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Author has written 2 stories for Invader Zim.

Name: Dreamah.

2007: Having been inactive for...around...2 years, I've lost the Invader Zim vibe and have moved on to South Park. I hope you enjoy my fics, because I certainly enjoy writing them.

About me:

Age: 14

Gender: female

Hobbies, playing the violin, MMORG playing (Runescape! For the win!), doodling on my walls and painting.

My Favourite South Park Episodes in order:

1. The Wacky Molestation Adventure. Simply the most awesome episode ever, with so much 'what if' possibilities. The kindergarteners in this episode are also super cute.

Best Quote: "We already played with our parents...Now we wanna play with yooo..."

2. Ginger Kids. Very, very close here. I love this episode mainly because of Cartman. This has to be his shining episode.

Best Quotes: "Red Power!"

3. Cartoon Wars, parts 1+2. I prefered part 2, but meh. Once again, this is mainly because Cartman is my favourite character. I was a little disappointed by the ending, I think I would have rather have Cartman win, or just have him loses, no thanks to Kyle. I'm not keen on Kyle.

Best Quotes: "Cowabunga, motherf"

4. Probably. Brilliant episode, another of Cartman's best. Also home of the best Saddam Hussein quote.

Best Quote: "Satan: I killed you!

Saddam: yeah, well where was I gonna to go, Detroit?"

5. Go God Go. Mrs Garrison's theory of evolution. Loving it.

Best Quote: Mrs Garrison distastefully explains evolution.

Cartman: gaaaah!

He runs screaming out of the classroom.

Mrs Garrison: See, I knew that would happen"

Dreamah, signing off.

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