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(Umm...I have retired from InuYasha fanfics, gomen nasai!)

Hello my name is Madi (a.k.a Yami), here are a few things about me that I'd like to share with you:

Age: 15

Eyes: Blue/Green

Hair: Dark, dark brown

Height: 5'8 and a half.

Weight: .

Loves: Anime! I love Inuyasha, Ceres, Alice 19th, Fushigi Yugi, e.t.c. I also like rice, and writing/ typing stories, I prefer writing angsty romance fics or just plain non-fiction for that matter. I love to swim and stuff down ice cream, potato chips, cookie dough, and string cheese if I'm not eating rice. I also love archery and my best friend Juna! I also adore my second best friend Lexi. I'm always in for just plain rice or brown rice but I love the chicken flavored rice-a-roni.

My fave manga artist is Yu Watase, but Rumiko Takahashi is a close second.

In Latest news I have deleted my story called, "Spilt Blood and Scattered Tears." Don't worry though because in a week or two I'm coming out with a brand new fic, slightly like my old one but with a stronger story line and deeper emotions.

My best friend is a Teen Titan fanatic and has written various fics that I would highly recommend, including : A Little Too Personal. Her user name jen813.

Fave Quotes:

Mauling Monkeys! (Don't ask, its an inside joke!) - Me and Juna

Pudding: BLEH! - Me, Lexi, Juna

Kuso! (Japanese, don't ask) - me

Your daughter kicked my dog! (Fave use when prank calling) - everyone

It! (Again, don't ask.) - Lexi

You do this, that, and all for jack, because one day it wont matter when your in the dirt.- me

Cookie Dough! - Juna

And God said onto Lexi, "Thou shalt not be a lesbian." And Lexi said, "Fuck You!"- Juna

Monkeys eating pudding will maul you if you don't kick that cookie dough!- Lexi

Bob- (just don't ask) - Me and Juna

If christianity doesn't believe in evolution then what do they have to say for all the proof we've found like fossils and stuff? Do they think its just some conspiracy (me)? They probably find it shameful that they all used to look like big hairy monkeys and believe that god would never make them look like that (science partner). I guess so, there really ignorant if you think about it (me). Yup (s.p.).

Fave Inuyasha Quotes:


BASTARD!-Inuyasha in battle




E-mail me any time

I also have an aim: maulingmonkeys

If you have yahoo messenger mine is: akarimiko

I also post on once in a while.

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