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I just wanted to say that I'm going to unfortunately be taking an indefinite break from FFN for a while because of several situations going on right now; it's just too much to try to keep up with everything, and I feel really overwhelmed. I kinda feel like I'm abandoning my stories, but I really just need a break. I may come back to FFN one day, but I just can't right now. X( I feel terribly about it, but I suppose this is how things have to go... at least for now... It's better to stop my HG stories now, but my Zelda stories are so far along that it's worse... X( At least I didn't post the majority of my HG stories...

MY LEGEND OF ZELDA PROFILE: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/7371448/Zelda-Princess-of-Time


I don't want this to get overly long, but I'll do my best... :) I am a writer (obviously), with a special love for the Legend of Zelda and The Hunger Games...

I am definitely NOT one of those writers that don't finish their work; once I start something, I see it to the end so you don't need to worry about that. ;)

I sometimes read stories with explicit content, although I skip through the actual... bad stuff... O_O I don't like reading stuff like that so I just skip it and get to the actual story.

My Hunger Games ships:

Everlark (KatnissxPeeta)

Odesta (FinnickxAnnie)


Etc. (all "normal" ships)

Ships I DON'T like:

KatnissxCato (that's a ship?!?! O_O)

KatnissxMarvel (What?!?!?!?)

PeetaxFinnick (@_@)

(Basically anything that has Finnick and Katniss but is not Everdair... Or anything that has Peeta [alive] and Katniss but is not Everlark... Don't know if that makes sense. O_O)

My Wattpad pen-name is Princess-Zel...

My Wattpad followers will get sneak peaks of some of my chapters because I always post to Wattpad first. Plus, as a bonus, my Wattpad peeps will get some of my bonus chapters and some of my original work... YAY!!! GO WATTPAD FOLLOWERS!!! I love you guys!!!

One of my favorite Youtube videos ever: How NOT To Evangelize:


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I just defeated him. Copy & Paste this in to your profile if you are in God's Army :)

About me:

I am a Christian/Jesus follower, and I have been saved by grace. I won't put profanities or curse words into my stories, and I don't do lemons, lime, yaoi, or yuri... Sorry... In my Zelda stories, I don't use the three goddesses of Hyrule or Hylia as a goddess... Because I don't have to... I also will only be posting short stories because, what can I say? I don't trust the people of the internet... Oh, well. ;) Except that I just broke that rule and have started a multi-chap story called Scars of a Caged Bird... Whoops...

I LOVE ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY!!!!!!!!!!!! (a radio drama - check it out...)

My favorite Zelda characters are Zelda, Link, and Sheik... I am SO predictable... That's pretty sad...

My favorite book series: The Hunger Games That is an AMAZING series, and even though I didn't like the concept too much, I found myself in love with everything about it. My favorite Hunger Games characters are Katniss (duh!!!), Peeta, Finnick (who doesn't love Finnick?!?!?!?!), Gale, and Rue.

I love Lecrae, Lindsey Stirling, Trip Lee, KB, and Andy Mineo when it comes to music, Legend of Zelda is, of course, my favorite video game series, and blue and pink are my favorite colors. I am extremely quirky, and I LOVE using big words... (My current favorite word is impervious...) I love ellipses, and that can be a problem sometimes... LOL... (See what I mean?) ;)

I LOVE STAR WARS!!! (Though not as much as Zelda or T...) My favorite Star Wars characters are Leia and Rey because they are both awesome and reflect two sides of my very complex personality. :)

I love acting and music. Dance is also another big thing for me, and I have taken ballet, tap, hip hop, and modern dance. I also love gymnastics. I can play piano, and I am now learning clarinet and violin. I also love singing. I'm exemplary when it comes to school, but one thing I am SO not good at is art... What can I say? My sis is the artist. :)

My violin's name is Zi Zi, in case you were wondering... =)

I'm a NYC chick, and I'm proud of it. =D Oh, yeah, and my first name is Elsie... In case you were wondering, and I hope you weren't because that would mean you're a stalker. =P JK - I use my first name anyways a lot when signing reviews and signing my author's notes.

I have a pretty complex personality, as most of my friends would tell you. At school, I go into a completely different mode where I use larger words than normal, such as sedulous - one of my favorite words. One of my teachers/professors almost fainted when he saw that I knew what it meant... =P I'm a very sweet person, and I love helping others. I am very goofy, though not many people see that side of me, but it's there...

Writing is an outlet for me; almost every character I create or use has a piece of me in them, and I live vicariously through them. I have an extreme passion for writing and creating plots, so I hope my stories turn out OK... ;D I don't know - I guess I find words so fascinating - They have the power and ability to evoke different emotions and feelings from different people, which is partially why I love talking and writing. :)


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About reviewing: I am generally a very optimistic person, so it's very hard for me to give constructive criticism - Don't know why. O_O When I do review, I typically try to only state what I enjoyed about the chapter - THAT'S how bad I am at this whole cc thing. =P As stated above, I am a grammar freak, and incorrect grammar bothers me, so if something really bothers me or someone specifically asks me for help, I won't hesitate to speak up/give advice...

Favorite songs (not in any particular order):

"To Love You Back" by Jamie Grace "Identity" by Lecrae "Don't Waste Your Life" by Lecrae ft. Cam "You Can't Stop Me" by Andy Mineo "Insomniac" by Trip Lee ft. Andy Mineo "Shadows" by Lindsey Stirling "We Are Giants" by Lindsey Stirling ft. Dia Frampton "Take Flight" by Lindsey Stirling "Broken" by Lecrae ft. Kari Jobe "Lazarus" by Trip Lee ft. Thi'sl "Eclipse" by Lindsey Stirling "Beyond the Veil" by Lindsey Stirling "Background" by Lecrae ft. Andy Mineo "Lights On" by Trip Lee "Rise" by Trip Lee "Do Life Big" by Jamie Grace "Song of the Caged Bird" by Lindsey Stirling "Swag" by Lindsey Stirling
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"Well…" he starts slowly. Then, almost immediately, I can tell he's closer to me now. His breath tickling my lips. His warm scent washes over me, almost overwhelming me. "Making out seems to keep bad thoughts at bay…" he murmurs. Then I can suddenly see those sea green eyes, gazing at mine intently. I'm glad it's dark out or he would see my flushed cheeks.
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