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Hello, my name is Jessica

I am a junior in college with a double major in history and English.

I adore reading and love Pride and Prejudice, The Lord of the Rings, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Anne of Green Gables, Georgette Heyer, and numerous others. (Oh if there are any other Georgette Heyer fans out there, give me a holler, I live in the U.S. so fellow fans are especially scarce)

But right now my reigning obsession is The Phantom of the Opera. I have acutally never seen the broadway version, although I have now listened to the original cast recording many times. I first saw it in its movie form, and walked out of the theater a differant woman. I can still remember, it wasn't exactly pleasant, the story followed me everywhere. So I immediately immersed myself in all things Phantom. I have both soundtracks, movie and musical, read Leroux, then read Kay. Amazingly my small school library had a copy of Kay. I think the book angel was looking out for me. As a book lover, Phantom lover, andanaspiringwriter I bow to Kay.

So I write papers all the time. I am an English/History major, but I haven't actually done that much fiction writing. This is a new experience to me. Mostly I lack perseverance, and I hope that this method of writing will get me over that hump.

If ff.net is giving trouble you can check out my story at

If anyone wants to chat I am Jezzany on aim, and anancy248@msn.com for msn.

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UPDATED 072706. My apologies to everyone for not updating sooner. I appreciate your patience.
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