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Hey there, I'm Kardinal (TK) I am X years old and live in a location which i will not share with you. I've been told that i'm a good author, though i criticize myself too much to actually find motivation to keep some of my ... "better"... stories going. Sometimes i'll pick back up on them, and if the story is lucky, I'll finish it. However, if i rush, the ending will suck. (Spirits is a prime example of this.)

I get a lot of my inspiration from what I see around me, whether on TV, or something i hear on the radio. Or sometimes i'll just come up with something while staring at the ceiling. If I like my idea enough it will stay with me for a while (Mushroom High is an example of this, I've had a few ideas for it since i started writing it, went on hold for about a year, and i'm working on it again still and the ideas are still there.)

I roleplay a lot too, but I only roleplay with ONE person. My dear friend TitanDragonfire (TDF). TDF is also responsible for the creation of certain characters i use in some of my stories (Apple, from Mushroom high, Kaida from Earthquake, Sam from I.N.A.T.A.Y.C.I.A) So sometimes chapters will be put on hold for confirmation to see if her characters are in character.

I'm interested in several things. Writing has been an interest of mine since i was in kindergarten when i used to write about the powerpuff girls. From then on I'd write about whatever i felt like. I'm currently working on a novel which i'm hoping will be good enough to be printed. I'm also into swimming. However i'm sure what most of you want to know is what fandoms i'm interested in. It varies from time to time, so I'll just put everything i've had an interest in at one point (that i can remember): Powerpuff girls, Scooby Doo, Nintendo games (Mario and Zelda specifically), Danny Phantom, Spiderman, Xiaolin Showdown, Batman, Final Fantasy (7, and 10 are my favorites, but i like the music from 9), Avatar: The last Air Bender, Harry Potter, Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dragonball Z, Naruto, Death Note, Sailor Moon. (and that's where my mind goes blank)

Links to my other pages:


I'm sure that people would be interested in pairings. sigh okay here it goes. I will not include any homosexual pairings, even though there are quite a few that i like.
Like: Vegeta X Bulma (DBZ)
Sarina X Darien (S M)
Will X Elizabeth (POTC)
Danny X Sam (DP)
Jack X Maddie (DP)
Calypso X Davy (POTC)
Kimiko X Raimundo (XS)
Harry X Ginny (HP)
Ron X Hermione (HP)
Cho X Cedric (HP)
Fred X Me X George (HP and whatever you may ask... the answer is probably yes.)
Mario X Peach (Mario)
Luigi X Daisy (Mario)
Bowser X Apple (Mario, and YES! I know she's an OC.)
Wario X Rose (Mario, See above)
Waluigi X Olive (Mario, See above)
Yoshi X Birdo (Mario)
Edward X Bella (Twilight)
Jasper X Alice (Twilight)
Raiden X Allyssa (??)
Felix X Taylor (??)
This is all i can think of right now.

Dislike: Vegeta X Anyone BUT Bulma (DBZ)
Trunks X Pan (DBGT)
Goten X Valise (DBGT)
Jack X Elizabeth (POTC)
Barbossa X Elizabeth (POTC)
Vlad X Maddie (DP)
Danny X Paulina (DP)
Danny X Valerie (DP)
Kimiko X Jack (XS)
Harry X Cho (HP)
Harry X Hermione (HP)
Harry X Luna (HP)
Ron X that one chick he dated in the sixth book who's name excapes me. (HP)
Mario X Daisy (Mario)
Luigi X Peach (Mario)
Bowser X Peach (Mario, oh, and What the hell?)
Waluigi X Daisy (Mario... WHAT THE CRAP!? SERIOUSLY!?)
Wario X Peach (Mario ... Twitch)
Waluigi X Peach (Mario ... cough)
Jacob X Bella (Twilight)
Terrance X Taylor (??)

And as for anything else you'd like to know about me, i have a Deviantart account, name Kardinal, where i post journals and art which is updated more regularly than this site.

And now for some silly/random quotes from whatever the crap i feel like.

NO!! STOP STATICKING YOU STUPID PHONE I DON'T WANT THE HORSE TO START TAP DANCING AGAIN!!~ Me durring a phone conversation with TitanDragonfire. Honestly, i don't know what i was jabbering about...

Y'know how you sniff the milk to see if it's spoiled? Yeah, I do that with Chicks. ~ Some guy on the radio

I think it would be ironic if we were all made of iron. ~ Caboose

Renegade: Hey, how much is bowling?
Kardinal: Seven dollars i think.
Renegade: And that's for skates and everything right?

Kardinal: I'M OVER THERE!
Ham: Sad thing is, i actually beleived you for a second...

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Mushroom High reviews
Set back in high school times, Wario, Waluigi, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy and others have a normal high school life. Depends on what you mean by normal. Please R&R. Rating might change to mature when i get to later chapters.
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