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I've been on fanfic for a fair while now but just a reminder please don't tease about my stories, I'm not that good. But at least I try.

I'm now 16 years old and I still love horses. And I still love the Harry Potter books and movies.

Anyway... I decided it was time to tell you lot abit about me. HaHa. So here goes.


Horses!! I'm a horse nutt as my dad likes to call me. I'm forever looking in the Trading Post for a cheap horse to buy. But here's something that not many people think about when buying a horse. The Up-Keep. Sure you know there's the feed, the vet, the farrier, and if you dont have a paddock of your own, adjistment. But here's where it becomes misleading... it's costs more to keep the horse than it does to buy the horse in the first place. So your better of leasing a horse instead... it's cheaper. lol.

Book - My favourite book at the moment is Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce. I love it because it proves that a girl can do anything that she puts her mind to. And that tradition can change... the women are invading what was for only men. We can do anything a man can do... and sometimes we can do it better.

Psychology - It's my favourite subject at school and I'm loving it. I love thinking about how the mind works... and most of all studying how the mind works.


Hair - long, mid back, slight wave, DARK brown (you hear that Jem... Dark Brown... NOT Black. lol)

Eyes - Colour: Thomson Tartan. lol. I guess I better explain that one. The colour Thomson Tartan is a mix between blue and green. It's not quite blue... but it's not green either. I guess it's sort of a darker form of Aqua... but IDK. Shape: Nearly Oval (shrugs Mum told me that one)

Height - about 5'2", might be 5'3". That one's debatable.

Build - Slender, slightly curved, lightly muscled (gotta be if I working with horses. lol)


Horse Riding: I love horse riding. Particuarly Show Jumping. I just love taking a horse, mounting up, and galloping across the paddock or down the trail with the wind in my horses mane and my hair. Sigh Who wouldn't love that.

Archery: Ahhhh... now there's a sport I love. Okay you don't do much, but it's harder than it looks. It's not just pointing and shooting. There is aiming, timing, and breathing involved. And then there's all the technical stuff. Shoulder back, stand straight, elbow up, arms in-line, and placing the fingers on the string correctly. And the ones that I am still working on... releasing correctly and bringing your hand back to touch your shoulder after releasing. As I said... it's harder than it looks.

I know I haven't updated my stories for a while but I've had really serious writer's block. I promise that I will update soon.

Any way please R&R my stories. PLEASE.


Immortal Khalida

P.S. Check out my friends story, it's called Hateful Love. Her pen name is James-luver001. Enjoy. And also check out wannabe-hermione's story Acts of Truth. I know she has changed her pen-name to slytherin goddess or something like that but i have always known her as wannabe-hermione. She is listed in my favourite authors page. You'll find her new name there. And also check out ginny-wannabe's stories too.

P.P.S. Also I think that it's worth checking out three RP sites that I am part of.

1: Final Prophecy (FP): Based on the world of Harry Potter and the places in it. Hogwarts School, The Ministry of Magic, The Burrow and ofcourse Hogsmeade. But be warned... it's seriously addictive. I'll be sad when I leave. You can find me as Khalida Alexander (user name EagleEyes). URL:

2. The Last Stand (LS): Also based on the world of Harry Potter and the famous places in it. A fairly new site on which I personally teach Ancient Runes as a class. You'll find me as Anna Valerious (user name: Khalida). A good site in the making. URL:

And my personal favourite...

3. Stonehenge Academy of Higher Learning (SA): Based on the legend of Avalon and partically on the legend of King Arthur. A new site which is still under construction but dedicated souly to it's teachings and ofcourse the RP. Focused on adventure in the outdoors; forming a strong bond with a faithful horse; weapons training; protecting those you love; and mastering the elements. On this site I am Zira Dragonheart (user name: Khalida). Otherwise known as the Lady of the Lake (deputy head). URL:

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