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Author has written 4 stories for Treasure Planet, One Piece, Bleach, and Losers.

Yo, the name's Eclipse since I don't feel like telling you my actual name! Anyway, I'm 19 and living in Cali (California). Since I don't really care much about bios, I guess I'll just ramble on about myself.

I have 4 cats and a dog. Cat's are Nieve, Shinobi, Sensei, and Arashi. Sensei and Arashi are brothers from the same litter and they're both pains in me arse. They both are kinda destructive and annoying, but they're still cute! Shinobi (if you pay attention to my cats that is) Was actually attacked a while back. He fully recovered even though we thought he was gonna die twice, but now he's HUGE cause he had to be put on steroids and is very scared of loud noises and strangers. Nieve's the oldest, almost 14 years old now, but he's still a cuddly Goliath. Star's my dog, a black/white springer spaniel. She's preeeetty stupid for the most part, but otherwise she's pretty cute.

As far as school goes, I'm a college freshman @_@. It's a scary thought, really. Anyway, I'm just your average teenage girl I guess. And failing at the whole college life thing. I'm at a 2.6 GPA and if I don't get it to a 3.0 (highly unlikely by any measure other than a miracle happening) I have to pay for next semester. Yay.

Oh, I love anime too. Lots of them. Can't name all of them, hahaha. I'm also a fan of fantasy/adventure/sci-fi movies. Like Harry Potter, or Pirates of the Caribbean. I also love books. Too many to name again, but my favorite author is Tamora Pierce, currently, and my favorite series by her is the Beka Cooper series.

I guess that's all really. Well, enjoy my story! I'm also planning to add a bunch of Bleach one-shots. Once I get ahead on the long term one and really get going on the HP one I have again.



Magic At Hogwarts, No Shit Sherlock/Harry Potter/HarryOC (HIATUS)

No Rest for the Adventurer/Treasure Planet/JimOC (ACTIVE)

Mangetsu D. Yuukaku/One Piece/ZoroOC (ACTIVE)

Untitled Bleach: IchigoOC (Coming soon)

Untitled Harry Potter: FredOC (Coming soon)

Untitled Assassin's Creed II: EzioOC (Coming soon)

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