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Dec. 6: Final Chapter of Verboten has been posted!!


My name is Maddie, but just call me ATA. I'm 16 years old (nehehe...I can drive) and live in Texas. I do not have big hair or wear big and ugly pointed boots. I wear sensible black non-pointed boots. Every day. I love my boots. I really don't have much love for my state... no offense to fellow Texans of course.

I have recently discovered a love of big, confusing words. Biiiig cooonfuuusing woooords. Like...arenaceous (having the appearance of sand) or houghmagandy (adulterous sex) or, one of my favorites, callipygian (having a well-shaped buttocks.) All these words are real.

Here: (I can't do the spiffy insert-site-here thing...)

The weird words index. Go check it out. NOW.

I got "Ariadne the Alchemist" from my two current obsessions.

Ariadne: The lovely name for the planet (the one that got blown up) in Xenosaga Ep 1.

Alchemist: FMA (Full Metal Alchemist). One of the greatest animes. I love Ed. He is the hottest, shortest, sexiest bishie I have ever seen. Although (cough) his little bro will always have a place in my heart. Hence the fanfiction of course. (YESH!)

I never really expected myself to be a shonen-ai writer, but after getting inspried for my first story, "Comrades," there was no turning back! YAY YAOI! Yaoi yaoi yaoi yaaoooiiiii!!

I'm really obsessed with chaos. REALLY obsessed. I've got him everywhere. You know the official pic of him upside down all angelicy with that DELICIOUS look on his face? Wallpaper. He's in my binder, in my locker. I have his name with little hearts written on my notebooks. (As of '05, I also have a shirt with "I heart chaos" on it. I wore it for my school picture. Hehe.) I kid you not. My friends ask me, "Why do you love chaos?" I say, "Go play Xenosaga." Like so many others, a life, I do not have.

FMA: Elricest equals H. O. T. Nuff said. I have about a million doujinshies, fan arts, and random pictures of those two stashed away on my computer. Niiiiii...the GLORIOUSNESS!

Some variations of this pairing...

Heid/Ed: As far as I'm concerned, alter Al is just our Al with more angst and bluer eyes. I give a "whoot" for this pairing.

Heid/Al: Masturbation. (HOT) Also gives new meaning to the term "go screw yourself." ...ATA is capable of being a perv sometimes. This pairing also gets a "whoot."

(Going to hell and going to like it.)

...a new obsession going on. KINGDOM. HEARTS. TWOOOO. Glorious. Simply Glorious. My secret shame is that I'm a TOTAL Riku/Sora junkie. Total. I must write a fanfiction one day. (Oh yeah, I did do that!) OH! And Axel/Roxas is uberly hot too.

I write mostly during math class. Go figure. I've got a handy dandy little palm pilot which I write on and then transfer to my computer. Very useful.

I like both het and yaoi pairings from a multitude of series. (Erm...but mostly it's yaoi. The Het thing has to be reeeally good or I'm not going for it.) I'm not so much into yuri though. Probably because I'm a girl. Oh well. But don't get me wrong, I don't condone lesbianism, it's just not my thing.

Ahem. Okay, here are some sights with yummy C/c art.

Cyan Veil:
Sight with very lovely art. Does contain other yaoi pairings, so be warned. Japanese only.

Mystical Lily:
Again with the other yaoi pairings. Japanese only.

Just a place for lovely Canaan pictures! Again, Japanese.

For FMA:

It's a website called "Doki Doki." THE greatest. Why? Free Ed/Al doujinshi! SCORE! They have direct downloads that rotate on a fairly regular basis, so check it out!

YESHUA: chaos' real name. Don't know why, I just slapped it in here. It's purdy.

Disclaimer: You're only going to get this once. I. OWN. SQUAT.

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