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Welcome to my profile! I am a great fan of the Hunger Games series, but not most of the deaths that occurred in the trilogy . I am currently hosting an SYOT about the 27th Annual Hunger Games, and would be grateful if you could submit to it. Here are the rules:

No Mary Sues/Bob Smiths, i want original yet realistic characters The deadline for this SYOT is August 21st You can send in up to 4 tributes, as long as one of them dies in the bloodbath Please be cautious with volunteers from outer districts, unless it's for a really good reason Please don't be offended if other reviewers trash your tribute You can reserve, but only for 1 week, then they will be unreserved Play nicely!

Submission Form (Due August 21st)




Reserve District?


Reaped or Volunteered?


Reaping outfit (Optional)?







Token (Optional)?



Best Weapon?

Training strategy?

Preferred training score?

Interview angle?


Bloodbath strategy?

Games strategy?

Preferably, are they a bloodbath tribute? (Sorry, but i may have to kill some non-bloodbaths, as at least 6 will die in the bloodbath :( )

Why should they win?

How willing would they be to kill?


Face claim? (I'm doing a blog, which should be up by the time i receive all the tributes)

The Tribute list:

District 1 Female- Crystal Winners- Credit to ThomasHungerGamesFan

District 1 Male- Lucas Zantree- Credit to Snowlucario

District 2 Female- Asteria Nyx- Credit to The Girl With The Knives

District 2 Male- Aristotle Prosperous- Credit to ThomasHungerGamesFan

District 3 Female- I’m freee!

District 3 Male- Kuren Sigmanon- Credit to Declan42

District 4 Female- Viviana Asane- Credit to Maddymellark

District 4 Male- Sebastian Keyes-credit to Elim9

District 5 Female- I’m soo available

District 5 Male- Come on, I’m dying to be submitted

District 6 Female- I guess I’m open

District 6 Male- Open

District 7 Female- Simone Celeste- Credit to The Girl With The Knives

District 7 Male- Barkley Tomerfield- Credit to the great maddymellark

District 8 Female- I’m available

District 8 Male- Open

District 9 Female- I'm RESERVED for Declan42

District 9 Male- Tucker Lindstrom- Credit to Elim9

District 10 Female- Carol Mulligan- Credit to Elim9

District 10 Male- Miles Duncan- Credit to Maddymellark

District 11 Female- Lavender Seward- Credit to Elim9

District 11 Male- Clygus Wellstrom- Credit to Galacticoach

District 12 Female- Reserved for Maddymellark

District 12 Male- Open

Big brother- submit your own house guest:

Here are the rules:

· There will be 20 house guests. More than usual, I know, but I think it will be better with more, and you know what they say, ‘’The more the merrier.”

· I will accept 2 houseguests per person, but preferably one male and one female

· There will be ten male, and ten female house guests

· I’m going to need a good age range between the houseguests, not just all younger characters. Yeah, most will be younger, but we need older ones too, think plotwise. If I keep getting younger ones, I might have to stop accepting them, and change the age limits. But please don’t let this put you off submitting younger houseguests

· This will almost always be first come first served, unless I receive a really bad, Mary-Sue character

· PLEASE MAKE YOUR CHARACTERS ORIGINAL. The personality is the most important part, seriously. If your character doesn’t have an original personality, they will probably just fade out of the limelight (Even though I will include everybody, nobody will be forgotten about), and they will probably be evicted quite early. And when I mean original personalities, I mean anything. As long as no two people have the same personality

· There will be a maximum of two romances in the house, if any

· Your houseguest can be any nationality, as long as they speak English. But most will be English, as it will be bases in the U.K

· Remember, most houseguests will actually want to be in the house, but some will hate it while they are actually in the house

· PLEASE submit your houseguest via PM, NOT review. Reviewed houseguests will be ignored (Most probably)

· Feel free to create a character based off yourself (That would actually be really fun!)


The first eviction will be five days into the story, but the houseguests will vote on the fourth day. They will go into the diary room, and nominate one person in the house to be up for eviction. *Please note, I will NOT be bias, and make houseguests nominate other houseguests that I personally don’t like, I will be fair*. The three people (or more, if there are a tie in nominations) who received the most nominations will be up for eviction. I will post a blind poll up on my profile, and you lovely readers will have until the next update is posted to vote in the poll to save your favourites (Remember, you’re voting to SAVE, NOT leave) (I will reluctantly allow you to vote to save your own houseguest, but if you do, it will only be considered as HALF a vote. And I would prefer it if you voted for somebody else. The same process will happen in the second eviction, five days later. Onlt there will be two people evicted, and five up for eviction. Then, there will be twists, but you’ll still be able to vote to save in polls.

Now, here’s for the form, which will also be on my profile:


Age (18)

Country and place they’re from (Preferably U.K, USA or Australia, but can be anywhere, as long as they speak fluent English)

Appearance and way they dress:

Personality (This is the most important question, so 200 words minimum)

Reason for coming on Big Brother (Wealth, fame, romance ect…)


What do they say in their introduction interview:

Are they up for friendships in the house, and if so, what would be their ideal friendship?

Are they up for romance, and if so, what kind of person?

What kind of people do they dislike?

Pet hates?

If they disliked somebody, would they let them know about it, or keep it private?

Leader or follower:

What kind of challenges/activities would they like taking part in?

How would they react if they were put up for eviction?

How would they react if they were evicted?

What kind of person would they nominate for eviction?

Are they a neat or tidy person?

Favourite food?

Would they ever bully another houseguest?

How would they react if they saw somebody else getting bullied?

How would they react if somebody tried to bully them?

Reaction to success:

Reaction to failure:

Do they care about other people’s opinions?

What would they tend to do day to day in the house?

How would they react if somebody tried to boss them around?

How would they react if big brother told them off?

Reaction to anti social behaviour:


Are they single, and if they aren’t, would they ever cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend?

Significant family members:

Do they like getting drunk?


Any health issues?


In general, how much respect would they have for the other houseguests?

How would they react if they were booed by the crowd?

How badly do they want to win, and how far would they go to make sure they win?

How likeable are they?

What sort of conversations would they have with other houseguests?



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