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Author has written 39 stories for Code Lyoko, Danny Phantom, Invader Zim, Battlestar Galactica: 2003, Mass Effect, Total Drama series, Reboot, TV X-overs, Cartoon X-overs, Star Trek: 2009, and Naruto.

My name is Dave a.k.a Lord Maximus

Age: Nobody needs to know.


Eye color: dark brown

Shows I watch: Code Lyoko, Teen Titans, Reboot, Justice League, Inuyasha, and .Hack SIGN, FullMetal Alchemist, Naruto, Bleach

Fav heroes: Ulrich, Beast Boy, Bob, Matrix, Edward Elric, Inuyasha,

Fav villains: Xana, Slade, Lord Fear, Megabyte, Envy, Lust, Greed, Dante, Naraku,

True Story everyone so don't laugh please:

"A girl died in 1933. A man buried her when she was still alive. The murder chanted, "Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her. Now that you have read this chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this on your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded."


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Lyoko forms for TD cast on Code: Total Drama Reaility


Appearance: All black with blue outlines consisting of a pair of knee high black boots with black thigh high stockings, a knee length loose skirt, a high collared sleeveless black tank top, and black fingerless gloves covering her hands and forearms. She also had a long black hooded sleeveless jacket that had the picture of a bat on the back.

Lyoko powers and abilities:

Expert Scythe Wielding Skills: After a few trips to Lyoko Gwen has shown herself to be adept at wielding her scythe in battle against XANA’s monsters and generals.

Spells: Gwen’s greatest strength is the spells she can cast. Her character is a spell caster type giving her the ability to cast different spells for binding, healing, destruction and she can summon elemental auras in battle.

Red Aura: When Gwen activates this aura she can set anything on fire in her eyes sight or make her weapon and body so hot that anything melts down she touches.

Green Aura: Gwen is able to use wind when using this aura. She can create a whirlwind by swinging her scythe like a fan, she also can use to fly faster but not as stable as her flight ability.

Yellow Aura: With this aura Gwen gains Geokinesis which allows her to control the earth of Lyoko. She can cause rock slides in some sectors and lift rocks up to shield her and others from attacks.

Light Blue Aura: Unlike the other auras this is not an elemental aura but allows her to boost one of her stats, Speed, Power, Strength, Defence, Stamina but it costs her life points depending on how much she needs to increase whatever she wants.

Black Aura: This allows her to hide in the shadow of her enemies to avoid being seen or to escape capture. This one costs fifty life points.

Purple Aura: This was given to her by XANA to use against Shadow. It gives her scythe a lethal poison that was designed to kill Shadow but it is useless against anything created by XANA. The poison can be released in the form of a poisonous miasma.

Barrier: While in battle Gwen can summon a barrier to block attacks by spinning her scythe in her hands.

Flight: Gwen’s character is unique for hers in the only one that can fly without the use of a vehicle or needing virtual equipment to active it like Aelita’s. However for every five seconds she flies she loses one life point and she is unable to use her elemental auras during flight.

Weapon Summoning: Unlike any of the other fighters Gwen can summon back her scythe even it has fallen into the Digital Sea. She can throw it at monsters much like Yumi has done with her fans and it will return to her.


Appearance: Looks even more muscular than he did in real life. He wore a pair of sandals and grey pants. A long sleeved white shirt fit him perfectly, and his white hat remained in its place. He had armour pieces on his knees, elbows, shoulders, and chest.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Barrier: Since DJ is a non-violent person his power is creating a barrier that can not only protect him from harm but protect anyone near him.

Golem Form: DJ can change his skin to pure stone increasing his strength and resistance to harm.

Vast Strength: DJ’s golem form makes him strong enough to smash through even the strongest monster, making him a formidable opponent.


Appearance: A pair of boots, black pants and a black shirt and a brown jacket and a cowboy hat.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Chakrams: Geoff has two chakrams which he can use to throw like Frisbees that can take out monsters and block lasers.

Axe: Geoff’s charkrams can fuse together to make a double bladed axe.

Lightning wave: By swinging his axe Geoff unleashes a wave of electricity that can destroy almost any monster.

Electricity Manipulation: Geoff can control and manipulate electricity which makes him dangerous, especially in sectors that have large bodies of water.


Appearance: A blue sleeveless body suit with dark blue wave shaped tattoos on her arms that extended until they were just slightly visible on her neck with dark blue gloves. Her midriff was revealed and she wore blue high heeled boots. A surfboard was hanging on her back, big and light blue with dark blue waves. Her retained its pony tail like in the real world and in the center of her top was the picture of a dolphin.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Surfboard: What is unique about Bridgette is that her board is a vehicle that can change into two swords. As a board it can fly through the air much like the Overboard.

Expert Sword Wielding Skills: Bridgette has proven to be highly proficient with her swords. She uses them to deflect incoming lasers and can engage enemies like Shadow, Ryder, and Cyrus in battle on her own.

Energy Wave: When her blue wave shaped tattoos glow she uses her swords to unleash an energy wave that is shaped like a tidal wave.

Hydrokinetic powers: Bridgette can control the waters of Lyoko which she can use to drown and knock enemy into the digital sea. In areas like the Forest Sector, the Arctic Sector, and Tropical Sector this power is dangerous to any opponent Bridgette faces. Her powers were upgraded that she is now able to counter Yuki’s cryokinesis and keep the water from freezing.

Water Gun: Bridgette can fire large amounts of water from her swords at high pressure that can damage anything she hits.


Appearance: A pair of red pants with black flame like symbols on the outer pant legs, a black short sleeved shirt. She also had pieces of black armour and spiked fingerless gloves on her hands. Her hair was in the same pony tail, and she had steel toed boots on. She was carrying a long pole that had a hammer head on the tip.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Hammer: LeShawna’s main weapon is a hammer that can smash nearly anything it hits. It can also be used to block lasers from incoming monsters.

Super strength: LeShawna’s hammer grants her super strength which combined with her weapon makes her physically the strongest of the group or as a few have pointed out the group enforcer.

Hammer Size: LeShawna’s Hammer can extend in length and size which combined with her super strength makes her extremely dangerous in a physical fight.


Appearance: A tuxedo style outfit, something like James Bond. It didn’t have a bow tie or flower or anything crappy like that but it was black with a white shirt, soft, and light. For footwear he wore black dress shoes and black slacks. He had two pistol like weapons attached to the areas under his arms beneath his jacket.

Lyoko Power and Abilties:

Pistols: Cody wields two blade like revolvers and has excellent gunning skills with them.

Time Freeze: Cody’s ability allows him to freeze time on Lyoko for only thirteen seconds. While short it allows Cody to attack his opponents without them being to retaliate until it is most likely too late. This allowed him to defeat Cyrus, one of XANA’s generals who defeated LeShawna, Geoff, and Bridgette before Cody challenged him.


Appearance: His Mohawk is jet black and his piercings are missing. He is wearing a pair of steel toed and spiked boots, black pants with chains and several pieces of spiked armour, a black t shirt, spiked metallic shoulder and elbow guards, a pair of gauntlets with skulls on them, and a also has a long length of chain wrapped around his upper body over his left shoulder and under his right arm. On his back was a sword sheathed with a silver skull on the end of the black hilt.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Sword: Duncan has a short sword that can fire green energy waves.

Berserker Mode: When angry Duncan transforms into a green flaming skeleton that is dangerous to all who are his enemies.


Appearance: Noah sports a dark trench coat that is always kept shut above the waist and wears a pair of knee high black boots and matching pants. He wears a set of gloves with red veins on them and has a hood on his trench coat.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Intangibility: Noah can phase through almost anything except lasers and other types of energy attacks. He relies on this ability to avoid getting devirtualized.

Possession: Noah’s character is unique from most of the others as he is the only one who can take control of XANA’s monster using his intangibility. However if the monster is destroyed while he is possessing it he would be devirtualized along with it.

Weapon Choosing: Noah can morph his hands into any weapon he can think of but for each weapon he changes his hands into he loses five life points. Noah mostly chooses guns as he is not much of a fighter but he can use bladed weapons when he has no choice.

Illusionary Copies: Noah can make copies of himself that are simple images instead of clones. Combined with his phasing ability it’s hard for monsters to tell the difference between the real one and the decoys.


Appearance: Courtney wears a set of white boots and knee guards, and wears a short, black and gold sleeveless dress that reached mid thigh, and a set of black vambraces. Her hair is tied up in a high pony tail and held away from her face by a head band with a pink ruby in the center. She also wears earrings with a small diamond hanging from each of them.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Staff: Courtney wields a two bladed staff that can block lasers.

Give: Courtney can give up her life points to rejuvenate her allies.

Take: Not only can she give her up life points for her allies but she can also take the life points of her enemies.


Appearance: A pair of loose white pants and what looked like a white dress shirt under a white coat with the top button undone. He has a large, fancy looking electric guitar on his back that was pitch black with a green T on it. He also had a set of sun glasses on.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Guitar: Trent’s guitar has multiple notes allowing him to use multiple attacks.

Fire Note: Unleashes a stream of fire

Sonic Note: Fires a Sonic wave that blasts anything it hits.

Lightning Note: Fires lightning.

Shield Note: Creates a shield to protect Trent.

Buzz note: A chainsaw like weapon sprouts from the guitar when Trent plays this note.


Appearance: A green short kneed sleeveless kunoichi outfit held together by a black obi sash around her waist. Underneath she wears a thin layer of fish net that went down to her lower thighs and her hair was in a pony tail with a few strands of hair hanging lose above her face. She has dark green armbands that went up to her forearms and black shinobi sandals.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Agility: Thanks to years of practicing ballet and gymnastics Heather is formidably agile on Lyoko and can dodge lasers and close range weapons. When she first arrived in Lyoko she was able to dodge Gwen as she swung her scythe at her to get her to find her weapon.

Shuriken: Heather can launch shuriken at her enemies and use it for close range combat.

Wrist blades: Blades sprout from the armbands under Heather's hands.

Invisibility: Heather can make herself and anyone she touches invisible

Flash bombs: Heather was given these by Aelita as she started making upgrades for everyone. When these explode anyone who sees it is temporarily blinded allowing Heather to strike them down.

Grappling Hooks: Another new upgrade from Aelita Heather can now use grappling hooks to better dodge attacks or make through Lyoko even faster without any vehicles.


Appearance: A long red robe with orange jagged edges with her hair looking even wilder than before. Unlike anyone else who visited Lyoko she is barefooted, but had a set of ankle bracelets. Her hands were clawed and like Aelita her ears were pointed and she has fangs, the combination of both features giving her a rather fox like image when put together with her red hair and robe.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Crossbows: Izzy has two crossbows that fire explosive arrows.

Metamorphosis: Izzy can shape shift into any animal on Earth as long it is real and not fictional.


Appearance: She wears a sleeveless blue shirt much like in the real world and a set of black pants. She had blue knee pads and matching boots with white soles while her hair was in the usual pony tail she had in the real world. On her hands are blue metallic gloves with black lines that go all the way to her forearms. They have small metallic spikes sticking out of the knuckles.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Shockwaves: Eva’s punches and kicks become more powerful on Lyoko as she is able to use shockwaves with her strength. She can use them to launch herself into the air at high speed like being fire from a cannon. The shockwaves can block any incoming attacks from all sides make it hard to hit her.

XANA's Generals


Personality: Before his upgrade Shadow showed a naive, child-like personality because Jeremy did not do much to upgrade his intelligence. After joining XANA Shadow’s personality is now cold due to his anger and hate for Jeremy for discarding him and William for being his copy. Unlike XANA’s generals Shadow claims he is in a partnership with XANA, in exchange for helping him XANA will trap Jeremy and William in the same digital storage he was placed in.

History: Shadow was originally the clone of William created by Jeremy so they could fool the school when William was possessed by XANA. After William was rescued the clone was stored in a data file in the tower that was kept active for it to be in the real world. After XANA removed the clone from the tower he gave upgraded its intelligence and gave it its own name: Shadow. Since then Shadow has been a dangerous enemy of the Lyoko warriors.

After he was demoted Shadow betrayed XANA later when Noah created an Anti-XANA multi-Agent program by using Heather to disarm the self destruct program and merged with it. He became so powerful he could take control of the towers by corrupting them. However he found out he was trapped in the supercomputer because Noah placed a piece of the program’s digital coding in the supercomputer. He became determined to steal the codes and find a way to escape Lyoko as well as prove himself superior to XANA.

As the battle continues Shadow gains and more power as he learns how to control his new powers. This is where the story focuses from defeating XANA to stopping Shadow from becoming more powerful. Whenever Shadow would become even stronger the Lyoko Warriors would surprisingly receive help from XANA by giving them weapons that could hurt him such as the poison spell Gwen was given when XANA infected her.

Unlike XANA Shadow is more hands on and prefers to get his hands dirty even though Lilith pointed out that the more XANA summons his monsters while activating a tower it takes up a lot of energy meaning he can’t summon a whole army or use his avatar. However since Shadow only fused with Noah’s program and was not originally a multi-agent program he could not alter his data, such as removing the self-destruct program which XANA took advantage off by using Gwen when Shadow attempted to take complete control of Lyoko. After the disarm program was destroyed Shadow became involved in a plot by XANA when he sent Yuki to aid Shadow. He tried to absorb the core of Lyoko and use the power to remove the self-destruct program before it would destroy him while attempting to trap the warriors when Lyoko is sent into a digital meltdown that would have ended them all by being drowned in the Digital Sea.

However Aelita used a Code: Reboot to restore Lyoko and the energy released scattered Shadow. A few days later he was shown to have regenerated and escaped Duncan, Gwen, Heather, and Noah without fighting. He ends up running into XANA’s Avatar who destroyed a monster Shadow sent to destroy him. The energy emanating from both these powerful AIs was so strong that when they met the ocean below was polluted, the sky became dark with red lightning, and all trees and ground on the nearby islands turned to stone.

Both taunt each other with XANA saying Shadow stuffed himself with the power of others like a virus and calling him Shadow, the new king of Lyoko who had grown fat while Shadow boasts that he is now superior to XANA in every way. They then battle which ends in Shadow absorbing XANA’s Avatar into his main body and he took control of all of XANA’s programs. Later it was revealed XANA allowed it to happen so he could destroy Shadow on the inside. However XANA said he sent Shadow back to where he found him so it’s possible Shadow is alive.

Lyoko Powers and Abilities:

Expert Swordsman skills: Shadow wields a Zweihander in battle which combined with his super strength makes him a dangerous opponent in battle.

Super Smoke: It allows him to transform into a fast, low-flying smoke, which he has used on several occasions. Shadow can also produce and manipulate this smoke to restrain and transport members of Team Lyoko, or summon his Zweihander.

Shadow Storm: Shadow can expand his Super Smoke to blind the enemy and attack them while disoriented.

Darkness Arrows: A barrage of smoke like arrows.

Shadow Tendrils: Tentacles made of Super Smoke that can bind or attack the enemy.

Super Strength: Rivalling LeShawna in strength makes Shadow the physically strongest of XANA’s generals.

Corrupting Towers: Much like XANA Shadow could use towers but where XANA activated them Shadow corrupted them with a virus that allowed him to use them.

Anti-XANA Weapons: After fusing with Noah’s program Shadow gained the power to destroy anything that has XANA’s data in it.

Creating Monsters: Like XANA he can create monsters but they are much weaker however they appear in larger numbers. The other difference is that they fight with brute force while XANA’s monsters make calculated plans.


Personality: Ryder is portrayed as arrogant and confident in his powers upon his first meeting the Lyoko warriors. He also has a short temper since during one of the moments where he lost his temper he attacked even XANA himself however he suffered from the wounds of his own attack through the link that binds him and all of XANA’s creations to their master. Shadow often has to discipline Ryder for insubordination especially when he attacked XANA.

History: Ryder is an AI general of XANA’s army that was created from the coded DNA of Ulrich. He somewhat resembles Ulrich but unlike Ulrich he is overconfident, arrogant, and short tempered.

Lyoko Powers and Abilities:

Swordsman skills: Ryder has considerable skills with his sword as seen from his fights with the Lyoko warriors.

Lightning Sprint: Ryder has an ability similar to Ulrich’s Super Sprint but this allows him to transform into red lightning that makes him faster than almost anything.

Lightning Storm: Ryder swing his sword and unleashes a wave of red lightning that can cause devastating damage to his opponents.

Spark Disk: Ryder creates a disk of electricity in his hands that he throws at his opponents that cuts through them.


Personality: As her element is ice Yuki’s personality is almost always serene and apathetic towards allies and enemies. She is calm in battle and almost never surprised. Yuki is loyal to XANA as upon a demonstration of her powers she bowed to XANA after she showed him her abilities. She does not think highly of Ryder as she pointed out how his arrogance allowed the warriors to defeat him and that she finds it hard to believe that Ryder is a creation of their master.

History: Yuki is the third AI general of XANA’s army and was the second general to be created by XANA. Her codes came from Yumi’s coded DNA that was combined with XANA’s codes which resulted in her birth.

Lyoko Powers and Abilities:

Ice Manipulation: Her primary power is controlling and manipulating ice. She can create icy claws over her hands that can slice through anything.

Ice Puppets: In the Ice Sector Yuki can create and control an unlimited number of ice humanoid like monsters. The drawback is they are weaker than even XANA’s weakest monsters.

Ice Beam: Yuki can fire an ice beam that can freeze anything it touches.


Personality: Upon his introduction Cyrus was perhaps even more arrogant than Ryder but unlike Ryder he did not have a short temper. He taunted his enemies by reading their thoughts to get them angry and make mistakes. Cyrus did not accept help from any of his fellow generals because he believed he could defeat the Lyoko Warriors on his own which led to his downfall.

History: Cyrus was the 4rth general in XANA’s army and was created from Odd’s DNA. He decided to challenge the Lyoko Warriors himself proclaiming he would be the last general they would face. He defeated three of them until in the end Cody used his time freeze ability to defeat him.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Mind-Reading Eye: Cyrus can read the minds of anyone the Eye on his forehead sees which allows him to predict their movements and can detect their weaknesses.

Copying Weapons: The Mind-Reading Eye not only allows Cyrus to read the minds of his enemies but allows him to copy the weapons and powers of one individual in sight. This ability allowed him to defeat LeShawna, Geoff, and Bridgette easily.


Personality: Lilith is portrayed as acting like a mischievous little girl despite the fact that she appears to be as old as the TDR gang. She can be seen cocky in her abilities when the gang first encountered her but she has proven to cunning, smart, and more dangerous than even Shadow. Unlike Shadow who uses brute strength in battle Lilith prefers to use strategy and likes to pick towers that are protected by the terrain that can make it more difficult for the warriors to reach.

History: Lilith was the 5th and final general to be created from the captured original Lyoko Warriors. All though formidable she still lost when the most recent warriors came to Lyoko for the first time but it was later shown that she objected to Shadow’s plan what tower should be used and how to deal with the warriors. Because of this Lilith was promoted to leader of the Generals after she defeated Shadow for the title.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Illusions: Lilith’s primary power is that she has an incredible power to create illusions that are so strong only Aelita’s Second Sight can see through it.

Barrier: Lilith can create a barrier to block the holo-map from seeing through illusions.

Bow: Lilith has a bow that she can use to fire energy arrows.

Portals: Lilith can created portals that allow her to travel anywhere on Lyoko and she can use to summon them arrows surrounding her opponents.

Creation: Once Lilith thinks of something she can make it real but she can only make one thing because once she thinks of something else it disappears.


Personality: Jinx appears to be cold and rude at the start. She is seen as hot headed, outspoken, and with a short temper. During a fight she is seen as energetically aggressive in battle, especially against Gwen. She is usually partnered with Blade in battle against the Lyoko warriors and usually chooses to fight Gwen or Heather.

History: Created from Gwen’s digital DNA Jinx is the sixth general to be created by XANA in order to replace Shadow and Cyrus after Shadow’s betrayal. She and the other new general were introduced during an attack and fight them all head on. Jinx barely managed to defeat Gwen and retreated knowing she was too exhausted to continue to fight but XANA sent her and the others to test them in battle and was please with the outcome.

Lyoko Power and Abilities:

Spear: Jinx wields a spear in battle and is shown to be able to fight both Gwen and Heather at once and still be on the offensive.

Curses: Like Gwen Jinx is able to cast spells but where Gwen casts elemental auras Jinx uses curses and hexes in battle.

Petrify: Turns her enemies into stone.

Miasma: Like Gwen’s poison curse Jinx can release a poisonous miasma to slowly kill her enemies. Unlike Gwen’s which was only designed to harm Shadow Jinx’s can harm anything that is not something created by XANA.

Leeches: Covers her enemies in leeches that takes away their life points.

Vines: Sprouts vines from the grounds to crush her opponents.


Personality: What is most astounding about Sora is that despite being created from Heather’s digital DNA he was almost an exact opposite of her. He is kind, polite, acting friendly, and does not seem to hate any of the Lyoko warriors and only fights them on XANA’s orders. He claims that trying to kill them is cruel enough and that he doesn’t have the strength to be mean and cruel about it. He calls Heather ‘mama’ that mostly annoys her and it seems he does it to tease her and likes to trade insults with Noah as well as joke a lot in battle. He often complains about the places he fights in, saying the Ice Sector is too cold, and the Swamp Sector too muddy.

History: Created from Heather’s digital DNA Sora is the eighth general to be created by XANA in order to replace Shadow and Cyrus after Shadow’s betrayal. Sora and the other new general were introduced during an attack and fight them all head on. Sora first fought Noah, Duncan, and Courtney all though, the battle was mostly between him and Noah trading insults until he devirtualized Noah.

Lyoko Powers and Abilities:

Wind Blades: Sora wields hilts that are made of vacuums of air that act as blades, cutting through anything.

Flight: Like Aelita Sora can sprout wings for flight.

Laser: Sora can fire laser beams from the beak of his helmet.

Wind Attacks: Sora is capable of creating gusts, gales, or even tornados to defeat his enemies.


Personality: Blade is blunt, aggressive, and about everything Noah is not. He is eager to fight and hates when he’s put on the sidelines. He likes to show off his powers, his Dark
Blood. He is easily angered and when that happens he is an unstoppable monster that almost no one could control.

History: Created from Noah’s digital DNA Blade is the seventh general to be created XANA in order to replace Shadow and Cyrus after Shadow’s betrayal. Blade and the other new general were introduced during an attack and fight them all head on. Blade devirtualized Trent the moment he appeared and fought Bridgette, Izzy, and Aelita. His body
was almost immune to all attacks and his strength made it almost impossible for him to be injured.

He was defeated when Aelita destroyed the cliff he was on but he went through a portal and back to XANA’s Carbon Copy.

Lyoko Powers and Abilities:

Brute Strength: His strength is almost unrivalled by anyone.

Dark Blood: If someone manages to cut Blade blood will come out and he can shape into any kind of weapon he can use.


Personality: The reincarnation of both Project Carthage and XANA’s copy Nephilim shares XANA’s memories along with his hatred for Aelita, the Lyoko warriors, and humans, but for now still obeys Dr. Lyon. He is arrogant in his powers, seeing himself as the AI version of a God. However he is unaware that he was made from XANA’s copy so he does not know XANA is still alive so he was surprised when he met Aelita and the TD Lyoko warriors when he expected to encounter the original ones.

He is easily angered as he wishes revenge on Aelita for the part her family and friends played in killing both his previous versions.

History: Nephilim was created when a scientist named Dr. Lyon combined a back up version of Project Carthage, a digital avatar he created along with the remains of XANA’s copy. He was then ordered to track the supercomputer Aelita’s father built and take control of it and Lyoko. Nephilim infected the supercomputer and lured Aelita and the warriors to Lyoko where he revealed himself. Even though he split his coding to infect the supercomputer he was strong enough to take on eight Lyoko warriors at once.

Not knowing why there are more humans in Lyoko Nephilim moved to get rid of them before going after Aelita to exact revenge. His power seems to rival even XANA’s, calling himself a league far beyond his.

Powers and Lyoko Abilities

Avatar: Like XANA Nephilim has a digital avatar now but where XANA keeps a humanoid form Nephilim’s is much more monstrous.

Lance: Nephilim wields a huge lance in battle that can block almost any attack. He is proficient enough that he is able to fight almost half the Lyoko Warriors at one time and still be strong enough to fight from dawn till dusk.

Monster Mutation: All though Nephilim controls almost all of XANA’s old monsters he is able to upgrade them instantly and change them into newer, more powerful and more deadly versions.

Super Strength: Nephilim is strong enough to take on the Berserker and even win in a one on one battle.

Hive Mind: Like XANA Nephilim has a hive mind that allows him to order his monsters in battle.

Activating Towers: Nephilim is able to take control of towers in Lyoko like XANA and Shadow but they glow orange.

Data Manipulation: When Nephilim infects the supercomputer he leaves a piece of himself inside to take control of it. Even though he’s bound to the supercomputer like XANA was before he can remove it whenever he wants.



History: Chris McLean’s cousin and the producer in charge of the Total Drama studio hosting Total Drama Reality Carlos was put in charge by the executive producer after watching Chris’ treatment of the cast and finding out that he had been using the funds that were meant to look after cast for himself. At one point in his life Carlos served in the military and is heavy weight fighter which makes him skilled in hand to hand combat. He is also married to a woman named Melissa and has triplets.

Personality: Unlike Chris Carlos makes sure to keep an eye on the cast’s health since the show had been sued several times by unhappy parents due to Chris’ callous treatment. He is sometimes prone to acts of violence and intimidation when he tries to secure contracts for his cousin, often hanging people upside down until they comply-and having rather disastrous results on part of cheaply made clothing or large amount of sweat. He is not fond of his cousin and takes joy in tormenting him when given the chance, and has gone as far as to keep a restraining order against him while representing his three children in court. He has supposedly threatened his own step mother also. Despite this, Carlos is often a responsible worker in the studio and can fix most of the messes that Chris causes with his antics.


History: Not much is known about Kurt but he is a producer along with Carlos and has a girlfriend on the board of directors for Total Drama that Chris hit on much to Kurt’s disdain. It is known that he is as skilled as Carlos in hand to hand combat and seems to be an old friend of Carlos since they both enjoy gambling during the show. Some people believe that he and Carlos worked in the British SAS together at some point, but he claims to have never worked for the military-though moments after he said this Chris found pictures of Kurt with soldiers celebrating various events.

Personality: Kurt is known for working on the computers of TDR and is in charge of making sure they work without endangering the cast. Kurt is shown to be annoyed when Carlos goes overboard in threatening people when securing a contract for Chris which leads to some tasks being a lot more difficult than they should be. He particularly disapproves of Carlos’ method of hanging people by their feet-despite how often it makes them comply they almost instantly fall to gruesome death or painful situation. He is more of a thinker than Carlos when working outside of the studio, being more of a tactician where Carlos would solve his problem by smashing it.

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Mass Effect: Clash of Civilizations by Eterna1Soldier reviews
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Heroes and Villains, two opposite sides. The Heroes live by the rule of never killing while the Villains have no rules. But there is a group that walks a different path from the others, seemingly protecting the innocent but strikes down villains without hesitation. Some call them heroes while other call them killers. They are the new rising dawn on this world. They are the Akatsuki
Crossover - Cartoon X-overs & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 25 - Words: 173,430 - Reviews: 112 - Favs: 155 - Follows: 148 - Updated: 4/13 - Published: 7/5/2013
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Sent into the Web by his enemies Megabyte is left to degrade until he is rescued by an entity from a level of cyberspace no one has ever been to before. The being named XANA offers to help in his revenge and conquer the Net but when Megabyte agrees he unknowingly sparks a conflict that will not only decide the fate of the Net but also the User World itself.
Crossover - Reboot & Total Drama series - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 29 - Words: 126,310 - Reviews: 81 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 4/5 - Published: 7/15/2012
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Two years after Jeremy and the others shut down the supercomputer, XANA returns and captures them all except Aelita. At the same time the Total Drama cast arrive in France after being roped into another season. Now Aelita must save her friends with help.
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As if fighting rogue spirits and demons was bad enough Gwen finds herself dealing with Total Drama while trying to keep her hidden life as a Spirit Avatar secret from everyone.
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What if the Reapers and the species of the Mass Effect universe came from another galaxy? What if the Reapers planned to colonize other galaxies to establish the first Trans-Galactic Network between the Milky Way and Triangulum Galaxies? What would be the result? MASS CROSSOVER between multiple TV shows and games.
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This idea actually came from fighterofflames who suggested a one shot of the cast of Code: TDR singing the Code Lyoko Theme song while I tried to make it look like the opening of a TV show
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What if not all of the Protheans died? What if they destroyed a Mass Relay in one system to save one race from their fate? What would be the result?
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Sequel to What the hell is going on? Five months after gaing the new FTL drive Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise will have to put it to good use when the Romulans attack which sets off a series of events.
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On routine exploration the USS Enterprise comes across a fleet of ships pursued by humans a system they've never heard of. Suddenly they find themselves fighting of primitive weapons as the humans attack in the name of Kobol. What the hell is going on?
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This is an idea I got from the season finale of Battlestar Galactica and the Star Trek movie. Boomer thought it was all over but then through an unseen gesture no one could have predicted she is given another chance.
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Rewrite of Code Lyoko: Reloaded. Takes place after Echoes. They thought he was destroyed. They were wrong. Now he has one of them under his control.
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XANA re-awakens but instead of revenge he now has a new purpose. Cleansed of the infected data in his programming. A trailer to a possible Season 5.
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Right after the Lyoko Warriors seemingly destroy Xana and free Franz Hopper a new foe appears. This leads into a new battle and mystery. What is Project Carthage?
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This is a preview so check the full summary inside
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The final episode of Series One of Code Lyoko: Reloaded has ended. The search for Yumi and Ulrich, the return of Xana, and the mysteries of the past. The adventure continues as they soon must try to recover what is dear to them.
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Something is coming to Earth and only Zim along with his sidekicks and some unlikely allies can save Earth and the Massive from total destruction.
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What if Season 3 ended a different way? What if the battle against Xana took a turn for the worst? Will they save their friend? Special Preview for my kind of Season 4.
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What if everything the Lyoko Warriors knew about Xana was wrong? What if he was not just a computer AI? What if he use to be . . . human?
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Preview for two Invader Zim stories I am thinking of making. Hope you like them.
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ONESHOT Xana and William watch as Jeremy slowly dies from a car crash and the Lyoko Warriors grieve for him. But Xana does not feel victorius but instead he feels cheated.
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Xana has finally been destroyed, but is it over. No, it has only begun. Another virtual being has taken over Lyoko and seeks to take over the world. A group of warriors comes to help the Lyoko gang.Ch 20: The Final battle.
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What if Aelita chose the wrong tower in 'End of Take? what if Xana got his way?
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Xana has been destroyed. Or has he? This question is on everybody's mind, but when a new evil attacks they have to stop it or it will bring the Earth into a dark future.
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After Dot's sacrifice Bob and Matrix go on a quest of vengance. Meanwhile Xana has decided to increase his power and take over the real world personally.
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Things are not going well for the Lyoko gang. Xana has returned, and the net is in danger from another supervirus. COMPLETE
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Megabyte has escaped from Mainframe and has come to Lyoko. He and Xana have teamed up to take over the real world. Can Bob and the Lyoko Gang stop them? COMPLETE. UlrichYumi, JeremyAelita, BobDot, MatrixAndrAia
Code Lyoko - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 19 - Words: 40,178 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 7/17/2005 - Published: 6/21/2005 - Complete
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Code LyokoStar FoxAfter an accident characters of a game Star Fox enter Lyoko, Andross teams up with a mysteriuos being called Error to take over Lyoko, and Ulrich has strange powers.
Code Lyoko - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 10,851 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 3/18/2005 - Published: 3/10/2005 - Complete
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While on a mission Ulrich is captured by Xana and will not be returned unless the gang give up going to Lyoko. What will they do? Will Ulrich survive? pairings YumiUlrich JeremyAelita
Code Lyoko - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 4,891 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 3/8/2005 - Published: 3/4/2005 - Complete
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