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Hey, I've decided to revive my fanfic life by starting a new account with a friend of mine. Search for TheCrazedDiceOfDoom and watch as my friend and I continue to create fanfictions that will dazzle your mind (and possibly leave you unconscious for a few minutes...). The Naruto fics I've been working on will officially be moved to my new account. You wanna continue it, go check it out :)

Hey! I'm Cheese of Wakiness (is that even a word...)or Prince of Nuts Story. I write stories with plots that usually are pretty weird... I'm hyper, crazy, but I'm normal for the most part.
Likes: Nice people, anime, swimming, soccer, volleyball, badminton, sushi,hot girls
Dislikes: Mean, snotty, bratty, idiotic, etc.(I could go on and on) girls, avocado(though I like guacamole...), flames (I mean the fanfic kind), insects
My age~Between Ages 10-21
Gender~There are 5 gender in this world~boy, girl, tova, sugar-hyper, and videogame/computeractive. I'm videogame/computeractive.(Don't ask me what the others are)
Just so you know, I am a male.
Favorite type of story-humor,action/adventure,romance, parody

Current favorite pairings:(will change)
~LynKent(honestly, I think Lyn goes with everyone. Well, anyone near her age. Not Nils, and not Oswin)
~FaytMaria(I don't know why, but I feel like they go together really well)
~EphraimEirika(they make a good couple, too bad they're twins)
~KieranMarcia(Yes, a weird couple but I like it)
~Kid Flash/Jinx (my fave currently. They're a cool couple!)
~MatthewGuy (I find this strange yet amusing. Guy always gets so flustered! The first yaoi pairing I'm actually okay with -_-)
~LloydSheena (Sheena is just too hot)
Current non-favorite pairings:
~RebeccaLowen(Lowen's hair looks too much like a mop. Seriously, do girls like mop-hair?)
~EphraimL'Arachel (Ephraim just doesn't strike me as the type to be with L'Arachel)
~CloudAerith (Aerith should die...oh...wait...)

Random people who I talk to, not related to story, who some people refer to as "muses"- Matthew, Priscilla, Raven(of FE), Sain, Wil, Rebecca, Kent, Ephraim, Eirika, Tana, Innes, Cormag(I'll add more as I go through more stories!)

Favortite Characters
Here, I shall list my favorite characters(s) from anything. In Video Games, it could be either I like them because they were good in the game, or they are great in fanfics, or both.

Naruto- Kakashi, Sakura, Itachi, Temari

Fire Emblem 7- Lyn, Hector, Matthew, Linus, Lloyd, Rebecca, Sain, Serra

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stone- Eirika, Tana, Cormag, Ephraim, L'Arachel, Colm, Marisa

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance- Ike, Mist(yes, she is good in fanfics and in game), Rolf, Shinon (only in fics), Kieran, Oscar, Boyd, Marcia, Jill, Haar, Soren, Geoffrey, Lethe, Ranulf, Mia

Star Ocean- Fayt, Maria, Cliff, Sophia(only in game, I think of her as evil in fics due to her relationship with Fayt), Nel

Final Fantasy (top 5 out of all of them!)- 1.Tifa! (she was so hot in FF7:AC)2.Yuna 3.Tidus 4.Rinoa 5.Cloud

Samurai Warriors- Inahime, Hattori Hanzou, Nene, Nouhime (she's creepy ), Ishida Mitsunari, Date Masumune (the typical kid rebel)

Tales of Symphonia- Lloyd, Sheena, Raine, Zelos

Currently working mostly on:

Pink-The Source of All Evil: It's a go!

Second Chance at the Chunnin Exam: yah, explanation on the Naruto section of the profile

Blast! Where's my Fricken Sword: First SW fic! In a desperate hope for peace, a young sorceress sent 26 of the most powerful samurais into the 21st century. Now, 26 powerful individuals will have to try to fit in a society that is...not exactly regular to their taste...

Works that will be starting/continuing soon:

Journal of my Flying Journey: I plan on changing the title to just, "Tana's diary," but I'm not sure. It would start around January to February. But it would not start right after Soul Soup, so stay in tune!

Sibling Reunion: I know, I've completely shoved it aside. But my friend said that it's a great story, so I will continue it after Soul Soup. Most likely the next story to finish.

Being a Valkryie: I just got blasted with a bunch of ideas for this story. So this story will be starting soon. For Priscilla fans, get ready for an awesome story!

Will there be more stories?

Definitely, if some of my stories get stuck, I will start others. Most likely for the Path of Radiance, though I might need to beat the game again...

Ack, I can't seem to have any interesting thoughts on Tana's Diary (I know, I'm pathetic), however, my Naruto ideas are beaming! The next two fics are gonna be...dun dun dun...

Pink-The Source of All Evil(humor):Pink has been announced the source of all evil. Sakura, a missing-nin with newfound powers, leave the Konohakagure. How will Sakura deal with this? What will she do? Where is Naruto? What the hell am I thinking?

Second Chance of the Chunnin Exam(action/adventure): Half a year after Sasuke left, another Chunnin exam is taking place in the Grass Village. The absence of Naruto and Sasuke has put Sakura into Ino's team, since Shikamaru is a chunnin. What will be the turnout of this exam?

I know, I'm too obsessed with Sakura...

And here are my OC's for the Second Chance of the Chunnin Exam!

Akamun Tamoh(Is this a boy's name? I have no idea...):A talented grass shinobi, he was gifted with a unique Doujutsu(eye technique)(unnamed yet), which allows him to mind read his opponent, and is able to copy any advanced bloodline for a 24 hour period of time. A weakness is that once he take an advanced bloodline in, his original mind reading ability will be unusable. What is unique is that this eye is not an advanced bloodline. Age thirteen, his caring and hard-working attitude has earn him few true friends. His large amount of chakra and chakra control allows him to use chakra as an extension for his body. (For example, his could thrust his fist forward, and a larger fist made of chakra would thrust forward, in mimic of the actual physical body. By larger I mean gigantic).

Appearance:Smooth brown hair(not long, but not very short either), brown hair, red vest, white shirt, black gloves, blue jeans, shinobi style shoes.

Height: 5"7

Stats:(out of 10)

Seal Knowledge:6

Tsukai Nisaka:A friend and teammate of Tamoh, she is a sword-wielding Kunoichi. Wielding her own unique sword, the Shamshir, her sword technique is not to be underestiamted. She is said to almost rival the Seven Shinobi Swordsman's power. Her sword is able to separate into seven chakra controled kunai. She uses the kunais to form symbols such as circles, lines, or certain specific sign. With the correct handseal, she can perform jutsus using those special kunais. However, all her kunais seem to be tampered with so that she can control their path with chakra, though only the kunais from the Shamshir could be use to form the jutsus. One weakness, however, is that if she loses her sword, than she is at a disadvantage in Taijutsu combats. Strong and bold, she is not afraid to take control and boss people around.

Seal Knowledge:7

Appearance:Long, light purple hair with strips of hair held by ball hair clips, dark brown eyes, short sleeves blue shirt with purple chest plate, short black shorts, shinobi style shoes.
(For those of you who play Fire Emblem:Sacred Stones, she looks kind of like Marisa, with different outfit.


Tensai Omaru: Another of Tamoh's comrade, he is a mysterious grass shinobi. He always wear a dark cloak over his body, with a black glove, black shoes, and a black hood that hovers over his face so that no one sees it. It is even rumored that he has a mask under the hood just in case the hood was blown off or something. Rumored was that only Tamoh was lucky enough to see his actual face, though they both deny it. When fighting, he is able to, with a whish of his cloak, create holes through reality. These holes lead to an alternate dimension. A weakness is that these holes he create uses a large amount of chakra every time, so he uses it scarcely.

Seal Knowledge:7


Height: 5"6

Mind you, these three are not the only OC's in the fic. However, they are my main OC's, and will appear in more than one fic.

The 'Shippers Oath

I will hold true to my pairing

I swear this oath ain't herring

And sometimes to flame another shippers ship

But only if they get me first


Each shipper to their pairing

Each pairing to their show

May there be many fanfics

So all the world will know

Your pairing is the best

All shippers will try to prove their pair

And if they're motivated

They'll pluck "evidence" from the air

(cough) Rob/Rae(cough)

And through all of this

Bold and blue

I am a shipper

Always true

Shippers Oath (c) Angel Of Nevermore

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