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Author has written 2 stories for Neverwinter Nights.

4/15/06: Alive, well, and back in the saddle again! Writer's block has finally subsided and given Walk By Faith a new lease on life!

Many thanks to those who have reviewed my stories so far. Aside from the obvious (reviews mean that people are actually reading my work and not passing over it), I enjoy the constructive criticisms I receive. They help me to improve my writing and are greatly appreciated. See a glaring mistake? Let me know (in a nice way, of course)! Improvement is a good thing. :-)

About the Author...

Real Name: Rachel

Age: I was born four days before John Lennon was killed.

Hobbies and Interests: Chainmailing, beading, drawing, writing, playing video games, singing, collecting rocks, and making people laugh.

Fave Video Games: All three NWN games so far, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and Secret of Mana

Fave Music: Varied. Very varied. Anything from classical to 80's rock to modern Christian to techno, rap not included.

My Writing: I've been writing fan fiction for not quite 15 years now, starting off at the tender age of ten with a Star Trek story...not my best work by far, but I was hooked from the beginning. Since then I've written in several different fandoms, and many of my stories have been published on the 'net at one time or another. Right now my main fandom is Neverwinter Nights, though I may expand into Final Fantasy (VII or X) later on.

I am a hopeless romantic, and as such I tend to weave a bit of romance into everything I write (particularly if the main character is the 'underdog' in some way). Descriptive dramatic writing is my forte, but I do write comedy once in a while. My grasp of dialogue is admittedly weak, but it is something that I am working to improve. None of my works have been or ever will be rated above T (still getting used to those new ratings...). I am a Christian and I am always trying to keep my thoughts as clean as possible. (My story The Polar Bear Club is about as far as I'll go.) Nothing wrong with keeping kid-friendly, right? ;-D

Anyway, glad you decided to visit, and I hope you enjoy my work!

Works in Progress:

Walk By Faith is revived once again, thanks to a bit of encouragement. Right now I have through chapter 4 written with #5 in the works, and several other chapters/partial chapters written out of order. I am cross-posting most of this on DeviantArt along with any artwork for the story:

The halfling Celestine:

Xalia, fighter/weapon master:

(others to come--I don't want to post any spoilers!)

With any luck I'll be able to finish this thing by the end of the summer, and then...

Planned Stories:

Again By Faith: The planned sequel to Walk By Faith, taking Celestine and the others into Undermountain and eventually into the Underdark. Plans are to introduce a third PC (to pursue the Valen romance plot...of course. :P)

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