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Author has written 4 stories for Pokémon, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Fairy Tail, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Name: HappyFairySong

Astrological sign: Taurus

Gender: Doesn't matter in 2019


- Hetalia


-Pokemon Adventures


-Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Note (2019):

So It's been a while since I was on fan fiction. I've written stories before and right now they're all incomplete and theres a high chance they will be discontinued forever. I wrote them when I was super young and just really stupid so now they are almost of no interest to me anymore. Almost. But don't get your hopes up.

Favorite Characters...

  1. Tsunayoshi Sawada
  2. America/ Alfred F Jones
  3. Russia/ Ivan Braginski
  4. England/ Arthur Kirkland
  5. Karma Akabane
  6. Hibari Kyoya
  7. Simon the Digger
  8. Zeref
  9. Nico
  10. Inaho
  11. Kirito( I don't know, I think I have a thing for dark expressionless emo guys.)
  12. Aladdin( Magi )
  13. Blue Beetle
  14. Impulse
  15. Sinbad
  16. Gold
  17. Red
  18. Rollan (Spirit Animals)
  19. Lloyd Garmadon

The Adventure Within the Adventure

Note: The ages are just the ages of what they look like as humans.

Ibelec: Gender:Girl , Age:11, Appearence: Long light green wavy hair, pale skin, left eye is pale yellow and right is green colored, a little shorter than 5ft, clothes will vary. Personality: Has a kind nature but is mostly bossy and mature and serious.

Willius(Wem): Gender:Boy, Age:11, Appearence: pale blonde hair with bangs that are swept to one side, skin that's as white as snow, bright purple eyes, shorter than 5ft, clothes will vary. Personality: Carefree and ambitious, reckless and positive.

Olivia: Gender:Girl, Age:14, Appearedce: curley blonde with hair that reaches her elbows, fiery red eyes and not tan, but not white skin either. around 5.5 feet, clothes will vary. Personality: Carefree, happy, rebelious, mischevious, playful, she sort of has a inner Red Demon or something.

Aigul: Gender:Boy, Age:14, Appearence: Silver eyes, tamed navy blue hair that's short and kinda like Forest Gump's, a little shorter than 5.8 feet and about the same as Gold. Clothes will vary. Personality: Kind, respectful, carefree.

Saital: Gender:Girl, Age:12, Apearence: bright red hair that is long and flowy except for a part that are shapped like ears. Has bangs that are short but flows to one side, and hazel colored eyes. around 5.2 feet. Clothes will vary. Personality:happy, nieve, trusting, playful, and doesn't follow rules too well.

Soital: Gender:Boy, Age:13, Apearence: pinkish eyes, spikey aqua blue and silver hair, about 5.4 feet tall, Clothes will vary. Personality: Strict and disaplined, always looks out for Saital.

Initciv: Gender:Boy, Age:11, Appearence: Short dark spiky red hair, tanned skin, sky blue eyes, a little shorter than 5ft, clothes will vary. Personality: Carefree and positive, playful and rebelious.

The New Prophecy

Demigods from Camp Half Blood.

Percy Jackson: Gender:boy Age:16 Weapons: Riptide. Powers:Water-Induced Abilities, Hydrokinesis, Atmonkinesis, Geokinesis, and Cryrokinesis. Godly Parent: Poseidon.

Nico di Angelo: Gender:boy Age:14 Weapons: a Stygian iron sword. Powers:Necromancy, Osteokinesis, Death trance, Umbrakinesis, Cryokinesis, and Hypnokinesis. Godly parent: Hades.

Thalia Grace: Genger:Girl Age:16 Weapons: Aegis, her shield and a hunters bow. Powers:Electrokinesis, Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, and communication to animals loyal to Artemis. Godly parent: Zeus.

Annabeth Chase: Gender:Girl Age: 16 Weapons: A draken bone sword. Powers:Telumkinesis, and strategic skill. Godly Parent: Athena

Leo Valdez: Gender:Boy Age:15 Weapons:Archimedes Sphere and magical toolbelt. Powers: Pyrokinesis, Technokinesis. Godly parent: Hephaestus.

Jason Grace: Gender:Boy Age:15 Weapons:A roman Gladius from imperial gold. Powers: Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, Electrokinesis. Godly Parent: Jupiter.

Piper Mclean: Gender:Girl Age:15 Weapons:Katoptros. Powers: Amokinesis and Charmspeak. Godly parent: Aphrodite.

Will Solace: Gender: Boy Age: 15 Weapons: Normal bow and arrow. Powers: Audiokinesis, and Vitakinesis. Godly parent: Apollo.

Demigods from Camp Jupiter...

Frank Zhang: Gender: Boy Age:15. Weapons: A bow with imperial gold arrows. Powers: Shape shifting. Godly Parent: Mars.

Hazel Levesque: Gender:Girl Age:15. Weapons: A imperial gold spatha. Powers: Geokinesis, Ferrokinesis, Mistokinesis. Godly parent: Pluto.

Reyna Ramirez-Arellano: Gender:Girl Age: 15. Weapons: imperial gold spear sword, dagger and silver knife. Powers: Telumkinesis and Enpowerment. Godly Parent: Bellona

Other demigods...

Merope: Gender:Girl Age:???. Weapons: celestial bronze knives. Powers: sound manipulation. Godly Parent: Atlas

Regele Interculluni: Gender:Boy Age:???. Weapons: Celestial Bronze twin swords. Powers: ???. Godly Parent: ???

Aglovale Verzachtend: Gender: Boy Age:???. Weapons: ???. Powers: ???. Godly Parent:???

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