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4/17 - Well, I got a penname change from Kiseki Tsubasa to Kiahna Heartnet cause I decided that my life, which is going downhill, needed a change. And even though it's a small change, it's a change nonetheless...and what am I rambling about? I want to say a GIANT thank you to all the wonderful people who reviewed and I am currently at 200+ in reviews for ETAPAHI. Thank you all bunches! hands out virtual cookies anf prizes Enjoy!!!

Name: Kiahna Heartnet (Or is it...?)

Location: Not telling. (I already have two stalkers, don't need any more)

Age: not-so-old

About me: EllaXWuZun 4-ever!!!!!!! BIG S.H.E. fan. Gotta love Ella.


Welcome to Hogwarts: Started chapter 8

Who Am I Really: Discontinued

Engaged to a Pharaoh, and Hating It: updated!! Chapter 11 out (4/17)

Perfect Enemy: Typing new chapter...

Odd One Out: Um...

Comming soon (If I have time to type them up):

Some story I have to think up a name for.

Another story I have to think up a name for.

Parings I like:



Ryuichi/OC (MEEE!)


Parings I absolutely DETEST:

Syaoran/Sakura (She should burn in hell. And I'll set the fire!)

Anzu/Yami (Bitch...must...die...)



Yep, got my penname changed to Kiseki Tsubasa, Miracle Wings. I absolutely LOVE this name! It was gonna be Kuro Tsubasa, Dark Wings, but someone already had that. . Well, could someone reply to me with an answer to this question? Should I write a fanficiton about Syaoran and an Original character? Because i REALLY don't like Sakura. She's kinda non-existant in my books. Someone please reply to me and tell me if this is a good idea. PLEASE!


Hello! It's been a while, to any of those who bother to come see this. How is everyone? To those who are waiting for the next chapter of Engaged to a Pharaoh, I promise I'll post tomorrow, and it's SUPER long, compared to my other chapters. I think it's 18 pages, single spaced, Times New Roman, 10.5 font so far, so i hope all of you will read and review and I"m REALLY sorry for the long wait!!!


Well...I got a penname change, in case some people didn't notice the notice up at the top. Well, just to let anyone who cares know, since AP testing is coming up, I probably won't update until after the eleventh of May. But after that, it's update frenzy!!!!! More to come when I have time...

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