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Author has written 6 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Naruto.

Name: Gato

Age: 19



My computer is still busted. Sorry. D=

Due to my computer breaking down...I havn't been able to write any fanfics.

Fanfics written: Kingdom Hearts and Naruto.

Fanfics deleted/to be deleted: 'A Heart Worth Fighting For' and 'Pure Light of the Heart'

Fanfics to be written:

'A promise of Cinnomin (sp?) Swirl' (A fanfic bout little Hinata and young Neji)

'Heilum Moment' (What would happen if the Akatsuki Memebers got a hold of helium balloons...? ((Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Kisame and others OOC))

Favorite Characters from Anime/Manga:

Death Note:



Kingdom Hearts:






Kairi will die!

-All of Organization XIII-










Temarie will die!








Kikyo will die!

Gato's Fav. Quotes:

Death Note:

'Bang!' - L

'Call me what you will, but I'm taking your cake.' - L


'I'm trembling...with excitment. ' -Sasuke

'Stop! Brother! Don't show me this!' -Sasuke

'...kabong! Now who's hearing bells.' -Shikamaru

'Yahoo!' -Kiba

'Cha! I'm the best!' -Sakura (Ultimate Ninja PS2)

'Killing the reason...for my exsitance! I can not lose!'-Sasuke (Ultimate Ninja PS2)

(Pokes Sasuke's forhead) 'Forgive me Sasuke. Maybe next time.' -Itachi

(Mutters) 'You always say that.' -Sasuke

'Damn right. I'm a ninja genius.' -Sasuke

(Whispers) 'You never will.' -Itachi

'It's been a long time...Sasuke.' - Itachi

Kingdom Hearts:

'Look Sharp!' -Roxas

'Talk about blank with a capital B. Man oh man, even the dusks won't be able to crack this one.' -Axel

'Now Sora, lets close this door, for good.' -King Mickey.

'Riku...It's Riku, Riku is here! I looked for you! I looked everywhere for you!' -Sora

'Don't give up! C'mon Sora, together we can do it!' -Riku

Random Quotes:

'Girl going down!' - Akatsukigirl17

'Cha!' - Gato (Me)

'CLOUD!!' -Gato

'' -Gato, while watching Naruto on Cartoon Network.

'IT'S SASUKE!! HE'S BACK!! YEAH! SASUKE!!' -Gato, while watching Naruto, when Sasuke returns to fight in Chunnin Exams ((was also talking on the phone))

'Oh my God, in America.' -KayKay

'Itachi says; Go to Hell!'- Akatsukigirl17

'Oh! Wow!' -Karla-Chan

'Dashin through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, through the fields we go, laughin all the way Haha-Hahahahaaaahhhhhhaaaaa!! -Iruka, Kakashi and Gai sensie, drunk. (An Rp Akatsukigirl17 and I did. )

'Itachi-San runs funny!!' - Gato

'And U never will' - Gato and Akatsukigirl17

'Sa-su-ke' -Gato and Karla-Chan, making fun of Sasuke's name.

'Ohmygod! Sasuke came outta the closet! Cha! XDD' - Gato ((Roleplayin...'Nuff said))

'LightxL = RxR Double YAOI goodness!' - Gato

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