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Author has written 10 stories for Tales of Symphonia, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Golden Sun, Legend of Zelda, and Full Moon wo Sagashite.

Name: Lor

Age: 17

Contact: devour_the_pure_hearts@hotmail.com

So I live in Canada, where it’s freakishly cold in the winter and I hate the cold. I hate the cold more than you think. I hate the cold so bad, I feel sorry for Link when I put him through the ice temples in the Zelda games. That’s how much I hate the cold. So I’m a fanfiction author, and proud of it. I like FF.net because people do read what’s posted (even if they don’t review) and the content I generally read is decent (except for those eleven year olds that ‘rite liek this in a very bad mayr-seu fnafictoin’). I dislike nubs like that with every fibre of my being, let me tell you. I, unlike said nubs, enjoy critique and flaming. I won’t reply ‘ura homo!!!!211!!!111’ to flames or critique. Why? I am seventeen, not eleven. I’m a big girl and can handle others quite well. So other than this paragraph and my likes/dislikes, this is all for my fanfiction stats. Wewt.

Favourite Fandoms

Yu Yu Hakusho, Legend of Zelda, Lost Kingdoms I/II, Fullmetal Alchemist, PhD: Phantasy Degree, Death-Note, World of Warcraft, The Little Mermaid, Inuyasha in moderation, Princess Ai, Hot Gimmick, Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Symphonia, NANA, Backstage Prince, Absolute Boyfriend, Vampire Knight, Godchild, Baby & Me, Naruto, Digimon (season 1&2), Sailor Moon, Hello Kitty, Bizenghast, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil 4, Princess Mononoke, Saiyuki, Fruits Basket, Golden Sun/The Lost Age, +Anima, Chobits, Love Hina, Negima, MARS, Full Moon wo Sagashite, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho, Danny Phantom, Reboot, Shadow Raiders, Disgaea; among a trazillion others.

Despised Fandoms

Inuyasha being CROSSED OVER WITH EVERYTHING, Wolf’s Rain, Witch Hunter Robin, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts anything that wasn’t drawn by Kazeyasha on DA, Tramps Like Us, J-ROCK AND CELEBRITY FANFICTION, and I know there are others. I also hate people who steal writing by other people, even if indirectly, those eleven year old nubs mentioned before, and those of you who seem to think “I suck at summaries” will entice people to read your fanfiction. The moment I see “I suck at summaries” I assume you suck at writing also. If you don’t have confidence in your work, then I don’t either.

Now for the statistics. In order, my chapter fanfictions, one-shots (i.e.: if there will be a sequel or if it will be referenced), and then teasers.

Chapter Fiction

There are currently two chapter-pieces on FF.net.

Cruxis Curses: second part almost complete, went though a huge series of changes before I was satisfied enough to keep writing.

And This I Swear: chapter two is up, chapter three on the way. Recently lost chapter three to my computer’s PMS, and thus have to start from scratch.

Prisms and Clarity: re-write of an old fanfiction. Chapter one is up.

One-Shot Fiction

There are currently five one-shot pieces on FF.net

Heart to Heart: complete, no planned additions.

Something Told Me To Say It: prequel to Love Letter, complete.

Love Letter: sequel to Something Told Me To Say It. Complete, possible second chapter.

Untitled: stand alone one-shot, complete with no chance of additions or references.

White Roses: complete. Possible references to this poem in future fanfiction.


There are currently a lot of ideas that haven’t been completely written up yet. Any comments or requests to see these sooner? Drop me a message or email.

Conviction of a Half-Elf: post-Tales of Symphonia. “You'd think after six years, the Desians would be beyond past-tense. Figures, as soon as everyone seems to be settling down, they'd be back. Guess it's up to us, all over again.”

Costume Contest: Tales of Phantasia smutty one-shot. "A witch living in the old Kaely mineshaft steals young couples, who are never heard from again. Naturally Cress & Co. volunteer to help, but what sort of mess are the five of them getting into?"

Criminal and Trial: Tales of Symphonia AU. “All she ever wanted in life was to be a police-officer, like her grandfather. But because she works hard, because she loves her job, she’s been demoted to probation officer. And one Zelos Wilder is going to turn her world upside down.”

Gambling: Tales of Symphonia one-shot. “It’s time for a break, and what better place than Altamira? Nothing like the beach, the sights, the booze, and the cards. Unfortunately for her, he never said anything about a ‘date’.”

Gone With the Tornado: Inuyasha chapter fanfiction. “Inuyasha had all he could ever want, and he threw it away like an old toy. So when the tables turn on him, and he can’t keep what he’s chosen, Kagome won’t be there to protect him. She’ll be the one condemning him.”

Hunting Trip: The Lost Age one-shot. “Sugar, vodka, some good old fluff, and this is what happened. Jenna and Piers have been kidnapped by the Halo II moose, and with nothing but a pirated Xbox magazine, and a trail of pink bread-crumbs, Sheba and Felix have one hell of an adventure ahead of them.”

Kingdom in Twilight: a Twilight Princess/Lost Kingdoms II fanfiction. “Tara thought her struggles were over. She was wrong. Link was desperate to end his misery. It ended. The three kingdoms of Alanjeh, Hyrule, and Twili are surrendered to the unbendable will of the gods. Nothing short of a little darkness can save anyone now.”

Mary-Sue: the best idea yet. “A skeptical, know-it-all trend whore hates everything anime and videogame related. Her younger brother has had enough, and he’s going to give her a videogame experience she’ll never be ready for.”

Ninja Heroine: Naruto/Disney crossover. “You know, kunoichi need more recognition. Enter the Society Against Damsels in Distress. Adding some old favourites, some not-so-favoured adversaries, and you have the first crossover of it’s kind.”

Pandemic: Naruto fanfiction. “The former Hokage of a secret ninja village has created a virus...and infected all the waterways he could. Konoha is the first on the emergency list, and three girls from said secret village are sent with the vaccines. Problem is, that former Hokage will do nothing short of bringing Konoha to the ground to have them dead.”

Pick-Pocket: pre-Lost Kingdoms II double-shot. “Sol has just joined the Band of the Scorpion, and questions why Tara, a girl with such power, would find glory in the life of a thief. She has a thing or two to teach him about the life of an outcast.”

Pirates of Angara: five-chapter The Lost Age story. Post-end game. “Piers misses Jenna, and finally resolves to return to Vale and tell her how he feels. His feelings aren’t returned though: she’s fallen in love with adventuring and no one has seen her since. He is determined to find her and bring her home, no matter what his cost.”

Puppet Strings: Golden Sun/The Lost Age fanfiction. “Miyu is the protector of a precious jewel shard, from an object that can apparently destroy the world. Naturally Isaac and Co. are suspicious...until Alex employs the Puppet Master, the one after this shard, to take Mia and manipulate Isaac. What a way to fuel the fire. So where does this fit in with the Lighthouses?”

Something About Colette: Tales of Symphonia one-shot collection. Various Zelette one-shots, Zelos’ point of view.

The History of Failure: Eternal Darkness pre&post/What If/AU fanfiction. "I had that fight in my hands! I could taste the defeat of that bastard! And you...you wrecked everything! Look at this world now: is this the way you want to live!?" She couldn't believe this. "I don't care about your story; you're going to fix this whether you like it or not!"

What If?: Lost Kingdoms II one-shot. Tara drabble, thoughts on Sol and the way her life seems to be.

Winged Roses: Yu Yu Hakusho one-shot. “Behind a closed heart, Kurama has memories of Kuronue...memories that retain nothing below an R-rating.”

Winter Solstice: Ocarina of Time one-shot. Referenced in chapter two of And This I Swear. “Link’s never seen so many strange things in the wintertime, and apparently, neither has the princess. His resolve is clear: she needed to come with him to the carnival, whether Impa liked it or not.”

Some people may be curious as to what has happened with a fanfic I authored through Indoolio’s FF.net account, called “A Link of Steel”. This fanfic has not been forgotten, however, if you want details, you’ll have to email me. See the contact at the top.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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