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Author has written 4 stories for Shaman King, King of Fighters, and Hey Arnold.

Name: Well just call me Rob

Age: Twenty-something

Location: Kansas City, Missouri, with an emphasis on the state Missouri

Occupation: Loader at FedEx

Ethnicity: African-American and probably some other stuff thrown in there

Interests: Movie and TV wise, I like comedies, action, drama, a good scare and even a bit of romance if its done well enough. Music wise, I'm a hip hop and R&B guy, but I'll listen to Rock, pop, and electropop. Video games, I like shooters, action/adventure titles, sports games and puzzles. I'm a big cartoon and anime fan as well. I'm also a big sports fan too. Feeling too lazy to go into details, PM if you want more info.

Formerly went by the name of P.I.M.P.4Ever, I've decided to change some things as I have decided to return to writing.

So what brought a guy like me into the fanfic game. I've always had an active imagination and would alter some of my favorite mediums of fiction if either I didn't like it or wanted them continue. At one point I aspired to be a screenwriter. I've kinda given up on that, so currently my writing is pretty much recreational, but I do strive to improve and be the best writer I can be.

Apparently I'm still interested in Hey Arnold!, so you can expect a stream of fics revolved the show for now. I'm also playing around with ideas for fics based on Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, and The Walking Dead.

Fics in progress:

Arnold of the Dead

Upcoming fics:

All of the Lights- Loosely inspired by the movie and TV show Friday Night Lights, Arnold, entering the senior year of high school, is the school's second string quarterback. When the star quarterback is injured, Arnold finds himself thrust into the role of team leader. How will he handle the burden of the heavy expectations and his new found popularity. After the next update of AOTD, this my next project.

Young, Wild & Free- a comedy fic with some romantic elements, Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Phoebe, and Sid take a road trip to SoCal for a crazy spring break.

Projects in development/consideration:

Fade to Black: A Hillwood Noir story- A spinoff of Jopeth23's Hillwood Noir starring the OC he based on me Black Rob and his crew, running the pawn shop and smuggling items, when a major discovery puts a target on their backs. All depends on how Hillwood Noir goes down.

Untitled Crime/Comedy fic- Bored with her life, Helga finds herself in a crazy situation, when she accidentally picks up a bag of coke and money. Now gangsters, mobsters, and corrupt cops are on her, Phoebe's, Arnold's, and Gerald's tails. Inspired by Guy Ritchie films, this was initially an original story that was to be posted at (may still be posted later on down the line).

Untitled Secret Agent/Action/Comedy fic- Potential collabo fic with Jopeth23, set in an AU, Arnold and the Helga are operatives working for rival agencies. When the situation gets hairy the two operatives must team together to prevent a file with info on an advanced WMD from reaching the wrong hands.

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