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Author has written 4 stories for Inuyasha, Naruto, and Xiaolin Showdown.

Jessica Veazey, or called Veazey by her friends and peachpit/roundarosie online, lives in a tiny Red-Neck town in Florida, though she is more than ready to move to a more secluded location. Since she was young, she has been infatuated with the weird, strange, and beautiful. When she's not writing anything or surfing the web for free hentai websites, she's either walking or watching some 1980's cartoon.

Her plans for the future are undefinate, but currently she's working on an underground haven bomb-shelter for when the disease Solarum infects the human race and the living dead come to feast upon the living. After the zombies have either been destroyed by the goverment or overthrow the Earth, she wishes to rise above ground and either resume her normal life or enslave a massive zombie army.

Whether she'll see you in this new future of zombie-infested slaves is entirely up to you, but don't make her say "Na-na-na-na-na-na, I told you so."


Outcasted paints in pitchfork red
Fall of the Robots
Rise of the Zombie Queen
Corporate takeover is my weapon
Founder of Veazey's ashes
Never say die

(October 1989 -- March 2378)


Queen of Zombies
emo peachtree


Kankuro x Tenten
They're just so cute...Kanky-kun's hat thing makes him look like a kitty, and Tenten's hair makes her look like a mouse. And don't call that reason stupid, because it's the same reason there is KankuKiba! I even have a doujinshi I made of these two on my DA account.

Itachi x Ino
Personally, I'm getting sick of all these Itachi x Sakura fanfics out there where Sasuke starts (OOCingly) liking Sakura. I say, Sakura should get ONE Uchiha and at least let poor Ino-chan have the other!

Chouji x Hinata
WHY? WHY, YOU ASK? Because poor fatty-mc-fat-fat Chouji gets absolutly NO LOVE in the entire freakin series. Hinata is a nice, quiet, sweet girl who would treat poor Chouji with kindness and probably make him some yummy food. I also think there should be more Ino x Chouji fics in the world.

Shino x Moegi
Because Shino is quiet and secluded, while cute lil' Moegi is sassy and loud and completely adorable. I think she would be the kind of girl to look up to this older boy and admire him, and try to gain his affection. Of course, I don't support pedophelia, but I still think it's cute.

Temari x Tenten
I like this one mainly because the world is laking in good Naruto yuri. And dammit, Temari seems like a good match-up for Tenten because...because...because...JUST BECAUSE!

Kisame x Kurenai
Because Asuma and Kurenai is yucky and poor Kisame-sama is lacking the love. He may be part shark, but he's also part man, dammit! And Kurenai is a pretty woman, I think if she got together with Kisame-sama it would show a lot of character in her. Plus Kisame isON FIRE, BABY!

Gaara x Temari
First of, I, in no way, support incest in real life. I however think that if the two were not siblings, they would make an adorable couple. Mainly because Temari seems a lot more concerned for her brother's welfare than most. Oh come on, it's cute.

Neji x Hinata
Same senario as above, I don't support incest, but I think Neji will eventually go insane and like...rape Hinata...or somthing.

Sakura x Ino
Rivals have the hottest sex, so I'm told. Plus, Ino hesitated before saying she liked Sasuke too, so I think she meant to say "I like you," to Sakura. (Insert stupid giggle)

Kakashi x Iruka
Sekushi Sensei's doin the dirty is hawt. Iruka is such an uke and doesn't even know it.

Shino x Hinata
Shino seems like a good guy, he'd protect innocent shy little Hinata. And then he'd rape her.

Deidara x Sasori
Deidara & Itachi are definatly ukes, Kisame and Sasori the the semes. Deidara and Itachi paint their nails together while Kisame and Sasori watch the game on pay-per-view. Zetzu makes toast. That Zetzu is so damn funny. Toast is funny, too.

Temari x Ino
A friend asked me, "Do you prefer Shikamaru x Ino, or Shikamaru x Temari?" I personally like both very much, but me being a shoujo-ai demanding pervert said, "TEMARI x INO!" And well, the liking of this couple just sort of stuck. I wish there were more fics of these two. I surprisingly haven't seen a single one.

Sakura x Rock Lee
LET'S ALL GASP! A CANON-COUPLE THAT ACTUALLY MAKES SENCE! O_O;; Rock Lee loves Sakura and protects her, that's so sweet ;_; And Rock Lee is ROCK HARD. ...and he rocks. xD;

Shino x Ino rhymes.

Itachi x Kisame
SQUUUEE~~~ My absolute FAVOURITE shonen-ai couple. I wub wub Kisame-sama and Itachi-kun together. :3 So kawaii~~ Kisame protects Itachi and stuff, and calls him "Itachi-san", so he respects him. Yay shonen-ai. Yay shark people. :3

Kin x Dosu
Even though Dosu doens't give two shits about her, and vice versa, I like Dosu better than Zaku so I stuck the two together. I wanna see a ficce about these two. D=

Sakura x Naruto
I think Sakura should forget about poopy-mc-poop-poop-head Sasuke-pon and let Naruto wub wub her. Naruto and Sakura is cuter than Sasuke and far! SASUKE IS A POOPY HEAD!

Tsunade x Orochimaru
...okay, I don't have an excuse for this one.

(Xiaolin Showdown)

Jack x Chase
For obvious reasons. I mean, Jack is totally gay for Chase. that considered beastiality?

Clay x Raimundo
I am TOTALLY obsessed with this couple. I seriously plan on doing some oneshots about them_ loves on Claymundo insert Brokeback Moutain music

Katnappe x Wuya
Evil insane hot chicks...hell yeah.

Le Mime x Gigi
Because they're both French and I'm a sick racists bastard.

Kimiko x Jesse
Because XS lacks yuri, and dammit I don't like Kimiko with anyone else... _ And I like Clay's sister, she's cool. And a lesbian. Totally. Lawl.

Dojo x Wuya
Dragon/Purple Ghost pr0n? HELL YES.

Le Mime x Paris

Dashi x Wuya
It makes me smile. My insides go like this :D. I love it so very much. So, so, sooo verrry much.

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I HATE MARYSU's. So of course, I wrote about one! It's really short but.....oh lah. Read if you dare. Flame if you want. I think it's funny. '
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