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Hey there y'all! Well, first things first, I'll be nice and tell you my real name, which is Melissa. And I am a girl. Surprised? Probably not.

Things I like include Pokemon, Yugioh, Digimon, Kirby (ya' know, the games and the anime), Harry Potter, Azumanga Daioh, almost everything Disney, and cake. Cake is good.

I am currently working on a story that's a Pokemon trainer fic. I'm also writing a Yugioh fan fic that takes place in ancient Egypt before Pharaoh Atemubecomes a Pharaoh. I have this idea for writing a Digimon fic that stars the 01 and 02 Digidestined's kids, but I think it'll be about 200 years from now when I finally get to the right skill level to write it. And there's another idea I have for a May/Drew Pokemon fic I have too, but we'll see...

As a writer I am not the best. But hey, who is? There's always someone better than you, right? Now, I don't write things because I want to hone my writing skills in order to write the perfect bestseller some day; I write for fun. Therefore when I usually review others' work, I don't really have a ton of suggestions beyond very obvious problems, or opinion differences. The stories I write are ones that are for entertainment. Well, I am pretty serious about my Pokemon one though, considering I've been developing it for 5 years now. Anyway, I'm just here to enjoy myself and talk to others that like the same things I do!

I am known as Light_Togetic on, yet I haven't been there in a while. And I am Light_Azumarill on, but I rarely go there and post. And I am Toon_Kuriboh on And I am... just kidding. =)

Thought I'd add in favorite couplings on shows/book I like. Everyone else does so... (shrug)


Ash/Misty (Yes, I'm a Pokeshipper. But I'm not rabid about it. ... Or am I?)

Jessie/James (Could you ever imagine them married to other people?)

May/Drew (Come on! It's just too perfect!)

May/Brock (just a little... don't ask)




Tai/Sora (They just seem natural to pair up together.)

Matt/Sora (I guess... but to tell you the truth it always kinda bugged me...)

Mimi/Jou (Cute!)

Daisuke/Kari (I like them as a couple more than the next one actually.)


Ken/Miyako (I SO prefer her Japanese name. And BTW, they're my favorite Digimon coupling.)

Rika/Henry (I always thought they would end up together. Death to Ryo!)

Takato/Juri (Takato's so freakin' cute when he talks to her! My second favorite couple of Digimon.)

And I don't really care if Zoe ends up alone because I dislike her and her stupid italian sayings (no offense to Italian people, just offense to Zoe!). =P


Yugi/Anzu (If Anzu would ever stop swooning over stupid Yami Yugi maybe it would actually happen!)

Joey/Mai (Have liked these two together practically before I liked the show!)

Pharaoh Atemu/Mana (My favorite Yugioh coupling. Well, okay maybe a tie with the one above. I think their differing personalities make them interesting together.)

Yugi/Rebecca (I used to hate her, but she's kinda grown on me. And at least Rebecca SHOWS her feelings for him! Stupid Anzu!)

Priest Seto/Kisara (Duh. I mean... duh!)

Mahado/Isis (I dunno... they just seem cute together.)

Harry Potter:

Harry/Ginny (I always thought her crush was cute.)

Ron/Hermione (Their fights are cute, and they just seem right for each other.)

Meh, there's some others I just can't think of them right now...

Couples I just... can't... stand:

Pharaoh Atemu/Anzu (Sorry, but it bothers me! And I wish I had a good explanation, but I don't! I'd rather see him paired up with Yugi's Grandpa than Anzu! So there!)

Rika/Takato (Just... no.)

Draco/Hermione (For some reason the thought of them together kinda makes me feel queasy.)

Seto/Serenity (Sorry again, but... I can't do it! I just can't!)

Male/Male couplings I can stand, and I don't mind if people write or like them, but I can't read them! There's just something about Kaiba and Joey making out that makes me laugh instead of like it. >_ > Hooray for those of you that like them, but I think I'll stick with my favorites thanks.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now! See ya around!


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