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Author has written 2 stories for Mega Man, Xenoblade Chronicles, and My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア.

Hey guys, Shurikens Miner here! If I don't update for a while it's not because I've abandoned the story, I'm probably just wondering what the heck I need to do next.


Mega Man

Ranger's Apprentice

Xenoblade Chronicles

Team Fortress 2



Phoenix Wright

Undertale (Yes, even to this day)

Gravity Falls

Grimm (Go watch it if you haven't seen it yet. It's free with Prime, you have no excuse other than not liking Crime Drama/Supernatural stories)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The Elder Scrolls (Specifically Oblivion)


Fire Emblem


All of those but Minecraft


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Mega Man Chronicles (Mega Man Classic, Xenoblade Chronicles) -

When Mega Man is sent to the Bionis to locate Top Man after he loses communication with Earth, he's swept into a journey across the twin titans to save the Homs.


Meddy: Maverick Hunter M (Mega Man X, Mega Man Classic (Technically) Xenoblade Chronicles) -

It's been 10 years since Rock, Meddy, and the Heroes of Bionis had defeated Zanza, and 8 since the Heroes had returned from the Time Skimmer's trip into Remnant. Planning a trip to Earth to see their friends again, they find that the planet has changed severely since they last saw it.


Star Man: Triple Deluxe (Mega Man Classic, Kirby) -

Star Man had found another planet while Rock was on Bionis, one shaped like a Star! Naturally, his urge to visit the planet overwhelms him. But when a spider-like creature kidnaps the land's apparent king, he and a curious pink puffball rush to save him.


Team SAFR (Xenoblade Chronicles, RWBY) -

Time Man and Flash Man had called upon Shulk to help complete the Time Skimmer, a Time Machine that should let them travel without consequence. However, Reyn's clumsiness costs them their maiden voyage, and soon the machine breaks above a new world. A world of Dust and Grimm.


Letters From Friends (Pokemon) -

Susie and Justin once were great friends. Susie from Johto, and Justin from Kanto. But when the two move to Hoenn and Alola, they take up writing to let each other know how things are going.


Turnabout Lycan (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney/Grimm) -

Maybe this time he'll be able to relax.

What was he thinking?

When Monroe, an Horologist in Portland, Oregon is arrested for the murder of a teenage girl, Phoenix takes up the cause to defend him. But Maya doesn't seem to enjoy being here, and she certainly doesn't like that detective...


Mega Man Academia (Mega Man/My Hero Academia) -

All For One. One of the most terrifying Quirks in Japan. Who knew it would be transferred to a child?

When Rock Light enters U.A, he quickly makes an enemy of not only his teacher, but a criminal organization!


Not Finished Yet (Castlevania/Kid Icarus) -

It's been 2 years since the defeat of Hades, but a seer fortells certain doom for Skyworld from the Orcos. Pit's cast into the underworld to become worthy of the newly remade Three Sacred Treasures.

Meanwhile, a human warrior bursts into the castle of Count Dracula, to fulfill his family's legacy.


Turnabout Mementos (Ace Attorney/Persona 5) -

Don't take the Kurusu case, they said. The kid's obviously guilty, they said.

Why does Phoenix never listen to people?


Legends Of Heroes (Mega Man/Xenoblade/RWBY/The Legend of Zelda/Kirby/Castlevania/Kid Icarus) -

Link's been told of the ancient heroes. The Mechanical Warrior, the Hero of Time, the Girl of the Scythe, the Angel who couldn't fly... He's been told of all of them. But none came when they were needed most. The once proud Kingdom of Hyrule has been flooded, and while Link was able to stop the reincarnation of Ganondorf, nothing could prepare him for his next adventure...


The Ranger's Apprentice: Twin Lords

Will Treaty: One of Araluen's finest Rangers, falls overboard while on a trip to the icy lands of Skandia. However, it seems that Death has yet to come for him, as he awakens in a warm, grassy field. Without his memories, he meets the Shepherds, and a mysterious mage named Robin...


(Note: Mega Man Chronicles, Meddy: Maverick Hunter M, Star Man: Triple Deluxe, Legends Of Heroes, Not Finished Yet, and Team SAFR are all related.)

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