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27th December 2009


I have good news, bad news and annoying news.

Bad news: My nana has 2 years max to live. They have found a 5th cancer in her leg. Its hard for my family but we're trying to cope.

Annoying News: I have to re-read the 'Death Note' manga before I can write again for Secrets and Insanity.

GOOD NEWS: I actually have ideas in my head now for Secrets and Insanity, before I was so freaked over Nana that all thoughts of writing and sketching were gone. But I know I need to get on with my life and start doing what I love once more.

So that being said, I'm cramming Death Note like my life depends on it and I'm hoping that (best thing that can happen) I have a new chapter out in a week or (possible annoying to happen) it may take a month. But DAMNIT ALL TO HELL I AM GOING TO WRITE AGAIN!! AND YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!! Though once you take it to the bank I'm not sure what you should do with it? Buy it lunch? Take it shopping? I can't imagine bank employees getting excited by my writing again, and odds are even though you took it to said bank I doubt they'd give you money for it... ... ... (blinks) Hmmm? You still here? I'm still here? DAMN, well I'm off to get more Death Note then back to fill your minds with random thoughts...

Once again big love to Post-mortem Xenia!!

LOVE ANGIL (do it... love me)


27th August 2009


I'm back!

Miss me?

New chapter of Twisted has been posted and soon I hope to have a new chapter of Secrets and Insanity!!

My nanna got worse :(

But now we don't know how long we'll have her, here's hoping its for many years!

Once again big love to Post-mortem Xenia!!

And big love to all my fans, thanks for hanging in there!!

Kisses Angil

4th July 2009

Alright everyone,

Miss me?

My Nana had a Laryngetomy (can't spell) which is where they remove the vocal chords and throat parts (god I'm an idiot, I don't know what they are called) and replaced it with part of her small intestine (spelling AGAIN) its gross.

I am living with her and have been for a long time, my Nana appears to be one of those old people who believes computers will eat her as she sleeps because she hasn't got one and isn't going to get one (LE GASP) I haven't had any internet access let alone normal computer access.

The only way I was able to write this was because my new and sexy boyfriend (yep, I got me one of those nearly 4 months ago... Thank you and sorry ladies and gentlemen, I'm taken) picked me up and took me to his place for an hour.

HOWEVER the hour is up in about 10 minutes.

My Nana has been in and out of hospital due to a lot of complications and is going back in next week, I am going to be staying with her for another month then FREEDOM!!

So I will begin writing once more in a month (sobs so long, I've missed them all and all of you)

I turned 21 on the 9th of June (thank you, I can't believe I survived this long without going to jail or a mental institution either)

And thats about it.

So please hold on, Ella, Tenshi, Emma, Red, Kakashi and L will be back to make you howl with laughter and shake your head very soon.

I have missed you all and would LOVE to thank Post-mortem Xenia for her beautiful message to me and Sweet Yuya for her wonderful birthday wishes. You girls are the best, I can't wait to get back to writing and laughing with you.

With much resignation and sadness and horror I must leave you.

So with these parting words I go...

I am more like my characters every day, why just this morning I sat up and fell out of bed. The same bed I've been sleeping in for over 6 months... I have fallen down my Nana's stairs over 53 times... My Nana has owned her house since before I was born, I grew up in that house, the stairs just hate me. I have made my boyfriend laugh, shake his head and look at me as though I'm from another planet... without meaning to. I am dating a man who is smarter then me in every way... and I prove it on average 3 times a day. I laugh, I cry, I have recently started juggling knives, my hands are scarred to prove how well I do it. I have discovered the joy of first love and the frustration of women in relationships everywhere (he's a man, 'nough said) But mostly I have come to think of myself as a part of these characters I write about, and in pushing them away from me to focus on my Nana I have lost a major part of myself. I hope you will all be patient as I slowly rediscover myself once more. Because it is because of you, my loyal readers, my loyal friends, that I have discovered who I truly am, and I can't wait to get myself out there with your help.

Thank you all, I miss you all.

Best wishes, be safe, don't have sex with pigs and love yourself for who you are, I know I do.

Kisses and Hugs

Angil XXXX


9th Dec 2008

Alright, Nana's cancer is inoperable, therefore the only thing the docs can do for her is make her comfy. This is a GIANT blow to both myself and my family.

My writing is taking a backseat for now so we can spend more time together as a family and personally after this news my muse and urge to write (as well as insane sense of humour) are currently wrapped up in this numbness that surrounds me.

I will return with more chapters and can only suggest periodically checking my profile to see the news and updates.

All the best,

26th Nov 2008

Okies now along with my lost work I have recently discovered that after having her last breast removed from cancer my Nanna, whom I adore, has whats known as SECONDRY CANCER. On top of that this stupid fucking sneaky bastard of a cancer is not only in her throat, which is smaller then normal thus nearly impossible to operate on, but it is also a VERY rare form of cancer.

Now the story of my computer is that it might not be fixable, so stories are taking literally months to write because I have a sad lack of computer to use to write them or type them up (I'm currently writing my stories the most arcahic way... with a note book and pen -sobs-) so PLEASE bare with me and I PROMISE I will TRY to get new chappies up of every story currently going by Christmas so I can bring out my new story called CHRISTMAS AT HELLSING around Christmas, -sighs- wouldn't that be grand.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don't give up on me because I'll be damned if I'll give up on my stories OR my fans (or should it be fan?? lol)


Alrighty useless facts:

Age: 21.

Sex: Female and now I have a boyfriend (nearly 6 months of dating a record for me, seriously, I've dated over 15 men and never gone over 6 months, there was this one guy but we broke up twice hit 6 months then broke up for good, still going strong on this one, no break-ups!!).

Country that spawned me: Australia, AUSSIE and QUEENSLAND YAY GO THE MAROONS

Mental status: Mentally insane, depression, and the occasional seeing something or feeling something that isn't there.

Random stats: I am unhealthy yet strangly slimish, I tend to survive on a diet of coca cola -drools- I lub coke., and cigarettes. I am not a good role model nor are any of my OC's. To model your life after us or do something because we have done it then you are a very sad individual. I am constently dehydrated due to my diet and am slowly working on drinking more water (currently up to 1 glass every three days. really pathetic but thats just me.

Things you should note: I can't spell to save my life, my grammar is appaling and I tend to have giant mood swings which affect my chappies eg: one chappie full of one-liners and lame ass jokes, the next chappie filled with blood, death and horror. -shrugs- also the way I am.

I tend to act first with my emotions and then think several days later. So if you are a flamer offering critism in an overly harsh way, chances are I will reply with an ultimate bitch comment. If it is too harsh from my part you can expect an apology from me. I hate to make apologies but if I treat you harshly for no reason, let me know and I will think it over and talk to you about it.

I highly recommend my AWESOME-O first author introduction. Ladies, do you like Kenny from Bleach? No? YOU'RE INSANE! lolz, how about Sasuke? And who can say No to Renji? -drools-. PRESENTING:
I am a proud stalking fangirl of her stories. Bleach, Naruto and D.Gray-Man READ AND REVIEW HER STUFF!!

Next up we have my wonderfully smexy and amazing Perverted Partner in Crime Ladies and Gentlemen,
SweetYuya. She has written the most amazing Bleach stories, She has crossovers going on with WoW and WoT. And me (I've never played/read either) I can still understand her stories perfectly. READ AND REVIEW HER!!

Next on our list ladles and jellybeans is the one and only
Dark-Flame-Girl She has the most kickass Hellsing story going on and my god, it makes you stop and go 'damn I wish mine could be more like that.' Weeelll it did for me anyways. So check her out and you won't be sorry. HELLSING READ AND REVIEW HER WORK!!

Finally in my plugging of others, we have the self proclaimed fan-boy, the ONE AND SPECIALLY ONLY:
Romanticallykid This guy is GREAT, fucking GREAT. He has written an awesome Naruto story and it features my OC from Twisted, Tenshi Uchiha. So I LUV this guy, he did such an amazing job. READ AND REVIEW HIM!!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Twisted Triad is proud to present

Master of the Twisted Triad, WannaBeNinja: The Lost One.

Minion of the Twisted Triad. SweetYuya: The Perverted One.

And last but not least

Mercenary of the Twisted Triad, Angil: The Mentally Insane One.

I currently have a poll going on "Who should die first" You pick from 2 characters from Naruto, Death Note, Hellsing and one special character of life.

Have a vote and let me know what you think.

New poll coming out in a few weeks, so keep an eye out.

I make crap AMV's on YouTube under the name emmaangil

I has a crap facebook page if you wanna add me let me know who the fuck you are first kk here

And lastly I ish on myspace here same goes as above, let me know who the fuck joo are.

-Yuya's perverted partner in crime-
-WannaBe's stalker fangirl-
-DFG's stalking groupie fan-
-Romanticallykid's glomping friend-
Mercenary of the Twisted Triad, Angil, The Mentally Insane One.

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Secrets and insanity reviews
AU sadly has turned into a Self Insert MarySue Parody, that isn't funny unless your as spazzy as me. Anywho when a girl wakes up and finds her world turned into death note, she can hardly believe it, but when she gets her own DN & DG its on LXOC. OOCness
Death Note - Rated: M - English - Romance/Parody - Chapters: 9 - Words: 25,302 - Reviews: 128 - Favs: 66 - Follows: 55 - Updated: 2/8/2010 - Published: 6/21/2008 - L, Light Y.
twisted reviews
VERY AU, A young woman from Naruto's past comes home, who is she and why does she call Naruto brother when she is the last famale Uchiha alive, Sasuke is annoyed Naruto is overjoyed and Kakashi is confused. Some OOCness hopefully not alot K/OC
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 23 - Words: 63,589 - Reviews: 121 - Favs: 71 - Follows: 48 - Updated: 8/26/2009 - Published: 5/26/2008 - Kakashi H., Naruto U.
Receptions and Honeymoons reviews
Part of the Bride of Alucard chronicles, Ella and Alucard are now married, but what happens at the reception & honeymoon, you know it will be anything but normal A short story of Receptions & Honeymoons AxOC R&R AU
Hellsing - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 24,836 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 31 - Follows: 20 - Updated: 2/10/2009 - Published: 7/1/2008 - Alucard - Complete
Characters Lesson's to survive a fanfic reviews
This is completely random, completely mental and makes no sense unless you read my story Bride of Alucard Its a few short lesson's designed for characters in fanfics It's the 'What not to do' Enjoy the insanity and READ THE DISCLAIMER. OOCness, NO PLOT.
Hellsing - Rated: M - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,284 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 7/12/2008 - Published: 6/16/2008 - Complete
Bride of Alucard reviews
The vampire Alucard has just met his match & his mate, she thinks he's adorable, he thinks she’s insane how will Hellsing cope with a mad 20 y.o Aussie Girl around, & what will Alucard do, love her or kill her? A/OC please be nice its my first. slight OOC
Hellsing - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 41 - Words: 112,754 - Reviews: 216 - Favs: 188 - Follows: 82 - Updated: 6/20/2008 - Published: 4/18/2008 - Complete
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