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Me: 16
Me: Why?
Me: A small evil puppy named Brodie, and i ain't irish!
Me: ew who are you Michael Jackson! I'm straight!
Guy:Gender i mean
Me:oh well boy
Guy: favorite characters
Me: numbuh4 bb Trunks Billy The Flea Bloo Joey Hiei Ploo Buu Ed
Me: finally! Cops it's Michael Jackson
Cop: thanks, now we can through him into jail!
Me: next victom... uh, guy

Hi i'm a guy who love Teen Titans
I hate the follwng characters: Terra,lizzie(KND)

Couples:(fave to least)
34,starrob,bbraven,25,45,15,starbb,23,robrave,13 (i hate the last two)
Oh yeah i like joeymia,from yugioh and tails/cream knuckles/rouge and sonic/amy oh and that fic for sonic called "Women" turned me on to Knux/amy too

friend couples

TT KND role play:

fave episodes:

BEACH, Bethrothed(not for romance for fighting they just happen to have 34 robstar in them)

Fave characters to least

Favorite Villians

Odd ideas,Fusion:(fav to least)
I watch too much DragonballZ

i like the idea of 4raven only if 3 and bb didn't exist

hated traingles(favi to hated)
1/3/4(if it ends 34)
lizzie/1/5(end 15)

4:And I'm not pretty... I'm handsome

1:because it's not wise to disobey him
Ezzil: what i think numbuh 1 means is that he wants to bla bla...(forgot what)
-1:yes what Ezzil said...
-1:oh i mean Lizzie,thanks Eizzil that was close
4: (little 2+2)makes sense to meh!

3: we thought numbuh 13 was the master of disaster but he really kinda saved us from disaster!
4: No... he didn't
3: oh yeah... What a loser!

3:If you really want it you can have it...
4: wow thanks Kuki!

12: Noooooooo, do you like like #4?
3: you mean like like like kind of like like?

(automatic doors close)
4: man that is so cool!

5: numbuh 5 is about to add plus 8 to her foot and kick both your butts!

Hank:Your kisses may be sweet but hurting my friends makes me sour
Hank: Ni-hice

2: what did you hit me for!
4: Nothen'

2:That is seriously gross lady ... i mean i'm lucky i didn't just kuh-bludge( that's what my friend said)

Ed: Eddy what does a donation look like?

Kevin: first monkey mask, then a monkey glove now...

Rolf: why does the cookie have the doohicky of a rabbit?
Kevin: they're up to something
Rolf: the doohickies?XD

Beast boy: Why did the ardvark cross the road?
Raven: to beat up the loser telling jokes about him

Edd: ED! where is the X!
Ed: nice rock double d! hey that X looks like a Q!

Grim: stick to the story Billy!
Billy: (explains Handsul and Gretel story) i'd love to but i can't because my new friend, Pinociokiokiokio, has asked me to dinner

Pinochio: May i eat your flesh?

BB: My mustles may be small and ropey but... they're not!

4: she just owes meha quarter!

Black fire: little sistermeet your groom, Gleergal slech-ha
Raven: he looks... cute?

BB: hello imma vegatarian! does this look like a vegie to you?
Cyborg: hmmm(eats it with bb still holding it)

Raven : okay i cant eat til that thing stops looking at me
Sign: It's MEAT-Tastic!

Cyborg: Raven I know you love waffels!
Raven: more than life itself

Billy: same stupid couch same stupid floor same stupid turtle!
Mandy: Same stupid Billy

Ed finishing lines: end scene one and fade to black...
My docter says i'll have the feeling back in my legs after this commercial break!

Ed: you are a sneaky bunny!...
gets pulled in the closet
Ed: Holy Shmolly!

BB and 4 talking
BB: hey where is that numbuh 4 person!
4(sweatdrop): eh hem!
BB: oh sorry...(sweatdrop)
4: stupid green teen!
BB: dumb little austrailian
4: adolesant ass
bb: crappy kid
4: um...
bb: out of names?
4: yeah...
bb: soooooooooo
bb:like any girls?
4: pff like i'd tell you!
bb: some has a girlfriend!
bb: hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha... okay im done
4: hey is that raven!
4: gotchya!
4: so wanna play G Cube?
bb: okay!
they leave
me:(come from the shower) so bb and 4 how... WHERE ARE THEY!

couples in upcoming fics 3/4/5
362/4 (362 loves 4 but not vise versa)

Numbuh 74 aka the one-girl army
Real name is Lexi Robins
Long purple hair

I might add more later

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