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Update: November 2, 2008

It's been a bit of a while, hasn't it? I'll be working on some new stuff soon. I just have to be a good student and get everything all done up this week so that this weekend, I can spend the time writing all those things that have come across my head.

I'm also going to take a moment to apologize to anyone who's written a review this past while. I haven't replied to any, and I'm extremely sorry. That doesn't mean that the comments aren't welcomed and very much appreciated. Thank you so much for having taken the time to write!

Okay, so I have a midterm on Tuesday and I haven't yet looked at all the material - I better jet!


Update: May 1, 2006

Wednesday, there should be a chapter 6 for On Vient de Loin. Life happened to me, which is why I have been unable to tend to my more lonely hobby of writing(physically lonely, but mentally I am surrounded by different people - characters - not that that means there is anything wrong with my mental state...does it?). I've gotten myself through the first year of Uni - congrats to everyone else who've reached the end! Doesn't it feel good?

~ Percephone ~

Random thing for the weekof May 1:

Being shy is addictive. Sometimes, you don't even feel the need to be shy, but you act shy simply for the sake of habit. It's cute, it's charming, but I have to realise that it can also be extremely annoying to those around you who are desperate to see you as you are; to see you sans inhibitions.

And now, let me tell you of my (attempts) at fic writing:

Two years ago, I began to write this fic called Hollow's Refuge obviously a fic following James and Lily from sixth year up til their deaths.Something about what I wrote in my fic is now officially codswallop, and so I went back and fixed it all, I hope, although I can spot a few odd holes but I'll run 'em out smoothly in the end. Check it out! (Should be updating soon...01/23/06)

Now, after being inspired by stories (found in my favourite stories), I felt compelled to start another fic which I am almost sure is completely unrealistict to say the least, but this IS fan fiction, no? So out came the first chapter of Summer's Breath as I was turning off the water of my cold shower and I decided to hurry over and write it, post it, and see what came out of it. Well, it sort of turned out like I wanted but ... (here is where I am supposed to write insecure notes about how I could have made it better, but I know everyone feels this way about their work and thus I will leave it at that).

Pained is a oneshot that was inspired by my ex-workmate. He kept going on and on about his ex girlfriend and told me that his friend, when he was relying on him to join in with the "My ex is not worth it, she's not good enough for me," or "she's a because she didn't want to work things out" type thing, the guy turns around and tells him, "This is beautiful". Anyway, I thought it was cute, and I didn't really know what was going to happen until I started writing, at which point it felt as though it was already pre-written in my head and my brain was telling my fingers what to type!

I must admit that I will most likely not delve into the Harry Potter fic writing as I am afraid it will mess up my perception of the actual series. I will most likely stick to the past - Marauders, Lily, Snape, Dumbledore (actually, has anyone read a good story about how Dumbledore came to be so bright?) anything, just not the present. Perhaps I will go for AU at one point or future stuff...we'll see!

~ Percephone

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Business Only reviews
AU: After 6 years since graduating from Hogwarts, Lily and James have a business encounter. Can they keep it business only? Slight fluff!
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