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Author has written 4 stories for Cyborg 009, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

HHHHHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO! My name is Zero-Zero-Fourteen-san, but you can just call me ZZF or "The Queen of all Things Funny" (No, not really, but it would be nice). My real name is Ciara, but everyone calls me Hachi. If you don't like it, too bad. I love singing, making fun of my friends that aren't nice to me (which means Yusuke, Kuwabara, and the YYH characters). Wanna talk to me? I have AIM, and my name is Cybernetic Hero. If I freak out, don't worry. I probably don't know you yet. Just tell me that you got my address from my page.


What I want to know- Watashi wa ureshii

What I do know- Watashi imakara sugo-ku o-kina robotto ni nar uno (I’m going to turn into a giant robot)



“Yeah,” Kit said, “and you know what it is?”


“It’s dog food!”

Oh, hurray! Dog food again!

“And whatever you do, get me a date with that bush!”

Dairine spent nearly half the bus ride explaining what “milk” was and why it was important that you “got” some.

“I think Dairine is having a personality conflict…”

“You mean, besides her usual one with the entire planit?”

Dimonds are a girls best friend, they're sharper than knifes.

I started my Forums thing.


Check it out

Or I'll block you.

I've got the curent numbers

For the Monty Python shit.

No flaims yet.

That's a mirical.

Never mind.

I got my first flaim.

I'm so sad.

Here is the list of my favorite reviews.

All Things Anime-san


KURAMA! (cracks up still laughing) ARGH! MY RIBBS! (hemmerages to death because of broken ribbs comes back to life and continues laughing)

You know what?

I need a life.

Very Badly.

Can someone please find me one?

And soon?

I'm loosing my verginity

To a crazed cyborg!

Who is he?

He's from New York.

I'm taking American Sign Language.

I got an A.

Miss. Atkinson's my favorite teacher.

I like cheese.

I so need a life.

My friends are All Things Anime-san and Cyborg Death Eater-san.

I need cheese.

You know what?

I don't know.

Actually, I do know, but it will confuse you.

I get hyper off of cheese.

I calm down with candy.

Strange, hu?

Guess what?

I got a couple of writers

In my family.

They include Margret Atwood

And Russel Atwood.

My dad's name is Russel.

In fact, a lot of people in my family

Has the name Russel.

Don't you think

That it's time for a new name?

Margret's old.

No offence.

No one attack Canada

Until she dies.

Then attack it all you want.

I'm so white.

I'm so white, I can sneek up on anyone.

Does anyone have the sixth sence?

I want to know more of them.

I'm board.

This is a colection of my thoughts.

I don't know why I put these here, but I do.

Know what?

I surched my last name,

And I found out something.

Someone in my family was named Emily.

That's my best friend's name.

There are 2 Emily's in my world history class.

I hate world history.

I love Miss. Hollowell.

But my favorate teacher of all time

Is Miss. Atkinson and Ms. Stevenson.

I would like to thank someone.

I would like to thank the guy

Who gave my cousin's dog some water

In Fort Mott.

Thank you.

I'm doing this part in the school library.

I know.

You know what?

I forgot.

It took me a wile to figure out that that new thing

Was sent to the email adress.

I'm slow.

I got great news!

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geigo!

Fifteen minutes can save you fifteen percent or more on you car insurance!

I'm great at math.

I got 113 reviews for my stories, and 96 of those are for


I have 1125 views for my stories.

I can't spell for shit.

I like cheese.

Emily is a bitch.

Will you please tell that to her for me please?

I'm a freshman.

I need a boyfriend.

He would keep me in check.

I'm single.

I'm lonly.

My parents don't understand me.

They never will.

I can't get them to.

I'm psycho.

This started out all chearful.

Then it came to this.

How did that happen?

I'm a Harry Potter freak.

I like cheese.

I know I said that before, but still.

I got to go

For now.

By, peoplez!

I'm back.

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It's weird.

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I like cheese.

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School again.

Hate it.

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Does this sound too diary-ish?

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How many times

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I forget.

Three, I think.

I'm going to say it again

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I like cheese.

I have very bad meomory.

Can you believe that?

I can't.

I like to read.

Someone stop me!

I can't take this!

This is like a diary!

I'm confused.

People call me albino,

But I'm not.

I'm just light skinned.

One time, I was at a Chineese resturant

With my best friend and her family,

When I told my friend,

"You know what would be really bad?

If Monkey came."

Then her mom went into

A lecture talk.

Then, when her and Em's brother,

This African-American dude

That was sitting next to us said,

"I have to tell you something

Before your mom and dad come back."

Josh, being his sister's dad!

That's just crazy!

And me being Em's sister!

I don't look anything

Like her!

Then he said that if someone needs help,

Give them some.

Then he gave us a name,

And it was my name!

Me and Em's sister, Maria,

We were sitting across the table

From each other,

And we looked at each other

And was like,

"OMG, he just used your/my name!"

It was weird.

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