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The Lair of the Kat of the Kosmic


This really hurts to write... OK. If you're reading this then you're probably fuming that I haven't updated my fanfics. To tell the truth I wrote so much before I started ff.net (my friend and I wrote loads together) that I've sort of... lost interest in writing. I still love making up stories, but staring at words all day drives me crazy... nowadays I draw a lot. I've taken an interest in actually drawing manga rather than writing it. I may go back to writing once my drawing flair dies down... never say never, I always say.

I actually come on now and again and randomly look at other people's fanfics. If you see more pairings added on my profile then I've been here!

Please don't be too mad at me. I'm so happy that you love my stories... I'm sorry.


I’m your average British girl … well, maybe not so average. I don’t go around wearing the best fashion labels or anything, or wear a ton of make-up. Or maybe I’m just being normal…? Well if I love manga and anime. I also love drawing, books as in novels and cats -and chocolate - I must be!

Do people really use that reply button in on reviews page? I never know what to say… and I’m a bit scared too. What will that person say if I reply to them! XD


My Profile

Name: Kosmic Kitty
Real name: Eden
Age: 15
Birthday: November 24
Year: 10
School: Brox
Home: England
Nationality: English… well, half Swedish, half Welsh
Hair: Light golden brownish colour that reaches to mid arm, no fringe or layers but feathered slightly at the front
Eyes: Dark brown
Star sign: Sagittarius
Zodiac: Sheep
Home hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing stories, playing video and computer games, playing the clarinet, sleeping
Outdoor hobbies: Karate, windsurfing, Rangers
Friends: I have lots of friends! Too many to list!
Current obsession: The website I'm making, Photoshop, MSN and my new spiffy colouring pens!

I'm known as being shy and quiet, but I'm louder than that if I'm with people I like and love. I'm not the life of the party, yet I'm not as boring as you might think! I love to dance at discos even if I don't go to many, and if I'm tired sometimes I get really chatty and careless, but most of the time (at school for instance) if I'm tired then I can't be bothered to be loud. Sometimes when I try to join in a convesation I can't get a word in... and sometimes I'm quiet because I have nothing to say about the subject.



Animal: Cats
Colour: Yellow orange, pale blue, white, silver, gold
Food: Chocolate, pasta, noodles, pancakes
Subject: Art
Manga: Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Fruits Basket, DNAngel, Cardcaptor Sakura, Girl Got Game, Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Chobits
Anime: Fruits Basket, DNAngel, Cardcaptors, Shaman King, Sailor Moon
Game: Golden Sun, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy X, IV, Crystal Chronicles and Tactics Advance, .Hack, Pokemon
Movie: Howl's Moving Castle, She's The Man, The Karate Kid, Final Fantasy: Advent Children
Music: Queen, Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Kelly Clarkson, KT Tunstall, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Nerina Pallot
Sport: Swimming, trampolining, badminton, karate, windsurfing, snowball fights


Fanfiction Stuff

So far I have just a few stories… and some I have given up on. I'm also extremely lazy, so if I hate the next chapter I won't write it. I'm the worst fanfiction writer there is! At least I no longer write mary-sues, and I plan my writing beforehand nowadays. You know, I'd love to read fanfics on some of my most favourite manga as well DNAngel, but I'll spoil the story for myself. And I don't watch the anime! It sucks...

In my stories I don’t rush the romance. People don’t fall in love just like that, you know? I don’t think anyone’s said anything, I’m just worried about it. I don’t like writing a lot of kissing or blood or tragedies either. I'm so picky...

In DNAngel, I seem to prefer writing DarkRiku and SatoshiRisa. I don't hate the others, I love them all. DarkRiku is good because it's a love-hate relationship, and hey who doesn't love those? And Dark is fun to write. =3 Satoshi and Risa are complete opposites, so it's fun making them clash against each other. I don't have inspiration for a DaisukeRiku fic, which is why I haven't wrote a fic especially on them. Don't get me wrong, I love that pairing, but... I don't know... we know they both love each other, so what are they waiting for! It's frustrating, I guess.

And now... The Fiction! Discontinued means I'm not finishing them. Sorry! I'll never get off my butt to complete it, not unless it's a matter of life and death! One-shots are complete because they are complete.

Feels Like Home
Notes: This idea just waltzed into my head one day at karate. I was thinking, "what if handsome boys went karate?" Lol I thought it'd be great to send the Harada twins to karate, and I put depth in by making it so that they moved to Azumano and hadn't lived there all their lives. But the karate is just part of the development - the main story is still there, waiting... (cough cough)The first chapter is slow starting - was that a mistake? I didn't mean for it to be slow but I couldn't just throw Riku and Risa into Azumano. It had to be proper. I think people read the fist paragraph or so but then can't be bothered to read the rest. No! You must read the rest…!

The Crystal Chronicles
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Notes: Well… it’s a diary of the Crystal Caravan from Tipa. There are eight characters, a male and female from each of the four tribes, and all are the first design (because I’m lazy). The diary does tell the story, but it’s mostly what the caravanners think of each other and their reactions when they read what the others wrote. I actually have to play the game to progress because I look at the real diary entries… so it’s MY caravan from Tipa!

If Only – complete
Notes: This is the story I wrote for Everwhite’s fanfiction contest on SatoshiRisa. Not that I won… I’m still proud of this story, though. I got a lot of good feedback for it! You can be sure I’ll write more romance after this.

My Wedding Nightmare – complete
Notes: This was also for a contest, this one for Scatter Plot on DarkRiku. I did get some nice reviews, but the majority said the ending was rushed. I know that already! This is entirely my fault, and I’m very sorry. It was long but meant to be a one-shot, so I panicked a bit, messed up the ending and didn’t win. See? I think the ending sucked too. I want to rewrite it, but I'll ask Scatter Plot for permission first. The story's still in planning mode, but the basic frame is sketched out now!

It All Went Wrong – complete
Notes: My first romance fic! I’m so amazed by this – 21 reviews! It’s absolutely wonderful, I’m so happy! I had more feedback on rushing the story, but I’m working on that. It’s only short because it used to be a song-fic, but I was punished for it… so I took out all the lyrics and left it as it was. I changed the original name too. It used to be “I’m With You”.

Park Bench
Notes: This would be continued but I’m a little worried. I didn’t realise until chapter 3 that you can’t write stories that interact with the reviewers. I was also worried because I hadn’t seen the anime (I have now!) so some characters I didn’t know about. I may have the courage to continue it now! (However I still don't know who Hio Mio is)

Forgotten – discontinued
Notes: My very first fanfic ever. When I wrote the prologue I was full of dreams of the future, but then they all died. I realised that original characters aren’t all that popular. I imagine everyone thought Yuri was either Riku or Risa at first, but when it was plain she wasn’t they left. Well, at some point I’ll pick up the pieces and write a fic where Yuri most definitely is one of them. I see my mistake now. Chapter 12 was more popular than I expected. What do I do now? (Wait– don't answer that)

Shaman Tale - discontinued
Shaman King
Notes: I had been reading Blu Rose and Flairy-Chan’s stories when I wrote this. I entered a team for Flairy-Chan’s fic “Shaman Vagrants” and thought I’d write their own story. But I hadn’t thought it through enough and emerged with a very unimaginative story… Flairy-Chan changed her story, so there isn’t much point in writing it now.

The stories I enjoy reading are comedy, humour, romance and fantasy. I love mixes of these genres the most though. I also prefer realistic stories - the ones that are similar to this world to the extent that I wish it was our world. The ones where the two to be in love fight all the time are great and very funny (love-hate relationship), and so are the hopelessly-in-love-but-can’t-get-it-across ones.

Everyday people I see, including my family, think I just read fantasy books and manga… it’s not true! I read romance and school-life stories too! It’s so annoying… sniff.

I tend not to read yaoi and yuri or shonen/shoujo-ai or whatever you want to call it. Mild, humour ones are alright I suppose… but it’s mild. More importantly, I don't write those kind of stories. Sorry.

I like any pairings except the sort I mentioned above. I’ll generally stick to these though:


Fruits Basket:

Cardcaptor Sakura:

Shaman King:

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne:

Girl Got Game:

Golden Sun:

Tales of Symphonia

Final Fantasy X

I'm never biased when it comes to pairings, especially when it comes to love triangles like DaisukeRiku and DarkRiku, and also YukiTohru and KyoTohru. I love them all! So when it comes to fics where there is rivalry in pairings, I am rubbish at choosing which pairing to do over the other. One-shots are based on one pairing at a time, pretty much as usual, and longer chaptered stories include many pairings. I read in a author's notes of a story once that if you do as many pairings as you can without picking favourites you will gain more readers than if you did just one. I like that, but it remains to see if it's true!

My writing style… is English. I was marked down for spelling in a certain contest and perhaps in the other too, but I’m not about to switch my spelling to American-English either. The difference? Take “humour” for example. “Humour” is the English… British way of spelling it, whilst “humor” is the American-English way of spelling it. Same with “centre” and “center”, “colour” and “color”, “realise” and “realize” (I’m not sure about that last one though).

For my next story, I want to rewrite My Wedding Nightmare. I've finished the plans, believe it or not! But before that, I'll get closer to finishing Feels Like Home (I'll never get that far) and I'll write a bit more of The Crystal Chronicles.


Things I Feel Like Writing But Have Nothing To Do With Fanfiction

A Strange Story - my mum told me once that when I was reallylittle she took me with her to some sort of mother's meeting. They were in a park or someplace with sticks lying on the ground. All the other kids were boys. They got bored, see, and picked up sticks and started fighting each other, but apparently I didn't touch them. My mum says it's because I'm a girl. And somehow, this came up when we were discussing what I like about RPGs... (which turned out to be because some RPGs have characters that feel real.)

A Strange Story, vol 2 - Me and my friends were talking about this popular disco called Stimulation, or Stim for short. One of my friends said that every girl who goes wears a mini skirt, and then I said I didn't have any skirts or dresses other than my uniform. By the look on their faces you'd thought I just said I was a vampire... I mean it though, I don't have a single short skirt!

There are websites I like to go to as well as this one. They are:
www.gaiaonline.com – I’m warriorgirlkiera
www.runescape.com – I hardly ever go on though... I’m Red_Raven199, lv 11.
www.worldofwarcraft.com or www.wow-europe.com/en – I started on World of Warcraft… an MMORPG. I have two characters: my main character Karissa the lv 23 Night Elf hunter and my pet Saika, and a Human priest named Myriann, lv 8,as well. Saika is a anagram of Karissa, minus the R and extra S.

I'm designing a website at the moment. It'll have a Sims 2 Big Brother and I'll put up my drawings and a web comic! I'd design my own msn display pictures too. At the moment its just a piczo site... but it'll change. Believe it. It's my homepage, up the top.

Sayings I like (a lot of them are msn names...):

Every cloud has a silver lining
Don't beat about the bush
The cat who got the cream
You never know what's around the corner

Never judge a book by its cover
Better safe than sorry
You only live once
The worst they can say is no

To the world you are one person but to one person you are the world
Kids in the dark mean accidents, accidents in the dark mean kids
Good girls are bad girls who don't get caught
Life is a bed of roses... full of pricks!

24 hours in a day ... 24 beers in a case ... coincidence? I think not
I am nobody, no body is perfect, therefore I am perfect!
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if he's cute screw the fruit
Coffee, Chocolate, Men - some things are just better rich

Behind every great woman, is a guy looking at her ass
Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife
Damn right I'm good in bed I can sleep for hours!
If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten

A day without sunshine is like, well, night.
Even though the voices in my head aren't real they have some good ideas!

Well, that’s it. I’ll see you later… maybe… hope you enjoy my fanfiction! (Or else. Mu. Ha. Ha.)


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