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Hi there!
My name is Amy i just turned 14 and i love to read fanfic about cute romances...they are so out for my stories in beyblades,winx club and others, not sure yet where my fictions will end up. My favourite quote is " If you must know..." you will probably see me use this quote alot in my fictions. I write too much and chat too much and one day my friend said to me why dont you join fanfiction its a perfect place for you and i was like why not. I was born in Australia but my nationality is Viet but i prefer azn because i'm also half chinese...if you have a great fanfic of a cute romance please tell me i would love to read and review your story...

There's something you should know about me i dont and will NEVER EVER write stories about gay,lesbians,rude stuff and violence...its not nice to read those kind of stories...UGH how can people think about writing i sais cute romances and i like to write humour but its's rarely I also take alot of care in my spelling even though i touch type I might make a few mistakes " Nobody's perfect"...I am now recently creating a story about Kai and how he met a girl...oh yeah i also try to make my fanfic characters like in the normal shows i dont change their personalities unless it's neccessary. I think you have read too much already and save your reading for my fanfic or other fanfic...


These are a few of my favourite things..(dont worry i wontwrite the whole song)

Cartoon couples: Joey and Mai (100 in love, cutest couple ever, they are so great together!), Rei and Me! he is 'THE HUNK'he looks great with or without a shirt, tall or short, old or young, wet or dry, no matter what I still think is a major hunk! (melts) let me daydream for a second will ya...(5 mins later) ok done...Tyson and Hilary(both stubborn,childish,complainers...they have alot in common so perfect match), Serena and Darrean (the sight of thosetwo makes mejealous, they have this unbelievable relationship and they are such a pretty couple...awwness!but then again i have Rei), Tecna and Timmy (both cute, shy, innocent, smart...such a cutecouple AWW!), Bloom and Prince Sky (princess finds her prince), Stella and Brandon (romantic couple of Magix...awww! the things he does for her aww! he sure knows how to be so romantic at times and serious sometime) and Max and Mariam (...they so dont show it...hurry up and get impatient).

Stories: why dont you check for yourself?

Rhymes: MINE of course but they dont make alot of sense...bleh..."My heart where you will always be, even if you're far away from me", "i changed myself, so you would like me, but now i know, that you have always loved me","I watch you as im in the air, I can't think of anything to say, I look at you as i touch my hair, and i say 'I love you always' " and "unforgettable memories, always stay close to me" and"Just had a feeling that you really need a smile, Hoping that it will last longer thana little while" yeah i know they are cute...well suppose to be... :P

p.s if you do write cute romances please tell me I would love to read them and review (~.~)

S2S2S2 (//)Amy(//)S2S2S2

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