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Author has written 8 stories for Mega Man, Breath of Fire, Riviera, Fate/stay night, Vocaloid, Code Geass, and Vandread.

"Face me, O mirror of truth, tell me what you see.

Do I fare much to your rule that you show my hearth?

Are these embers enough to burn with thy intent?

I beg thee, leave not the string of untruth."

Well, that's a poem for you. Anyways, here's what is to know about Sydney Grise. Truth be told, the name sounds pretty much of Western origin but the person behind it is from the Philippines. Yeah, that's right. I am twenty three years old and I'm already making my attempts and drafts on my original works. Both musician and writer, there are tendencies that you'll see some musical references in some of my fics.

Now, there is one thing I would like to ask of you. Please give me your comments and reviews so I may craft things even better.

Ok, now for the interests I crave for. Video Games and Anime are some of the things I enjoy. Many of these makers spin good stories with good twists. Aside from such, the Classics are pretty much a greater influence. This is why going to school is something not to be taken lightly. XDD

If you wish to contact me, message me here or use these email addresses:;;

You can also follow me on for other things (including updates).

Well, time to go.

News Updates:

5/30/2010 - I just regained this account after a while since I'm itching to write fanfiction again. Currently working on a few titles while switching from both my Collaboration Account (aka. Pine-Arced Saga) and some original pieces. I'll resume three out of four works and I will add another for the Megaman category. Do look forward for them. XD

8/2/2010 - News flash, I'm working on Vocaloid fanfics. Most likely, I'll focus on them first. The ZX Fanfic might appear on the Collaboration Account. I'm pausing the rest since...well...I ran out of juice (writer's block, blame it on the blockage. T.T) Well then, I'll get them back soon since right now, I'm taking the opportunity and advantage of the inspiration.

11/1/2010 - Other notes about this...I'm planning to set up a few crossovers. Plans are still on paper. I'll update this to put the status of how the fics are going. But that'll be after a few days.

12/7/2010 - I now include progress reports for the stories and here are the following (as well as future ideas if ever I start working on them).

2/18/2011 - School is making updates hard to work with. But the fics are getting some progress in the process. Adding more ideas that might come out in the queue list.

3/18/2011 - Finals are now within sight and there are a number of fics to write. Looks like I'll have to get them up. Note that I'm not dead yet. XD

4/14/2011 - The long stretch. Final Exams and Final Requirements are up. In other news, I have just broken out of writer's block. However, a few of the listed plans are going to be on top priority.

5/31/2011 - Month-end report. Have updated at least one fic during vacation while trying to update others. It's feeling a bit snail-paced due to the writer's block I suffered earlier on but I hope I get them done before June 6.

9/27/2011 - School has resumed and a lot of things have been happening. School pretty much took over but I haven't dropped out of the writing part just yet. At the moment, I'm focusing on original pieces before I resume work on the other fics.

1/3/2012 - No new material as of yet (likely latest work would be Count Our Sins. Otherwise, another storyline is in the works). Thesis has drained me totally along with work for an original work in the form of an indie comic. New stuff might be coming up this year. I hope I get to finish any of these titles before the year ends.

7/21/2012 - I've resumed my writing. It has been long since I've touched any fanfic. Three fanfics are being worked up with the updates. One more thing, I am now working on my plans for my original works (some of them are indie comics). Well, time to get these stories done. Be back with you later.

9/24/2012 - Struggling with work but I'm doing as much as I can. That's the main reason I'm stuck right now. Though if anything, progress is made with Renunciation. As for ParaNorm Smile Joker, I feel like I'm crawling but I'm getting somewhere. (There's this feeling I get about having some ideas running off the window due to having little time to manage but what the hell, I can do this).

4/19/2014 - Been a long time since I touched this account. So many things going on lately that I have to catch up with all the fics and all the ideas rushing. My apologies for disappearing for a very long time. I had too many things going on due to work and life. However, I got some really good inspirations that I'm itching to write. Also, I'm part of the RP group Incognito Inside so I've been hosting a couple of RPs. But thanks to those, I have gotten some improvements that I would like to implement with my writings. I'll focus on finishing the Vocaloid fics first before I resume the others. (Note: I might also make new stories due to the new information I gained for the past couple of years)

7/27/2017 - Haven't touched this account due to a lot going on in my life. I am not sure if I can continue the stories in here but I will revisit them and see if I can update them. It might cause some changes in the writing style but as long as I complete them, it might work out well.

Ongoing Works: (As of 9/24/2012)

Paranoid Doll: Renunciation - (UPDATE: Chapter 7 is being re-written due to file being lost) Two days and war breaks out. While this threat of war is being set to the City of Vox, the Agency begins to prepare and investigate on what instigated this announcement by the Decalogue, a terrorist group of self-proclaimed Judges. Now, as the government commands the Agency to make its preparations, Gakupo Kamui must fight and protect those that he holds dear. One of those that he wished to protect, Luka Megurine, who no longer remembers any account about him and her associations with him.

VanaN'Ice: ParaNorm Smile "Joker" - (UPDATE: Chapter 4 is being planned and re-written due to lost files and as per request.) The Agency issues a mission to protect Hatsune Miku. The trio, consisting of Kaito Shion, Len Kagamine and Gakupo Kamui, are assigned for the task. Along with the charge of investigating the entity called Joker, they have to go through keeping their wits and sanity together when they're done for the day.

Fate/Stay Night - Flaw Insurgence (Under Plot Reworking and Renaming) - The Fifth Grail War has its flaws, bringing in a few more participants. The outcome of this war is within Shiro's hands...along with those who might join the fray. (AU and Independent Path)

Redemption and Rebirth (In Hiatus) - Two Grim Angels have returned from their state of wandering among the dead. Finding themselves in Midgard, what chance do they have to set right the wrongs that they have committed? Will they ever find answers to the truth about themselves and will they resolve the emotions within them, especially with regards to each other?

Code Geass: Knightmare Campus - (UPDATE: Chapter 2 is now being planned and written) Seven years have passed since Lelouch Lamperouge left for the homeland. Returning after that amount of time, he studies at Ashford Academy and reunites with childhood friends along with making new ones. How can he cope with the rumors and the phenomenon revolving about in the campus, the one called the "Nightmare Campus"? Will this lead answers to his past and for his sister's recovery? Or will bring forth madness? (Inspired by Shin Megami Tensei and Persona)

Future Works:

Dark Rider Chronicles - A set of Kamen Rider stories (AU) that recounts the story of the Dark Riders as they are caught in conflicts and struggles that lead to the world's Turbulence War.

Raijin to Fuujin (Temporary Working Title) - A Gakupo x Luka fic inspired by three unrelated things: A strong wind, a bolt of lightning, and the pairing itself. (Update: If contracts are to be made, then keeping strong with them will mark things as they should)

Broken Decade (Temporary Working Title) - A Kamen Rider Decade crossover that involves a number of series. A list has been determined and I will post in this profile the confirmed Series that might appear. This will come out soon along with the first fic of the Dark Rider Chronicles. Keep posted.

Pentacle Soldiers (Temporary Working Title) - A Vocaloid fic that will involve five of the male Vocaloids inspired by the tokusatsu series Garo. More details on that later.

(also, an unnamed idea that might involve the Zenonia series is being worked on. Either plans for making a parallel version using the Vocaloids or a "novelization" of the game might come into light soon)

Finished Works:

Count Our Sins - A Kiyoteru x Meiko fic inspired by the songs Guilty Verse by Kiyoteru Hiyama and Oni wo Aisuru Hito by Meiko Sakine. A story behind strange circumstances in an interrogation between an Inquisitor and the Accused.

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