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Hi there! I have am fairly new to writing fanfiction, but I am enthusiastic about doing my best. I love receiving reviews as they encourage me to keep going and try harder! I also love constructive criticism, and really anything that might help me grow as a writer. If you like reading my stories, please leave a review so I will know what you liked/disliked about my story and how or where you think I might be able to improve!

My favorite Anime right now is probably One Piece, because I love how cheerful it always is even though it can have sad moments too! I also love Inuyasha and Naruto, amongst many others! In regards to fanfiction, I like well written OC stories, if the setting will permit it. For example it would be sort of hard to write an Inuyasha OC fanfiction, but easy (in terms of fitting your character seamlessly into the world) to write one for Naruto or One Piece, since they have such big and rich worlds that really live on their own even outside of their series' respective main characters.

I also love paring fanfiction. My favorite pairing in One Piece is Luffy x Robin. Yes I know, it isn't the most popular but oh well! XD I love crack pairings like Kikyo x Sesshomaru too! For Naruto I have several, I like NaruSaku, SasuNaru (Can it really be called a slash pairing with all of the canon moments between them?? XD), Konan X Naruto (Well, she did say she would 'serve' him as she served Nagato, or something!! XD) and most recently, Karin x Naruto (she thought he had a 'warm and gentle' chakra! .)!! I love them even more when the writer manages to make the paring work without resorting to OOCness!!

Gosh, writing the above has made me want to write a pairing...hmm...maybe later!!

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