will be then I'll write from my existing stories, and post.I really don't have a sysytem, just lots of ideas for stories, but I tend to hop from story to story. my updating will not be regular ( at least for a while) so you'll all just have to bear with me.
This is one of two accounts thatI have. My other is... Miss Darknesss
My Stories

A Different Turn of Events
Silent Vigil
Raven (though it's my other account)

Planning Stages

A fic where ex-DE watch over aHarry and train him while he's young so he can replace their Lord. I plan for Harry to be powerful, Independant, Dark (but not evil, he will run things differently from the way Voldie ran them) he will be abused by his relatives.

Harry will be sent back to the DISTANT past where he becomes an immortal creature. He gains responsibilities so he can't travel back to when he came from so he must stay and live through all of time until he can re-integrate himself back into his old life. NEEDS IDEAS.

AVoldie raises Harry instead of trying to kill him fic

Harry dies, but he can still influence things on the physical plane, he bounces between his own time and the time of the Marauders school years. He can still become 'solid' but he can't influence anyone outside a group of a select few. (namely people he's been in contact with for his whole life)

ANY suggestions are welcome by e-mail for current or future stories.
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