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Turns out I AM going to continue to write SRMT fanfiction! One of my friends from neo introduced me to the bourds and my love is back to full. Though I cannot watch the news eps... -_-; I have tried but they're not on ABC Family. I only have basic cable... BUT! Nonethless, be sure to look forward to a new chapter of "IBE?" soon! As soon as I'm done being grounded... But still! I am back for sure and am not leaving again! I promise you all. If I start slipping again, chat with me for awhile and that'll have be back again. Just to reassure you, the only thing I have talked about all week is SRMTHFG:D My mom is already complaining again! So please, bare with me through this current time period. School is alot more than I expected, and I might not have much time to work on my stuff, but I am still a hardcore fan! Once a SRMTHFG fan, ALWAYS a SRMTHFG fan!

With much enthusiam and apologies,
Cresent Tiger A.K.A saidoshi

P.S. I'm terribly sorry for giving up on this fic momentarily. My RL friends are all into an anime/manga that I like as well. That is what drew me away, but I won't let that stop me-I vow, as the Mother Goddess and Father God as my witness, I will continue and finish the series I have intended on writing from the start. You have my solid word.

My charries!
(By appearance in fics)

This is the REAL Dark Antauri. Not some fake copy of him.

Name: Dark Antauri
Gender: Male
Age: Um... 19?
Pelt: A pitch black
Height: 1.0 M (That's right! He's three whole feet!) 6' 7" when human
Eyes: Demonic and blood red with cat like slits.
Motto: "I'm just plain evil, what's your excuse?"
Descrpition: Is Antuari's Demon double. Very deadly when angered. Suggested caution. Is a living killing machine and has no respect for anybody but himself... and Chroco. (Dark Antauri: That doesn't mean anything!) Is impatient and not friendly in anyway, (Dark Anaturi: well that was damn obvious!) He is a true enemy and so far can not be defeated. (Dark Antauri: Got that right! saidoshi: Stop interupting!) He has teamed up with "the dark one's" for more power and abilities. His only destiny is to destroy Chiro and the true Antauri.
True Love: Dark Antauri: I have one? saidoshi: Don't play dumb! But I'll just wait to put this up... and torture you!
Cosplay Costume: Naraku from Inuyasha, Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts II, Hideki from Chobits.
Personailty: Acts like he rules the world, sexist. Only cares about himself, selfish,mean, cruel, takes insults as comments, hurtful, evil (DUH!). Can be pretty aware of his feelings and when he is, he has no flippin clue what to do. Confused on the subject "Love". (XD) Unknowingly protective over the few he cares for, hides his emotions, doesn't like it when things don't go his way. Hot-tempered, actually he can be pretty shy. secretly cares for a few others then himself.
Religion: None.
Weapons: Ghost claws,five times bigger and sharper than the original pair Antauri posseses.
Quotes: "DAMMIT!" "I don't really give a rat's ass any more." "What the hell is going on here?" "Spongebob shall rule all!" "Dammit! What IS this feeling?" "Make one wrong move around me and you'll lose your life, AND your eyes. Does that make you feel better?"

Name: Chroco.
Gender: Female
Age: about 17
Pelt: Purple with a dark purple sploche every here and there.
Height: 0.77 M (Same height as Nova) 5'7" when Human
Eyes: Dark pink, and so beautiful she could hypnotize you with them.
Motto: "Darkness and Light may have more in common than you think."
Description: Dark Antauri's "Partner-In-Crime". She was born without a mind of her own, she is slowly but surely gaining one of her own from Dark Antauri himself. She doesn't know a lot of things yet, and can get confused easily. She is Nova's dark double and sister.
True Love: ...
Cosplay Costume: Kanna from Inuyasha, or Chi from Chobits.
Personality: Just plain adorable when she tries to do things on her own, easily confused, if she doesn't know it already it has to be explained to her. Knows that she is "Evil" but passes it by. Innocent, cute, curious, sweet, caring, happy when her "master" is close by. Confused on the subject "Love". Mindless. Tries to hide her feelings but doesn't do a good job of it, mysterious.
Religion: None.
Weapons: So far none. Except the ability to bring Dark Antauri back when the True Antauri takes over, a purple blast she can make by harnessing energy between her arms, and controlling the wind's power.
Quotes: "Gold, what is Love?" "Master must be strong to get rid of the goody-two-shoed people." "Master is brave." "Master, (pauses) Chroco...Chroco is scared."

Others will be up as they appear in my fics

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