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greetings ladies and gent's. i am RBF disciple...

you may betelling yourself "RBF Discpiple... the sounds farmilliar. argh!" well... i am the disciple of the great Ryouga's Best Friend (a well loved fanfic writer usually dealing with ranma/any other anime crossovers. i was first mentioned for working on his ranma 1/2 / teen titans crossover. (i worked mostly on the fight scenes...) and well... even though that was my first fan fic write up, i enjoyed doing it. so i decided to keep helping him with his fanfics by taking some abandoned jobs, as well as making some of my own fan fics. as time goes on, you will find me to be a very similar, yet darker version of RBF.

current jobs:
ranma/teen titans chapt 2-3,
twisted fic: Mistaken (those of you who like RBF's twisted fic ideas will love this one)

other jobs will be put up as they come. anywayze, thanks for reading this, and my fanfics, and be sure to check out RBF's fanfics. the're awesome for the average otaku.

peace out, and remember. over-kill is THE ONLY way to kill.

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