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Screw this, you already now who I am by now. Unless you're new. Then I sincerely apologize. However, I have found something new for me to do. Following MonkandMiko's example, I shall post challenges and contests for you people her every now and then. I will list the name of the challenge, what it entails, and its point value here on my profile. You need not submit the story to me, just tell me about it once its published. PM or email will do for that purpose. I will read over it, total up any points and/or bonus points, then post the name of the story with it's point value on my profile. Also, if I liked it, I may give it a recommended status, or possibly highly recommended. You do not need to follow any format for your work, just warn me of which challenge(s) you are attempting. You do not even need to use the name of the contest as your story's title. I don't care about content, as long as it's at least somewhat amusing. I shall list the challenges now. There are 3 categories, so choose which one suits you best. I warn you, some of these are Inuyashacentric, so you may or may not end up making a crossover or a Inuyasha fic.

Sentence challenges: Use any one of the following sentences at least once in your fic.

-'Don't look at me! Don't look at me!-150 points

-'Hey, that's not a tentacle!'-750 points

-'I see pretty colours...'-150 points

-'Something's gotta die...'-500 points

-'No, worse, it's Kagome!'-350 points

-'Boo! (someone falls over, dead) Oh, my...'-450 points

-'Kaboom?'-250 points

-'She's a few demon slayers short of a village...'-200 points

-'They make happy in the pooty parts... uncleeeeaaaan!'-400 points

-How did you get in there?'-200 points

-Don't you #& with (whoever said this line)!'-300-points

-Oh yeah, you're straight... AS A FUCKING CIRCLE! -1000 points (thanx Rahu Roux!)

Oneshot challenges: You must make a oneshot whose plot is one of the following:

-Someone's P.M.S.ing...- A prominent female character must go insane. 300 points.

-WTF!- An unexpected homsexual relationship must be revealed. 350 points.

-Mistaken love- An amnesia-struck person falls for the person they hate the most. 400 points.

-That's not an elephant-skin rug!- Someone must have a relationship with Kaede. 350 points.

-The horny toad- Someone must have a relationship with Jaken. 250 points if the affair succeeds, 300 if it fails, and 400 if Jaken is abused by Sesshomaru in some manner.

-The Escaflowne Challenge- The word 'Escaflowne' must be used in fairly intelligible sentences at least 50 times. The catch? The fics for this challenge must not be Escaflowne fics, nor can they crossover with Escaflowne. 1000 points.

Multi-Chappy Challenges: Like oneshot challenges, though the fics for this challenge must last more than one chapter. 50 extra points per chapter past one.

-Not exactly talkative...- Sesshomaru and Kanna must be sealed in a closed space for an extended period of time. 350 points.

-Behind enemy lines- A good guy and a bad guy must have their bodies switched. 400 points.

-Score one for the bad guys!- Evil must triumph! 500 points.

-You gotta stop- An intervention for a ridiculous habit or addiction must take place. 150 points initally, plus 50 extra points for each score of hilarity on a scale of on to ten. E.g. A score of ten outta ten earns 10x50 bonus points.

-Trigger Happy- Speaks for itself... 100 points plus 50 points for every character who gets injured.

-The FU Challenge- A character must enter the scene every now and then, randomly flipping everybody off. 100 points plus 50 points for every time someone gets flipped off.

Bonus criteria: This is what will earn you more points than usual.

-I am entertained- 50 points

-Others are entertained- 50 points for every good review your story gets

-I nearly piss myself laughing- 100 points

-Others are pissed- 25 points for every flamer flamin' your story. Contoversy is good...

-I burst into tears- 100 points. I have my sensitive side, too...

-You become a favourite- 100 extra points for every person who added you to their favourites list on account of your submission

-You attempted more than one challenge- 150 points for every extra challenge you attempted

-I am deeply disturbed- 400 points

And that's my contest. Please start writing, as I wish to post the winners here as well as add some new people to my favourites list. You won't win anything except what little fame/pride you may grasp from this challenge. But I hope that's enough. Later!

- Flesheater777, lazy-ass writer extraordinaire, who postpones any current works due to computer restrictions. He'll try to use the school computers, he swears!

Product of Ennui, by Rahu Roux: Escaflowne challenge yeilds 1000 points, 'Hey, that's not a tentacle!' yeilds 750 points, 'I see pretty colours' yeilds 150 points, 'They make happy in the pooty parts' yeilds 400 points, 'Don't you (censored) with me' earns 300, 'Kaboom?' earns 250 points, 'Dont look at me' earns 150 points, 'Somethin's gotta die earns 500, 'Boo!' earns 450, 'how did u get in their' earns 200, Someone's PMSing earns 300 points, WTF earns 350, mistaken love earns 400, plus 600 bonus equals... 5700 points! UPDATE: 50 extra points for a good review! That makes a total of 5750 points!

Wilting Roses, by GreenEyedGrimKitty: 'That's not an elephant-skin rug' yeilds 300 points, with a 50 point deduction for misinterpretation of relationship, plus 100 bonus equals... 400 points!

Note: Once review season starts again, I will be caught up in The Revival of Rock Lee. Do not be surprised if chapters take awhile.

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Naruto: Alone by Arganaut reviews
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Master and Apprentice by Death's Silent Approach reviews
Hot spring scene. Kagome and Sesshoumaru meet at a hot spring and have a conversation. They come to a conclusion and an agreement is reached. KS pairing. I don't own Inuyasha. I would like to thank Flesheater777 for the new title.
Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 9 - Words: 5,275 - Reviews: 86 - Favs: 46 - Follows: 78 - Updated: 6/27/2007 - Published: 5/7/2006 - Kagome H., Sesshōmaru
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Conversations With Fools by Aiffe reviews
Sesshoumaru grieves his brother's untimely death. Or, if you prefer pesky old reality, throws a temper tantrum. [Dark comedy, oneshot.]
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All That Glitters Is Not Gold
FMA-Aladdin Crossover. After a grueling naval mission, Roy Mustang finds the Hand of Midas. With the ability to turn things into gold, what trouble will he cause? R&R!
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The Unthinkable reviews
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Code Lyoko - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 6 - Words: 5,652 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 7/31/2006 - Published: 7/18/2006 - Complete
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