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Hello All! (Friend 1 says hello, too) Anyway, as I was saying My name is Estalio which actually means trust in elvish (I am a Huge LOTR fan, so trust me you will be seeing LOTR fics on my name(Friend 1 says in Smeagol voice: Yay! We loves LOTR too!)). So lets start off by telling you a little about myself.-

Sex: Female
Fav. Food: Chocolate!
Religion:Christian(Methodist) And I am very proud of it!-

Favorite Quotes:

"All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you." quoted by Gandalf the Grey from LOTR:FOTR.

"If everything were in color, don't you think it would be easier to see?" Quoted by anonymous.

"It'd be sort of like shootin' a mockingbird, wouldn't it?" quoted by Scout from TKAM.

"There's still some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for." quoted by Samwise Gamgee from LOTR:TTT

"You should always be aware of the bad in this world, but you should always focus on the good." quoted by anonymous.

"Some memories aren't meant to leave traces." quoted by Al from FullMetal Alchemist

"I knew a man once who said Death smiles at us all, and all a man can do is smile back." quoted by Maximus from Gladiator

"The Heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart." quoted by Benjamin Franklin

"I love my plot bunnies. They followed me home. And they're so cute!" Quoted from Wendy a.k.a Onyx Dawn

"OMG! I'm a watermelone!" (cough, cough, ahem...quote: me)

"I'm not an idiot, I may seem like an idiot, but I'm not an idiot" (me...again)

Person 1: "I Fail!"
Person 2: "Well, what do we do when we fail?"
Person 1: "I don't know!"
Person 2: "I don't either!"
Person 1: "Well, what do we do when we don't know?"
Person 2: "I don't know!
Person 1: "I don't either!"
Both: "Ah, Crap!"

"I'm short, things tend to miss me." (me)

"Don't wait for inspiration to come to you, run after it with a club!" I heard it from Onyx Dawn.

"The randomness, it's arbitrary!" Quoted by ShirubaNeko.

"THE SUSPENUSE! IT'S MIND-BOOGLING!" quoted by random author. (Onyx Dawn told me it)

"DISCOMBOBULATED!" ...everyone.

Favorite Songs:

Into the West: from ending credits of LOTR:ROTK
Gollum's Song: from ending credits of LOTR:TTT (compliments to Onyx Dawn for reminding me of what a great song it is -)
May it Be: from ending credits of LOTR:FOTR
Only Hope: from A Walk to Remember
The Phantom of the Opera songs: from The Phantom of the Opera (duh)
Most Disney songs: from Disney (another duh)
soundtrack for Gladiator: from Gladiator (Can I say, duh again?)
Loreena McKennett songs: Her songs are GREAT! There my favorites! I'm even basing a fic off of one of her songs! -

Favorite Authors:

Onyx Dawn
Dove of Night

Favorite Books:

LOTR trilogy (obviously)
Harry Potter series (though I, sadly, am incapable of writing decent fics for this)
Most stuff by Tamora Pierce (I haven't read all her things)
The Royal Diaries books (what can I say, I like historical fiction)
The Silmarillion
Other works by Tolkien (best author of all time(in my opinion))
Star Wars books (I am proud to say I am a true and loyal fan to this)
There are plenty of others, trust me, I just can't think of them right now...

Story Updates:

The Assassin's Curse: chapters 6/20, That's how many chapter's I'm planning, it may be more or less, it depends.

Through Ashes and Emeralds: (CCS) When the black-tipped arrow pierces the spider only then shall the realm of magicians and demons be opened unto the one who's arrow unleashed the void and opened up the gates of hell to a world caught between time and space...(That's the beginning of the prophecy told 900 years back in time in a supposedly fairy tale realm. Sakura Kinomoto, average 17-year-old girl, not a care in the world, is thrown into another world unprepared and unarmed in the middle of a war waged between the human race and demons. So, how could she possibly be the hero of legends, the key to their world's survival, the one of spoken heritage and pre-chosen destiny?

Untitled: (RuroKen) Life, fate, destiny, and death...what does it all mean? As time turns people are born and they die every minute. Yet, when it is Hitokiri Battousai's time to die, he doesn't. And so, will an encounter with Death let him reach his end, or will he find something he never expected to find again...

Well buh-bye for now! And I'll try to update all my stories as quickly as I can! -

Please Read: For anyone who is in love with LOTR I highly suggest that you go to an ezboard site called The Passing of the Grey Ships! It's really cool! There's so much to do there, but no one is there to do anything! There are like five members only and I'm one of them! It's really cool! I'll post the link here:

PLEASE READ (again):Okay, all Harry Potter fans out there! This is for you! I highly recommend you go and read a story by Onyx Dawn entitled Harry Potter and the Fate of Ravenclaw. It's an extremely well written story with an amazing plotline! Heck, Onyx Dawn is just a damn good writer! Read her stories, please! Her stories don't get as much credit as I know they deserve. So, please read! Thank you! Buh-Bye! -

Sept. 18: Alright, I know how impatient you guys are growing with me, because I'm just as impatient with myself. Chapter six of The Assassin's Curse is now being betaed by the capable keyboards of Onyx Dawn and ShirubaNeko. Chapter seven is almost halfway written and now I'm in the middle of writing chapter 1 for TAaE, so hopefully you guys will be seeing that soon. I'm so sorry for taking so long, trust me I'm punishing myself for you. And I hope that TAaE will partially make up for my tardiness. Also I'm in the planning stages of an Inuyasha fic based of a poem, it's untitled now, but it's coming! So I'm really, really, really, really excited! Well, I'm now going to hope against all hope for chapter six to be up soon! If it's not I'll have to curse myself, then post chapter seven! - I know I sound phsycotic, but I'm not (or am I?). Oh, who knows? Anyway...Buh-Bye for now! -
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