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Kon'ban'wa, minasan! Atashi wa Orenji Yoh-chan, ka Mikau, ka Briana! Ka Orenji, ka Yoh! Ano.. Atashi wa juusan (13) to Amerikajin/Doitsujin/Chuugokujin (an American/a German/a Chinese)! W00t! I was on a roll. Any who..

WARNING! ENTERING ORENJI YOH-CHAN'S PROFILE! May not be suitable for children 10 and under! It's not evenappropriate for me! And I'm older than 10!




E-Mail address:

This is for people who can't find it, so yea! Lol My E-mail address is S4Twigg@aol.com ok? Arigatou! Also, this is my IM, so chess! xD (It's my grandma's old account... it's not like she uses it anyways. xP )

Things I like-

Peaches, the number 3, milk, orenjis (oranges), hoshiis (stars), ghosts (I'm a freak..), ookamis (wolves), kitsunes (foxes), fanfics, LEMONS (yes, lemon as in fanfics and the fruit. SO WHAT? Stop looking at me! -cries-), shounen ai, shoujo ai, oreos, Author-sama, Wrath, and.. uh.. cups.. Dvds.. games and CDs.. And my phone? >>;

Things I hate-

REATADED PAIRINGS. TOP OF MY LIST! I don't like pink nor do I like preps.I think preps should burn. People who are always depressed pisses me off too. 4Kids pisses me off too. And Zeke. No, not Hao-sama. Just Zeke. OH! And people that are obsessed with characters from shows! It's like..'WTF? HE'S A CHARACTER, SO STOP HAVING AN ORGASM WITH PICTURES OF HIM..' Scares the crap outta me.. Seriously, I've seen people like that.. Other than that, I also don't like Marco for some odd reason, or hearts, only when they are on fire, cause then it reminds me of Hao. xD! Don't ask. (Dang.. I flipped out on this particular area.)

Fav. Shows-

Shaman King (I've got all the episodes! Yey!), DN Angel, Full Metal Alchemist (I've got all of the episodes, too!), Fruits Basket! (I have those episodes too!) Inuyasha (somewhat), Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Chobits, Wolf's Rain, and uh.. more but I can't think of them.

Fav. Characters-

I LOVE Ren, Yoh, HoroHoro, Lyserg, Hao-sama, Mari, Macchi, Anna, Jeanne, Opacho, Amidamaru, Edward Elric, Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes, Wrath, Chi, Satoshi, Daisuke, Dark, Krad, everyone from Furuba and uh.. Let’s see.. ORANGES. -cuddles them all at the same time- I love you guys! But because Orenji Yoh-chan is feeling lazy, only some will answer!

Yoh: -nuzzles back- Aww, I love you too!

Ren: -blushes faintly- K-Kisama! Let g-go of me! (Aw! Isn't he cute when he stutters:3 )

Horo: -just stands there- What..?

Lyserg: -blushes- Uh.. er..

Hao-sama: I love you too, but I love Yoh, Ren, and Lyserg more. –eyes eagerly-

Yoh, Ren, and Lyserg: OMG LET GO! HURRY!

Anna: …Do you want intensive training as well, tomorrow?

Me: -blinks- Uh.. Maybe?

Amidamaru: Brave soul.. –floats away-

Me: NOO!

Everyone else: Show off..

Jeanne: You are one of God’s children, so we are allowed to have these types of interactions, just as long as it is not unholy.

Me: Uh.. right… Whatever you say, Jeanne.

Opacho: Opacho does not understand.

Oranges: ... (Don't make fun of my mute oranges! ;_; )

Macchi: Ok, ok! Just let go already!

Edward: -blushes furiously- Are you freaking crazy? LET GO.

Roy: Oh, yes. And would you like to work at HQ? We've got some nice uniforms. -eyes the mini skirts-

Me: Uh.. maybe some other time.. -lets go of Roy and kicks him off- Such a kinky little bastNEVERMIND. Eh heh heh..

Hughes: But, I have a wife! And a kid! Her name is Elysia and she's so cute! You want to see her! -pulls out wallet and goes crazy- Thisisherwhenshewaseatingherfirstlemonandthisiswhenshewasfingerpaintingapictureofme!

Orenji: Did any of you guys get that?

Everyone: Nope, not really!

Wrath: I want my mama!

Orenji: I'm your mama now, Wrath!

Wrath: ...Mama!

Momiji: -turns into a rabbit- EEE! ORENJI YOH-CHAN SO CUTE!


Kyou: -turns into the cat- Gah! You freaking bit-

Yuki- Baka neko! Urasai! Orenji Yoh-chan is very loving! -turns into a rat-

Me: Oh guys are so cute! I can't get enough!

Shigure: Yay! High school girl! -turns into a dog-

Me: I'm not in high school..

Shi-chan: Well, you look like one!

Ayame: Oh yes! Of course! Very lovely indeed! Do you want to try on one of my dresses! -turns into a snake- (Omg.. have you heard his dubbed voice? I watch it in Japanese usually, but I just HAD to find out what it sounded like... and I laughed my flippin' head off. xD HE SOUNDS LIKE THE DUBBED PEGASUS FROM YUU-GI-OU!)

Me: Gah! Yes, of course!

Hatori: -turns into a sea horse- Such womanizers..


Akito: -flips out and smacks Orenji- YOU DON'T KNOW ME!

Me: OMG! You.. YOU... I love you! n.n!

Mari: -coughs and pulls out Chuck- Mari wants to be let go of, now.

Me: Holy Moses, ok!

Everyone: -gasps for air-

The Good pairings (that make sense)-

SK: RenxHoro, YohRen, AnnaYoh, Hao-samaRen, Hao-samaYoh, HoroYoh, LysergAnyone except for Tamao, Annaand Pirika, AnnaTamao, AnnaPirika, PirikaTamao, ChocoloveRen (I don't really support it, but my friend does. And it seems reasonable, ne?), ChocoloveHoro, ChocoTamao, ChocoPirika, MantaYoh (I forgot about Manta..), MantaTamao,YohAmidamaru, AmidamaruMosuke, YohTamao, AmidamaruBason (xD) and that's all I can think of!

FMA: RoyEd, RoyRiza, RoyHughes, AlWinry, HavocFuery, RusselEd, EdWrath (DON'T ASK.) and uh.. Dur.. that's all! xD! (I will NOT add EdWinry, cause it's a freaking canon couple! If.. that's what you call them.. Oo; )

DNA: DasukeRiku, DaiskueSatoshi, DarkKrad, DarkDaisuke, KradSatoshi and uh.. Me dunno.


SK: RenxPirika - Ok... WTF. This isn't even a freaking pairing, kisamara! They DON'T TALK TO EACH OTHER. All they know about each other is that Pirika is Horos' younger sister and the Ren is Horos' best friend (or more >3 ) and that he's Chinese.. WTF WENT THROUGH YOUR GUYS HEADS! Only Nirah has my permission to make this pairing, because HER STORIES ROCK MY SOCKS! >P

HoroxTamao: THIS ISN'T A PAIRING EITHER. God, just because YOH has a fiancee doesn't mean THEY HAVE TO, TOO. They don't even talk to each other. They probably said 'Hi' and you all went "OMG THEY SAID HI IT'S A PAIRING!" You people disgust me.

HaoxTamao: ...I'm not even going to comment. Sure, the last part of their names rhyme, but... Was it all because of Tamao liking Yoh and then Hao's his twin and then like.. WOW.. I dunno. But Hao wouldn't go for her, I don't think. Oh! Is it because of Tamao's theme song, 'Hana, Hoshii, Sora'? (Flower, Star, Sky) Since you know.. Hao likes stars? I dunno.. Just.. whatever.

HaoxPirika: ...WTF. How the hell did you guys think of this! Seriously, get some help! You're like.. on dope!

AnnaxRen-shudders- Dear Lord, help these people.. How can THEY be a couple! SERIOUSLY.

AnnaxHoro-sheilds eyes- This.. is disturbing.. They freaking hate each other, people. Get it straight.

HoroxKororo: OMG. WHAT THE FREAK? I don't EVER want to see this pairing again! It makes my heart ache!

MantaxAnna: God, let's hope NO ONE made this pairing. The reason why I brought this up, is because my friend LOVES THIS PAIRING. And I'm like.. WHOA. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?

Any characterxOC: That bugs people. What makes you guys think other readers wants to read about you and your fav. character making out or having sex? But I don't have a problem with it as long as it doesn't go so far as of the character IMMIDIATELY falls for you.. Kisamara..

SatoshiRisa- IT SUCKS MY MOM. That's why. And besides, Risa's a dick. xD! Satoshi is WAY too good for her.

RoyAl- Well, it doesn't suck, I just can't see it happening. Oo; But.. it's reasonable? Uh.. I just think it's weird and I see no point to it. But if you guys like it, fine by me.

InuyashaSango- Uh, it just doesn't happen. Maybe in your head, but if you're a true fan of anime, then you would know perfectly well that this wouldn't happen!

SesshoumaruKagome- Holy crap, what! THIS ISN'T A PAIRING! Give me ONE good reason why they are and the Inuyasha producers and I might allow it! Other than that, it's crap! (Yes, I'm somewhat with the Inuyasha producers! Pfft, I wish. Let's just say I'm UBER CLOSE to them and we share information, and they're against the idea of SessKag!)

Is there any bad Furuba pairing? Well, other than Tohru and the Madabuchi Trio (sp?). That's just weird, and they're WAY too old! She's like what.. 16 or 17 while they're 27. Ten years apart, dude. But.. It's love, so it's not all too bad_

THAT'S ALL! So now you guys know why these pairings should burn!


Yes! I'm taking requests! So don't hesitate to ask, ok? But not until I get a drabble thing up, k? Hope to hear from you!



The Vacuum Cleaner Incident And Other Stories (Not the whole flipping thing! Just some stories!)
Chapter 5: Quiz ~YohRen~
Chapter 26: Coffee ~YohRen~
Chapter 38: Kiss Me PART ONE ~YohRen, one-sided HoroYoh, one-sided HaoRen~
Chapter 39: Mercy or Earthquake PART TWO ~YohRen, one-sided HoroYoh, one-sided HaoRen~
But because Orenji Yoh-chan got too many dedications from Author-sama, she had to stop.. Hopefully only for a while, though!


Random Stories (Once again, not the whole thing. Just some chapters!)
Chapter 5: Hold Me ~RoyEd~
Chapter 22: Reward for Yoh-chan! A.K.A. Deathy! ~RoyEd~

That's all for now! Hopefully, I'll get more dedications! Arigatou for these stories!

Fav. Author(s)-

Author-sama, KimBob, DayDreamingChild, Shingo-sama, Big Bird and Nirah for now! Thank you guys for making things possible!

Stories that should be getting more credit than what they are getting now-

Shantih by Big Bird - "I still can't reconcile the mature Ed with the child-Ed in my mind can I? I'm such a fool.." A new beginning, a new look at each other. Eventual RoyxEd. Warnings: language, violence
Orenji's comment: It's the freaking greatest story that was ever updated! I LOVE IT. You RoyEd fans, this is a most-read story! It's suspensful, loverly (yes, loverly), and it's awesome beyond belief! A good plot, it's literate... VERY literate. But I have to warn you, it's not for those who are illiterate, incomprehensible, and those who just plain don't like big words that make the story! FOR ADVANCE READERS, MAINLY. But, I LOVE IT! -squeals and huggles Bird-san - I highly reccommend this story! It's draws you into it, where you just can't get enough!

Into Ashes All My Lust by Diamond Lotus - The grave's a fine and quiet place. But none, I think, do there embrace. Haru realizes he has feelings for Momiji, but will he keep them bottled inside until it is too late? Shounen ai. MomijixHaru. Some HatorixAyame.
Orenji's comment: I LOVE THIS! It's dramatic, romantic, and suspensful! It's a very good HaruMomiji story! It's cute, and she has has characters in character! Not like those freaks that think they're good and make the character into agimptard (like me. xD). It's a very, well-done story. And it gives you German lessons! Momiji's corner! Lol. I reccommend this story! It's awesome, andI get myself lost in it very easily. -huggles Lotus-san -

Um... That's all really. The rest of you are doing great! Keep it up! And I advise you all to read these stories if you're a fan! Uber good! -squeals-


The one.. The only.. AUTHOR-SAMA! -jazz hands-

Fav. Reviewer(s)-

Shingo-sama! Her name reminds me of Shigure-sempai from Furuba (Fruits Basket)! And Anime Monster! She's so cool! I love you guys! -gives Shi-chan and A. Monster a bag of orenjis and nuzzles- Daisuki-desu!

Stories to come-

Remembering You (Full Metal Alchemist) RoyxEd: When Full Metal Alchemist Edward Elric gets amnesia, can a certain Flame Alchemist regain his memory?4 chapters up! Rape in later chapters and Edward Abuse!

Nightmares come true (Shaman King) YohxRen: Yoh and Ren have been having the same death dreams about each other, but what happens when Yohs dream comes true? Deathfic One-shot (Coming soon, hopefully..!)

Drabbles (Perferably FMA and SK) Any pairing: Just little drabbles that I put together! Pairings may vary, and I'll take requests! -

Show me the way again (Shaman King) YohxRen: Ren witnesses his sister, Jun, get killed and becomes a mute. Can this young, laid-back teen get him to talk again? Or will he lose his friend forever?

That's all for now. Once I figure out how to work this stupid thing then I'll update. >> Ok?

My poem-worshipper-thingie-that-doesn't-exactly-rhyme-dedication for Author-sama=3 -

Author-sama, oh Author-sama.
You always make me smile.
You bring me fluffy YohRen fics,
That can go on and on for miles.

Author-sama, oh Author-sama.
You're the best of the best.
Your fanfics are so wonderful,
So please don't take a rest!

Author-sama, oh Author-sama.
Please don't ever quit.
You and your stories are fantastic,
I'm so glad that we met! (Wow, three lines that rhymed! Oi, I rhymed again!)

Author-sama, oh Author-sama.
You bring us lots of cheer.
When you update I'll review,
So you don't have to fear.

Author-sama, oh Author-sama.
I'm sorry but I must go!
But my love for you will never end,
That you'll always know!

There you go, Author-sama! Hope you like and hope you didn't find it weird! ;-;

My dreaded Bad Graph! -cowers-


Number of times Orenji Yoh-chan has been bad: 4


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Diethyl Lyserg fanclub: - --
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Omg, people join! xD! I'm the only one, pratically! Well.. for the Shaman King section and Wrath any way.. xD Arigatou!

YAOI PICCIES. XD! Gawd, I'm a dork! -


- 3 -squeals-
- 3 -squeals again- KAWAII!

All of those pictures are on my binder at school, and a few others.. >> xD! The people at school point to Edward and they ask, 'That's a girl.. right?' and when I say no, they're like.. 'Ewww!' so I tell them off and they leave it alone. Heh.. I'm evil.

YohRen! There isn't much of these... Oo;

http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://yohren.chocokitty.net/art/ae/pando.jpg&imgrefurl=http://yohren.chocokitty.net/&h=392&w=500&sz=74&tbnid=3YP4y-4JUtAJ:&tbnh=99&tbnw=126&hl=en&start=1&prev=/images3Fq3DYohRen26hl3Den26lr3D26sa3DN- OMG BIIIIIG LINK.
- This is the fanlisting page.. Oo; xD I CAN'T FIND ANY! I never knew it would be that hard.. Unless I'm just stupid.

Bleh.. I got bored so That's all I'm listing.. xD Ok, I'm done!

Elysia's picture!-

GAH! I'm still searching for Elysia's pictures, you guys! I'm sorry, I'll try harder! Gomen ne! Gomen ne! GOMEN NASAI! -sobs-

Emailing me-

You can e-mail me! Yay! I don't care any more! But only my friends and reviewers can e-mail me, because it scares me when some random person/flamers comes on and e-mails me.. and then like.. HOLY CRAP. ...OMG I LOVE YOU ALL! Was I mean in my profile? I'm really not that mean! I love people! But not as much as oranges.. But ohmyshit, I freaked out my profile, I mean look at it! It's like re.. -gets hit over the head with a shovel-

Ren: Finally, she shuts up. And thus, concludes Orenji Yoh-chan's profile. Now go away.

Horo: NO! They can't go! Orenji ALWAYS hands oranges out to people! Especially if they read this whole stinkin' profile! So they can't go without oranges! -hands out bags of oranges but soon gets pummeled by Ren and his deadly shovel of DOOM-

Ren: URUSAI! BAKANA! -eventually stops-

Now-beated-and-bruised Horo: Y-You hurt me! I'm telling Yoh! -points a finger accusingly-

Ren: What's Yoh going to do, spank me?

Horo & Ren: ...

Horo: What? EWW! Ren and Yoh and doing the naughty when I'm not looking! -runs away-

Ren: -blushing- AINU-BAKA! WAIT! I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT! Darn it, Yoh!

Yoh: -somewhere far off; sneezes- Who's talking about me? -shrugs and pops another orange in his mouth, turning the T.V off (also ending my profile!)


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He should have been horrified, but he wasn't. He should have questioned why his hands were now tainted with his own blood, but he didn't. Instead, Naruto could only think of the three words that changed everything: "Iruka is dead". - Slight AU, SasuNaru, mentions of KakaNaru.
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